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Wonder dog needs surgery to ease pain

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 31, 2008

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Belgian sheepdog needs help! Sadie, our loveable Belgian, is 12 years
old and generally has been in fantastic health, until now. She has a
hip displacement problem and needs surgery to correct the pain she’s
suffering from. We unfortunately cannot afford it, but we also don’t
want her to have to be put to sleep because we know she has so many
more good years ahead of her–we only need to get her out of this pain
she’s under.

Please, anything you can do to help would be very much appreciated! Her life is too precious to be cut short.

Donation Request for dog in need of surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 24, 2008

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dog, who was given to me when I was 14, has been the biggest part of my
life ever since. He and I have been, and still are, inseparable. He’s
my prince in furry armor. 🙂

Now, 7 years later, my good boy needs an expensive surgery on his
spine. I have tried applying for credit and been denied, tried going
through a few different pet rescues and charities, and I’m getting a
resounding “we can’t help you”.

I am unemployed, but actively seeking work, and I do have a job
lined up… But my dog is in pain. He has arthritis in his spine that
is putting pressure on the largest nerve bundle in his spine. He needs
a “Cauda Equina” surgery so that he can get around like normal again.

He weighs 90+ pounds, and his current level of pain on medications
still has him unable to walk up the stairs by himself, I have to carry
him. If anyone can help, even a tiny little bit, I would be so
thankful… you would be saving the only thing that matters in my life.

SC – Blind female 6 y/o cocker needs a new home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 24, 2008
am trying to find a cocker rescue for a friend’s dog.  She is a red
cocker spaniel approximately 6-7 years old.  Her name is Georgia she is
house potty trained and she is blind.  My friend Cathy Thomason
just separated from her husband and has had to move into
an apartment.  Cathy and her daughters are on the 4th floor
and Georgia is not doing well with all the stairs and turns.  She is
use to having a yard where she can make landmarks for herself.  Georgia
has to be pulled or carried up and down 4 flights of stairs multiple
times daily.  Yet she will not go potty outside and acts extremely
nervous therefore she has been having accidents in the apartment.  I
know it is difficult to place a special needs dog but any help would
greatly be appreciated.  You can contact me at the number below or
Cathy at the number above.
Thank you,
Jeanne Shull
Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center
Assistant Watch Commander
Professional Standards Division

Kimber needs surgery on her leg! Please help us!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 23, 2008

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I need $600.00 for Kimbers surgery, but honestly any donations that we
get will help with paying the costs of her surgery. I am lowering the
collection amount to $200.00, but anything I mean any small donation
will help. Again She is going into surgery Jan 29, if you do not donate
at least pray that she will come out and eventually be able to use her
leg. I am also going to be scanning vet records and x-rays in my
computer tonight so you can look for yourself! Thank you for all your

My dog Kimber broke her leg when she was about 9 weeks. She had a
cast on for about 5 weeks but it never healed properly. She is now
almost 6 months old and still can’t completley use her leg. I went to
the vet and they told me that they need to open up her leg and put pins
in her leg so the bones can join together properly…she also has bones
chips in her leg close to her growth plate which is painful and is
causing her leg not to grow, they need to take the bone chips out
around the growth plate. The estimate that they gave me was for
$1200.00 which I can afford half because I have Care Credit (which is
like a credit card for your animals) but my limit is only $600.00. I am
asking for any kind donations to help me fix Kimbers leg. Please, this
would mean the world to myself and Kimber!

Update: I just spoke with my vet and they told me that I have to
get Kimber into surgery by January 29 because that is when the surgeon
is going to be in. I cannot describe how much I appreciate the
donations that Kimber and I have already recieved. I just want her to
play like a normal puppy and she can’t because of her leg. It kills me
in side to see her limp around with that lifeless leg! I will keep
everyone posted. Kimber is going into the vet tomorrow to x-ray more to
see exaclty how many pins they are going to have to put in along with
how bad the growth plate is damaged.

Thank you again!

Lindsay and Kimber

Donations needed: Stars Needs His Backed Fixed

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 23, 2008

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is my baby boy, He is now 14 months old. He got out of the house about
a week ago and was hit by a car. The vet said that he has a small brake
in his back but that it can be fixed. I was able to get a loan from
Bank of america but I’m still short by almost $200. I am willing to pay
people back but I can’t lose my baby.

Pledge to help Feral Cat TNR Clinics

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 23, 2008

CLICK HERE to pledge your donation to help the TNR group meet it’s goal

small TNR group would like to conduct spay and neuter clinics for feral
cats on a regular basis. The cost to spay and neuter 50 cats is about
$1000. Our veterinarian will do two clinics a month if all the costs
are covered. We also take cats in to be s/n throughout the week.

The more clinics we can do before “kitten season” starts and the
more cats we spay and neuter, the more lives can be saved. More than
85% of cats and kittens are killed in the local shelters. Trap Neuter
and Return for feral and stray cats is acknowledged by many as the most
humane way of dealing with the overpopulation of these cats.

We can stop the killing if we can stop the breeding.

Our group sterilized 260 cats in 2007 and hope to double that number in 2008.

My puppy Lily needs surgery..please help her

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 23, 2008

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is my 8 month old poodle. She is suffering with luxating patellas on
her rear knees, (dislocated kneecaps). Surgery is estimated at
$1500-$2,000. I am selling all I can to raise the money for her. She is
already falling alot, and if the knees are not corrected soon it could
cause more damage, and later even more extensive surgery. The vet wants
to do the right back knee first and then in 8 weeks do the left back
knee. I am using Justin Veterinary Hospital in Justin, TX.
You can read more about this condition at: http://vetsurgerycentral.com/patella.htm

Any help is very much appreciated. And if you can’t help please say
a prayer that she will be good as new soon. I have fostered and aided
over 30 dogs in 2007, and now that one of my own needs help I am in a
Thank you


DECATUR,GA+ Blind abused St. Bernard owner in jail

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 23, 2008

The St. Bernard is a wonderful,
lumbering “big baby” who has a really heart-wrenching story. She was
abused by her owner, who has been arrested and the dog has been signed
over to Animal Control. To top it off, she is BLIND (or has very, very
limited sight). But, she walks well on a leash and she is very sweet and
does not seem to very skittish at all. Because she is blind, obviously,
she would need more special care than a dog with complete sight, but
blind dogs manage very well (just don’t move the furniture around too
often!) We were lucky that it snowed last weekend when we took her
picture, since she looks so much more in her “element”.



Dekalb County Animal Services

Our Adoptable Pet List


Who We Are

DeKalb Animals Services and Enforcement is a section
of the DeKalb County Police Department, Special Operations Division. As
such, we not only provide services to the public, but also provide
support services to local law enforcement. We impound large numbers of
animals from drug busts, warrant services, and evictions as well as
strays, Dangerous/Potentially Dangerous cases, cruelty complaints, and
Abandonments. Many animals are on hold for law enforcement cases through
local and state courts.

Adopting a friend

Adoption fees
Female dog – $92.00 Male dog
– $87.00
Female cat – $82.00 Male cat – $62.00

animals receive complete vaccinations and are altered. Dogs receive
heartworm testing. Once adopted, animals are transported to our
veterinarians for vaccination, altering, and testing. However, once
services are rendered, there are no refunds. If testing is positive it
will be up to the new owner to correct any medical issues that would
have been screened out in our adoption program. Once all medical work is
completed, the new owner can pick the animal up either from us or the
vet usually the next day.

Rescue groups must have a completed
application and a current Georgia Department of Agriculture Certificate
on file in order to rescue from our facility.

Come Visit Us!

Located right off of Interstate 285 exit 41@
Memorial Drive on Camp Rd.

Dekalb County Animal Services
845 Camp Rd

Decatur, GA
Phone: 404-294-2996

Email: seelliot@co.dekalb.ga.us
Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

Cortland, NY – Visual and Hearing Imaired dalmation

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 23, 2008

Hi, I’m Radio.

I was found wandering around, which isn’t too
good since I don’t see too well, or hear that great. I am the usual
hard-luck story – cast out onto winter streets because I was no longer
wanted. But, hey, these guys took me in, and I’m safe now. All I need
now is a good home. Can you help?

Please know that there are
ALWAYS MORE DOGS at this shelter. It is difficult to keep photos of all
the available dogs posted on this site. Please know you are very
welcome to visit the shelter and to call and ask about additional,
available dogs.

The shelter is open Tues 3-7, /Wed/Fri/Sat 12-4 and Thursday 12-7. Stop by or call: 607-753-9386.


Cortland County SPCA

(607) 753-9386


Tx- Marshall Shelter-Siamese boy-Kitty needs help- leg needs to be removed

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 20, 2008

This is a cross-post I have no personal knowledge of this pet.

We have an adult male cat that was surrendered by a kindly lady that ‘rescued’ him from a ‘friend’.  The cat had been hit by a car or something AT LEAST 6 MONTHS AGO!!  The leg is useless and has lost the nerves that should tell him OUCH!!!  So he is not in pain or suffering.
Our vet quoted 350 – 400 to remove leg, neuter, and get him up and going.  If he were not so very sweet,  we would not ask – BUT HE IS.  We have an initial donation from the kindly lady for 25 for his care, wondering if we can go all the way and help this boy have the life he deserves.  Please pass far and wide.

Evelyn (Eva) Sepulvado
Marshall Animal Shelter
P O   Box 698
Marshall Texas 75670

903-935-4530 Office
903-926-2695 Cell

$100 Needed for a family to provide vet care for an eye infection

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 17, 2008

Bubba needs a little help from friends

If the above widget is not showing please visit Bubba’s donation page here:

Click Here to email Bubba’s Family

fund raiser is for Bubba whose family is trying hard to battle an
ongoing eye infection on limited funds. Here is what Bubba’s friend has
to say:

We have 5 cats and love them so very much. My oldest cat who we call
“bubba” or bubs” got some kind of aneye
infection. I took him to the “low cost” animal clinic (where they charge
based on your household income, I paid $40) and they gave him some
medicine but it actually made it worse!

So I called a regular vet but they won’t see him without payment being made at the time of the visit. I was saving money the last couple weeks to take him to the regular vet but when our car broke down last week and I had no choice but to spend the money to fix it since we must be able to get to work to pay
the rent so we don’t end up homeless, we are paycheck to paycheck people
like many others.

I really love and care for my cats so much, they are members of our family and I hate to see my “baby” in any kind of discomfort or pain.He is my oldest and has been with me for years. he has given me many moments of happiness and friendship and I just want to help him now,when he needs it the most.

$100 would cover the vet bill, any medicines prescribed, and hopefully
a few dollars for the gas to go over there.

I would really appreciate your votes and any encouragement from fellow
pet owners/lovers

Vet Info

Cross Keys Animal Hospital
2071 N Black Horse Pike
Williamstown, NJ 08094

(856) 740-3700

They have 4 vets there so we usually see whomever has an open
appointment when we need to go.


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HELP! Found Injured

CONTACT INFO: comm-536299632@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-01-11, 9:56PM EST

I was
driving home to NJ today from NC, and I found a beagle
sitting on the side
of highway 95 in virgina, so I picked him up.
He’s very tiny for a beagle,
maybe 20-22lbs? He’s obviously
injured…I don’t know if he was thrown
from a car, or got hit,
but he’s dehydrated, he wont stand on his back
legs at ALL…

I don’t know if he’s paralized, as he is wagging his
tail. I don’t
know what to do. He’s so sad looking, and I’m sure he’s been
so much already. I don’t know if anyone can reccomend anything?

I‘m taking him to All Creatures Vet in Washington Township, NJ

tomorrow at 1pm
, but if I can find alternate help before then,
I’m all
ears, as I can’t really afford much…I have a credit
card, though if
anyone can help, or know of who can help, or a
vet that will help him out
for a reduced cost, please let me know.
He may end up needing one of those
wheel chairs, not sure where
I can get one. Any and all help is GREATLY

Sacramento, CA: URGENT: Tippy the Chihuahua needs medical attention

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 14, 2008

Tippy is a four year old male Chihuahua… He is Sorrel/white and
brown. He is very small at 5lbs. We rescued Tippy and when his right
eye ruptured we were told it could happen again. It did. He currently
has a ruptured left eye and it is imperative that he has surgery to
remove it as soon as possible. Our financial circumstances prevent us
from getting the surgery done plus we have 4 other dogs in the house
that are contentious to Tippy. He needs a safe environment with lots of
love. He is absolutely adorable and sweet to all. We thought we would
have to put him to sleep but the vet said he wouldn’t do that until we
first tried to re-home him as he is such a great dog. The eye needs to
be removed ASAP, so anyone who can give Tip a loving home, will need to
be able to afford his vet bills (the last eye was $350.00) and that was
at discount. We need help.


Thank you
Shirley Cummings
916-991-6279 poysnpn@comcast.net
Adoption fee $50.00

MO/SPECIAL NEEDS 27 lb Mix girl seeking foster care or rehoming

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 14, 2008


Hailey is a special dog, she has a medical issue and needs help! She is
loosing the only home that ever was willing to work on her tummy
trouble with her.

Owner is in crisis: Must part with special dog: “Hailey is still
continuing to battle the chronic diarrhea issues and is being treated
by a Vet in Columbia. This is her third vet in under 2 years. To date,
no one can tell me what is wrong with Hailey. She has been on numerous
antibiotics, dog foods and prescription Hills Science diet. She has
been on wet and dry in the i/d, z/d, and w/d. They would start with the
wet for weight gain and move to dry. None of the dog foods helped.

She is normally healthy and playful, we just can’t seem to get her
tummy situation under control for her to have a solid stool. It breaks
my heart to find her a new home but I know that she is not thriving in
this environment and cannot live life in a crate.

Chihua-wheels: Disabled dogs get rolling

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 14, 2008

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. – Three Chihuahua puppies, born without front legs due to a genetic defect, now have what the North Shore Animal League calls “front-wheel drive.”

The trio, Venus, Carmen and Pablo, rescued by the League from a Virginia shelter, were equipped with two-wheeled carts that give them mobility, the shelter said in a news release Thursday.

“The three have been practicing getting about and eating using their new, custom-built, aluminum carts,” the shelter said. The carts are fastened to the dogs with “Velcro-held polar fleece padding for comfortable body support and lightweight foam wheels.”

The carts were made by a company in the Berkshire Mountains village of Shelburne Falls, in western Massachusetts. The company, Eddie’s Wheels, designed the carts to be used for ten minutes at a stretch. They eliminate some of the stress on their lower spines from walking on their hind legs and from the lack of proper posture, the animal welfare agency said.

The Chihuahuas are each missing their front legs as he result of a birth defect believed to be the result of irresponsible over breeding also known as backyard breeding, the shelter said.

Normal in every other way, the pups seem unaware of their disability and have accepted the challenge of their new carts much as they did the challenge to learn to balance themselves on their back legs, the League said.

The three now have a permanent home, the shelter said. They were adopted together by a North Shore Animal League veterinary technician

More video’s related to this story:


Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 14, 2008

Contact Info: 

Heard County Animal Control Center




Hello again, everybody –

Sorry to bother you all, but
there is another sweet
blind dog at Heard County Animal Control in
GA. This poor boy was picked up as a stray. He is a
Chocolate Lab. Skin and bones, with a bit of
hair-loss/mange on his face.
Sadly, this dear boy has
very little chance of getting adopted by
visiting the shelter, as he has three strikes against
him (he’s
blind, he’s older, and he’s not “perfect”),
and the shelter is so crowded.
Kaylene at Heard
beautifully recounts this boy’s sad plea:

“I am an
old gentle blind soul. I have no clue what
has happened to me. I thought I
had a family that
really loved me, but I can’t find them and they have

not come looking for me. All I remember is walking and
walking and I
was cold, scared and hungry. I don’t
know when I ate last. I know you can
see my ribs
because when I lay down I can feel my bones on the
ground and it hurts. I remember coming to some
man’s house and then the
next thing I remember is a
lady has me and I hear flashes. So I think they
taking my pictures… for what I have no idea but I
hope they are
going to show it around so my owners can
find me. Then they walked me back
very carefully and
put me in this metal cage. I know it was metal
I heard it bang shut. All of a sudden I feel this big
soft warm
blanket under my feet and I was smelling
food and water. How did I come
into this heaven? Well,
talking to the other dogs here. Its not Heaven it
the animal control and they also say it is a high-kill
shelter. Now
I am scared once again because I am old,
blind, skinny and have hair loss
on my face. I just
pray that someone sees me, or that my owners come
save me. If you hear this plea from an old senior
blind dog that
still has love to give, please come
save me.”

Here is this sweet
boy’s Petfinder page with his

you can help this poor old fella by adopting him or
by rescuing him… or
if you are in the GA area and
can foster him until a permanent home
be found, *** please contact Kaylene at the
shelter (Phone: 706-675-3570)

Although this is a high-kill shelter, they are very
friendly, and Kaylene really does work hard to
find rescue for as many dogs
as she possibly can (but
there are so many!). She’s desperate to find a
home for this dear, deserving boy. Please don’t wait
too long,
though, as this poor soul may not have much
time left.

-Emma in Western NY
(“mom” to blind Monty, and his seeing-eye
Tallulah & Harvey)

LA, CA Sweet 12 year old Bow-legged StaffieX needs a warm home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 12, 2008

SNOW – ID#A904631

My name is Snow and I am an
unaltered female, white and brown Pit Bull Terrier.

The shelter
thinks I am about 3 years old.

I have been at the shelter since Sep
30, 2007.

older dog, about 12-13
yrs old
difficulty walking, appears bow-legged in front and back legs but
back end is worse.
Walks a little but seems to tire fast
has 2 hard
circular masses in mammary glands.

Anna Hernandez
N.Central Animal Care
3201 Lacy St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Cell – 213 – 305-
Fax- 213- 847- 0555
Email: Ana.hernandez@lacity.org   


LA, CA:7yr Blind Shep needs a home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 12, 2008
Please network him to anyone who may be able to foster.
This is just too sad.  Please forward this sweet boy to give him a chance.
If you are able to help, please contact Julia 310-344-7366 or you can email me at julia@juliapennington.com

There has been no response at all for this dog in need. He is in danger of being put down if a home or foster is not found. Because he is mostly blind being housed in a cage is not an option for him…it is too stressful.

Please network him to anyone who may be able to foster.
If you need more information or have any questions at all feel free to contact me. Thank you for your help!
White Shepherd mix seeking a special someone.  This gorgeous 7 year
old, blind, white Shepherd/Husky mix is in desperate need of a
home/foster. This beautiful boy has a genetic disability that has
caused him to go blind, but despite this handicap he adapts incredibly
well. This boy is very smart,  affectionate and full of tremendous
spirit. Tragically though now he  is not only without sight, but is
also without a home.
He is very affectionate and great with all people and most dogs. He is house house trained.
Please, if you have a safe and secure home environment, consider
opening your heart to this sweet dog in need. All we want is to see
him get to live his life in the comforts of a safe and loving home.
This is an extremely urgent situation.
For more information contact 310-344-7366 or
you can email me at
Save A Life, Adopt A Rescue!



NC: Blind puppy needs foster or home!!

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 Hi All!!

 This is Reesie, a 4 week old chocolate lab/? puppy who is blind. His mother was abandoned
 at a trailer park in Randolph County, North Carolilna. The people had left her tied outside
 and the neighbors started to feed her. It was then they discovered her 11 puppies!
 Unfortunately, mom was hit by a car and killed and the puppies were taken to a shelter and
 into foster care. All the puppies except Reesie have homes waiting for them. His blindness
 is congenital and his foster mom was going to have him euthanized. She is worried that he
 would not have a happy life. But he is so healthy, gentle and loving and growing fast she
 has put it off 3 times.

My step sister contacted me and I have been sending her information
 about blind animals and the fact that they can have a very fullfilling life. We are taking
 Reesie into Pets Come First and are looking for a foster home and/or adoptive home. Being
 only 4 weeks, I would like to find him a foster home for several weeks till he is old enough
 for his vaccinations.

If you can help, please contact Deb Warner at 814-345-6637.

Please feel free to crosspost and any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

 deb warner



Please Help My Baby, Sybil Before I Have To Put Her To Sleep

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 12, 2008

Click Here to pledge your donation for Sybil

Our dog Sybil has torn her ACL and needs to have surgery. Normally my family
and I wouldn’t ask for help but due to a cut back in hours at my job we simply
just can’t afford the much needed surgery. We think of Sybil as one of the
family and if we can’t find the money for the surgery then my family and I will
be forced to put her to sleep.We would hate to lose a member of the family but
the surgery is over $2,000 and we don’t have enough money to pay for it.
Especially since we just paid out almost $600 for x-rays and medication.

is a mastiff mixed, and she doesn’t understand that she is a dog. We found her
along the interstate one day while we were driving and she was just wandering
with no where to go. We took her in as a rescue dog planning to find her a home
and family but while we were searching we realized that she had a home all along
and that we were her family. Sybil has brought so many joys to our life, and is
a family hero. Sybil did sleep in the bed with my daughter until she was
injured. Now inorder to get up and down the three steps we have to go outside,
my daughter and I have to try and carry her up the steps. Her back legs at
least. We can provide documents for anyone who would like to see them. We love
her so much and we don’t know what we would do without her. As you can see in
the picture my daughter and Sybil are very close, they are inseperable. I would
hate to see what she would go through if we had to put Sybil to sleep. Any
amount that you can donate will be greatly appreciated. We will provide updates
on Sybil if we are able to have the surgery. Please help us.

Help ANNABELLE get surgery to save a crooked & painful leg

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 12, 2008

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ANNABELLE, a 1 year old pit puppy, is in dire need of surgery to correct her
crooked and painful leg. Can you help her??

The Friends of Orange County
Homeless Pets rescued this adorable puppy. She’s a sweetheart. However, her leg
was broken and no one paid attention to it or got her help. The leg was allowed
to re-grow very crooked and is painful for her. It is now 2 to 3 inches shorter
then her other leg which will cause back and shoulder problems.

surgery will cost $2000.00. FOCHP is putting this goal @ about half, or $800.00.

FOCHP is committed to helping ANNABELLE get her surgery. However, they’ve
been hit with over $5000.00 in medicals/surgeries for a slew of recent rescues
from this high-kill shelter [the shelter does not perform any surgeries but

Felix [little terrier mix] had an operation for
intramedulary pinning – broken leg;
Elliott [terrier mix ] broken leg – bone
TomTom [senior maltese mix] 18 teeth pulled;
Missy [pointer mix
] broken leg;
Snowy [pit puppy] had pneumonia

It goes on an on but
these are the largest & total about $5,000! The well is dry!

Can you
help ANNABELLE get her surgery? ANY AMOUNT will be so helpful and so much


For more information contact:

Friends of Orange County Homeless Pets

2582 River Trail Road
Orange, CA 92865 (for mailing only, this is not a

(714) 280-4993


Remi the Sphynx Cat needs your help with vet bills

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 10, 2008

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recently purchased a Sphynx cat. (Rembauldi) When I received him he had
what the owners believe was a scratch on his eye. I picked him up on
the way to visit my sister, and his eye looked so painful that I
stopped at a vet clinic while I was visiting her for the night because
I was so concerned. Unfortunately it turned out he had conjunctivitis
and one of his eyes was infected and had a corneal ulcer. I was given
some drops and ointment to put in his eye and told to get him to my
personal vet asap the following day.

I got Rembauldi to the vet and he explained how the ulcer could
burst and cause all sorts of problems with his eye. So we scheduled
surgery for the next day. He sowed his 3rd eyelid over this eye to help
the eye heal and I was to administer antibiotic drops, and amoxicillin
several times a day. His eye will remain shut for 2 weeks and then we
will see what we have.

Once the stitches are removed his eye will either be better, or the
iris could be stuck to the front or the cornea or to the back soft part
of the eye. He could lose his eye due to glaucoma and need to have it

In short I have been more then willing to spend the money to get my
cat well. But after the first $500 in vet bills my cash flow is now
dwindling and I still need to payoff the some of the vet bills as well
as the future few visits.

Any help you might be able to provide would be very appreciated.
I’ve asked for $200 but am hoping to make around $500 to help
with the follow up appointments. If his eye isn’t better I have
the option of seeing an feline ophthalmologist for an operation that
could cost $1400 and if that’s the case I might need to sell my

This is little guy is such a sweet little cat, and has been a real
trooper. I just feel like I need to give him every chance I can to get

Bowling Green KY: Beagle hit by car needs donations!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 10, 2008


Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society

Bowling Green,


Intake Date: 1/8
Available Date: 1/13
Age: 7 months
Weight: 15 lbs

Penny is a precious little beagle that is FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE right now. She was hit by a car on 1/7 and brought to us on 1/8. She was in very bad shape and had to be put on antibiotics and IV fluids to get her into a stable state. When she is healthy enough her injuries will be repaired and the growth on her side will be removed. We are needing to raise approximately $300 to save this little girls life and a lot of prayers. She deserves a chance!
****Cat testing can be done upon request after the application is received.****

****We offer (1) FREE training session with our favorite dog trainer for all of our dog adopters!****

Puppy mill rescue dog missing foot & part of leg

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 9, 2008

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FUNDRAISER a group of people are raising money for a cause.

Puppy mill rescue dog missing foot & part of leg

$100 goal <!– $ minimum pledge –>

$20.00 secured

NO MONEY will be taken until this collection reaches

in free pledges.




Time Left:

22 days 20 hours 11 min. 45 sec.
Start Time:

01/06/2008 10:09 PM EST


01/31/2008 11:59 PM EST

MAKE FREE PLEDGE: <!– $ –> $10.00 $20.00 $30.00 $40.00 $50.00 $60.00 $70.00 $80.00 $90.00

-or –

Would you like to pay— even if the goal isn’t met? Click here.




Grady is a sweet tiny little male pomeranian that spent the first 5 years of his life in a puppy mill, used as a breeding dog for a commercial kennel in the business of mass breeding dogs for profit. This little guy has been missing his foot and part of his leg since he was born, yet he was forced to live in a tiny overcrowded cage standing on a wire grid. Grady cannot stand on all four of his legs. He is missing the foot and part of his leg on his back right leg. I would like to try to raise some money for this little guy so that we can hopefully get him a prosthetic or something to make moving about easier for him. The cost will be much higher than what this fundable is asking for, but any amount we can raise for him will help him so much. If he is not a good candidate for a prosthetic I would like to be able to make sure that all of his future veterinary needs can be provided for and that we have flooring in our home that this little guy won’t have to slip and slide on. He has great difficulty walking on tile and wood floors. For now we have laid out paths of runners, towels, whatever we have, so that he can move about the house without sliding all over and being afraid to fall. When Grady first arrived here he was so sad, but he is discovering how nice life can be and he is becoming happy. Please help me to make life easier for this sweet loving innocent dog who did nothing to deserve the awful treatment he endured for the last five years. Thank you so very much for reading this. I appreciate you taking the time for Grady.

Group Leader:


<!– Access/Distribution:
Not specified.

–>Added Benefits for Contributors:
I will send updates and pictures of Grady to any donors who wish to receive them!

Related Web Site:

email this to a friend

Human in the Seattle metro area, WA Needs a home where she can keep her disabled cats

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 6, 2008

CONTACT PERSON newhaven1124@yahoo.com


i’m new to the area. i just moved here with my 4 cats – one is
diabetic and one was born with 3 legs. All 4 are 11, 12, 12 & 14
years old respectively. I love them dearly.

I moved here to live with a man I was eventually going to marry and
he has since gotten back with an ex. I am alone in Washington, with
no friends or family here. My closest friend, on the east coast,
lives from paycheck to paycheck and can’t help except with moral
support. My family owes me money and cannot help.

I need to quickly find a modest rental that will allow my cats, and a
job. My boyfriend was going to support me while i finished my degree.
I stupidly left my job and apt behind to move here with him in early
dec. I have sales and customer service experience and had a CT real
estate license.

I am a middle-aged divorced woman. I’ve never been arrested, or on
drugs or alcohol. I just need some help from someone who understands
that I love my cats and intend to take care of them for life. I will
repay anyone who helps us plus of course, allow you to do a
background check on me. and I will be very grateful.

Thank you,


Dog with intervertabral disc disease needs a home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 6, 2008

SUzy – ID#A919925

My name is Susie and I am a spayed female, black and brown German Shepherd Dog.

The shelter thinks I am about 11 years old.

I have been at the shelter since Dec 28, 2007.
Dragging her hind legs due to inervertabral disc disease. She has
sensation in her legs so our VET thinks she will improve with acupuncture. She is sweet but approach slowly

Anna Hernandez
N.Central Animal Care Center
3201 Lacy St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Cell – 213 – 305- 4096
Fax- 213- 847- 0555


Donations needed to help fix Emmie-the-cat’s teeth!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 5, 2008


adopted cat Emmie has a condition called stomatitis. Her immune system
is eating away at her teeth and it is extremely painful for her. She
has trouble eating and has lost weight as a result. Regrettably, the
only real treatment is to extract all of the teeth from her canines
back. We’ve already tried two or three courses of antibiotics, and none
of them had any effect. Recently I had to pay $850 to a collection
agency for something my roommate did to avoid going to court since my
name was also on the lease. That money would have been used for Emmie’s
treatment. Her sister Sherbie had the same condition, and same
treatment, two years ago. Within a few days Sherbie was back to eating
her usual dry food with no problems and has actually gained weight.
Sherbie’s procedure cost $550.

At this point in time I prepare Emmie’s food separately by running
her dry food through a coffee grinder to pulverize it, then I add a
pouch of Meow Mix wet food, The Missing Link supplement powder,
KittyVite vitamin paste, CatMilk if I have any, and water. She would
prefer to just eat the Meow Mix pouches, but I need to stretch them
this way to make them last. Since my father died from lung cancer I
have been unemployed and getting treatment for depression. I’ve
returned to school to finish my degree, but I am on a very limited
income (about $7000/year) and am receiving Food Stamps. I had been
using my credit cards to make up the differences, but I can’t afford to
make the payments anymore on $15,000 in credit card debt.

I am actually looking for part-time work while I’m in school but so
far have not had any success. I don’t like being in this position, I
don’t like feeling like a charity case, and it is embarrassing to admit
to anyone that I am in this situation. However, Emmie needs help pretty
urgently. I don’t qualify for Care Credit since I don’t have a job, and
I know the operation is going to be expensive. I don’t want to give up
my cats, who are like my babies to me, because sometimes, with my
depression, they are all that keep me going day-to-day.

Please help if you can, even if it’s just a couple of dollars. If
the minimum amount isn’t met in 25 days, the collection is null and
void and you owe nothing. Right now I am collecting pledges, NOT money.
$35 is the fee to the Fundable website if the minimum is reached.

Buddy needs donations for surgical repair of broken leg

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 5, 2008


This is Buddy rescued personally by me on Jan. 1, 2007. Buddy is a
chocolate lab under 1 year of age. Buddy darted across a road and was
hit on the back end by a car. The driver of the car got out checked her
car and got back in and drove away. She left Buddy in the middle of the
road while other cars zoomed by. We brought Buddy to my house and
called animal control. Upon their arrival I was informed that Buddy
would be put to sleep if they were to take him so I opted to adopt him.
(All resources were used to find Buddy’s natural owners with no luck.)
I took Buddy to the vet for xrays to find the extent of the damage. His
back right leg as been broken in 2 seperate places. One of the breaks
is close to the body and completely separated the other at the growth
plate which caused the bones to shift a little. Buddy will need to have
surgery including placing a plate in the leg to hold the bones together
for healing. With this surgery and lots of love Buddy will recover and
grow to become a healthy and happy dog. Buddy is friendly to children,
adults and other animals even after the surgery.

THE SURGERY’S COST START AT $2000 so I am trying to raise a small
percentage to help with this unexpected expense. Any amount above and
beyond will greatly be helpful and appreciated. I have to have him back
to the vet within a week and a half to have the surgery performed
before the bone starts to heal the way that it is broken. He is being
seen by a vet in Goose Creek, South Carolina. All fund will be going
straight to this vet for the cost of restoring Buddy’s health.



Update: Blind persian in Houston, has been rescued by her owners

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 4, 2008

I requested an update on this cat because someone was interested in her.  Here is the update I received:

The owner came midday yesterday and claimed her cat--better late than
never. I didn't get to talk with her, so I don't know how the cat came
to be in the middle of a street intersection. Thank you so much for caring.

Nela Brown


This is the original post:

TX: Blind persian needs rescue in Houston

Category: Pets and Animals

Please reply ONLY to ntbrown@houston.rr.com or contact the shelter if you can help.

I am a volunteer at the City of Houston’s animal shelter, and we have a
stray Persian or Himalayan that needs a rescue group. This cat was
brought in by a citizen who found it sitting in the middle of a
busy        intersection and seemingly unable to move. The cat has very
limited vision (if any).  Unfortunately, I cannot find a Persian breed
rescue group in Houston.  Do you know of any such group and how I might
contact them? As you can appreciate, I need to work very quickly or
this cat will be euthanized as unadoptable because of its vision. 
Thanks for any help you can give the kitty and me.
         Nela Brown
         BARC volunteer


Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 3, 2008

This is Gol A914901 he is about 9 years old and like a Benji.  He was turned in by his owner because they were moving to an apartment and could not keep him.  He is head shy because of the blindness but is friendly once he trust you.  He is about 57 pounds and is very nice and handsome.

If you can help, please call the West Valley Animal Care and Control Center 
(818) 756-9325

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