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Lenny, The Pit Bull bait dog needs your help

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 11, 2010

KALAMAZOO COUNTY – A dog that was recently rescued off the streets is believed to have been used as a “bait dog” in underground dog fights. And thanks to the woman who rescued him and a local veterinarian, he’s expected to make a full recovery.

His name is Lenny the Pit Bull. His rescuer, Karen Douglas, has already set him up with his own Facebook profile to detail his story and his struggle.

He was discovered on the streets of Cooper Township, north of Kalamazoo, with numerous scratches, bite marks, and visible malnutrition. When he was brought to a veterinarian in Grand Rapids, Lenny was diagnosed as having kidney failure, infections of the jaw and mouth, and again, numerous untreated bites and injuries.

According to his Facebook page, “He was negative for heart worms, but the rest of his blood work was not promising. In short, his kidneys were failing. This could be due to the infection in his mouth, his general poor health, or there is a possibility he may have been poisoned. Poisoning fighting dogs is not an uncommon way for someone to ‘euthanize’ them.”

Lenny went in for surgery on Sunday and is currently undergoing fluid therapy. He has gained three pounds since undergoing treatment.

Veterinarians with Cascade Hospital for Animals is caring for Lenny and they’re taking donations to help out with his treatment. If you’d like to donate, you can contact them at (616) 949 -0960. They’re located at 6730 Cascade Road SE in Grand Rapids.

Squeaky Needs Help FAST!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 8, 2010

Diagnosis: Obstipation- complete obstruction of the colon

Total amount needed :$540

Owner contribution: $40

Need to raise: $500

Spayed: Yes

Volunteer case worker: Tammy

Squeaky is a 12 yr old female little black kitty with a impacted colon and possible abdominal mass. She needs to have the impaction removed no later than Monday.

The clock is ticking for this little gal, as this is a very serious condition and Squeaky is miserable.

If you can contribute to help Squeaky receive her surgery, please designate your donation to – GF – Squeaky Rose at http://www.imom.org/donation

Remember that no donation is too small, every dollar helps. If you
cannot donate, please share Squeaky’s story with your friends. Post her
on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Let’s get this little gal all fixed up!


Operation Fuzzy Mice Needs YOUR help!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 21, 2010

Hello Handipets! This is Michelle Lyon, of Operation Fuzzy Mice. I have received a copy of the email from @FelineUnit.

YOU CAN DONATE HERE:  http://pledgie.com/campaigns/10799

My mission with Operation Fuzzy Mice is to provide vet care and other pet-related resources, either by paying for it directly or by referral and networking, to low-income families who own pets, and who would otherwise have to relinquish, abandon, or euthanize their pets for inability to provide care financially. Nearly all of these families have fallen on hard times due to illness, injury, family disaster, or national economic recession resulting in loss of jobs or homes. Pets are given up tearfully and reluctantly by owners, because families see no other choice. This of course does no justice to the pets, nor to California’s already-struggling economy when the state must support overcrowded shelters as well as euthanize and dispose of so many homeless animals. I have only known one case where an owner gave a pet up in coldhearted fashion. All others were tearful and reluctant, not just “dumping.” Even in abandonment cases, animals are purposefully left in places where someone else may find and care for them, and this happens because the owners can’t afford to pay the relinquishment fee at a shelter.

On the flipside to those who relinquish pets, are folks who have gone as far as moving to tent-cities or living in cars before giving up their pets, refusing to turn their back on a fellow member of the family. I have also met a lot of lifelong homeless folks who do things like attend mission meal lines, and take an extra plate home to the pet, or give their whole meal and themselves go hungry before that pet goes without, the way many parents would do for their children. For a lot of these folks, with no money, family, home, health or future, that pet is the only thing they’ve got. I’ve even met one man who believes if he didn’t have his dog, he would have no reason to stay sober.

I believe that these folks, with such love and devotion to their pets, deserve a chance, and their pets deserve to keep their homes and humans. This public assistance is our primary mission.

We do have some cats in our care, as we got started by taking in abandoned pregnant strays so that kittens would not be born feral. (It is mostly female cats who are abandoned, because owners cannot afford spaying them nor feeding more kittens.) Most of those cats are adoptable, but still live here, because in Bakersfield culture, no one wants to go through adoption proceedings when a neighbor or a newspaper ad is giving kittens away for free with no strings attatched. There’s a major cultural mindset of apathy towards cats that must change if Bakersfield is to reduce staggering cat overpopulations, and Operation Fuzzy Mice would like to take some small step in making that change.

Conan, who FelineUnit mentioned, is one of these foster cats. He and three littermates were bottle fed orphans. Conan sustained an injury at an interested adoptive home, and was reclaimed. It has been almost two months, and the paw has still not healed. The vet suggested irrigation surgery, but all we could pay for at the time was lancing. There have been other pets; Tiger was stepped on by accident, suffered head trauma, and was making a turnaround before dying. We await necropsy results, but there is no doubt that if Tiger received full IV meds and diagnostics immediately, his chances would have been far better. Tiger’s sister, Tina, was a runt, and diagnostic testing might have led to surgery to improve her chances. Survivor succumbed to flea anemia, which might have been reversed with a blood transfusion. Middy2 died of septic shock, avoidable if his giardia were diagnosed and treated immediately rather than waiting for funding. His sister, Nymph, carries the giardia and shows stunted growth among other health problems, waiting for funding. Buttercup is a terrior mix who has an unidentified skin fungus, the shampoo alone costing the elderly owner $25 per month. There are countless other pets in homes dealing with flea infestations, respiratory viruses, worms, unwanted pregnancies, and many other very treatable conditions, but the families, many homeless, unemployed, or on social benefits, have choose between providing this care or putting food in their stomaches.

There is a CareCredit account for Operation Fuzzy Mice, but it is maxed. The pets who were vetted in full on this credit line are thriving now. Those who had to wait for fundraising and then get minimal vetting have done poorly or have died. Our request to you is to drive to pay off or pay down the CareCredit, or, start up a fund for supplies or for spay and neuter assistance to families. Even more in need than money, are volunteers to serve on our executive board so we can apply for nonprofit status.

I hope your organization can help us, and I look forward to working together.


Chihuahua in need of help!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 21, 2010
My little 4 pound chihuahua is 2 years old and has seizures.
It has been controlled with medication but he went in for his bi yearly
Phenobarbital level check today and had complications. The vet could not
get him settled enough to draw his blood and gave him a light sedative
then a reverse to bring him out. I took him home but he slept for several
hours. Upon waking he could not stand on his front right leg. I called the
vet and they finally agreed to see him. I feared they hurt his tiny leg
trying to draw blood before the sedative. Needless to say they cant find
out whats wrong and are talking of a specialist. They are thinking either Hydrocephalus or Atlanto-Occitital Luxation. He needs to see a specialist immediately as he is in severe pain. I am a nursing student
who was working as a nurses aide but recently lost my job due to
downsizing. Im in the middle of a divorce and cannot afford all this extra
expense. My little boy is my heart and soul right now I desperately need
financial assistance. Thank you!!!

Elizabeth Warner
Findlay, Ohio 45840

Snickers is sick and needs funds to continue treatment

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 17, 2010

S.O.S. Please Help!

Our baby is very ill and after trip after trip and test after test at our vet, then the emerg. specialist, we need to take her to a neurologist, the tests alone will be $800-$2000 not to mention if she needs surgery. The specialist thinks it is either Meningitis, A Tumor or A Spinal/Disc issue. She is not able to use her back legs nor use the restroom without our help. If you would like me to email you the full timeline, meds she is on and symptoms to maybe give us some more insight, please send us a email.

Any Donation Amount Will Help! If we have anything left after she is better we will donate it to another group or fund to help other animals in need of medical help.

Resting 5.30.10

NOTE!  This family has been completely investigated and verified through MicroGiving Foundation.  Their verified profile and donation link is here:


Please help Barney have the surgery to prolong his life

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on May 21, 2010

My Barney

I was looking for a second dog for me and my yorkie when I first met Barney in a shelter. Someone handed him to me and unlike any other dog I have ever met or held he held onto me with all four legs – as if he was pleading to be taken from this place and given a home, pleading to have his life saved.

I went home that day but could not forget him – I nicknamed him “Velcro boy” because he held on for life –his life. The following weekend I went back to get him and take him home – but that was short lived because as soon as I took him home – he defecated blood. It took me an entire year of vet appointments to get him healthy.

Over the years my Barney has aided the elderly downstairs and walking (this was done on pure instinct) – was gentle and protective around children and newborn babies and sat on the ground, sidewalk and sometimes street when I fractured my vertebrae in two places and would fall as I was losing my ability to stand and walk – always being there to help teach a new puppy to walk up and down stairs, or help train them – he was always there to offer help to those who needed him.

Now it is his turn. My Barney is dying of a very aggressive cancer – he has a mass on his anal gland, a mass on his bladder and an enlarged lymph node on his stomach and other areas. Only surgery can prolong his life – without it he has a very short time left – a few weeks or months, if lucky.

I have been unemployed for over one year, require a second spine surgery, have had 6 laser surgeries on my eyes and am in severe financial hardship. I am selling my couch and TV but that is not enough – I need help. Please, please, help me to be able to get Barney surgery to prolong his life.

Contributions can be made directly to his vet:

Leyenda Harley

Animal Medical Center

510 East 62nd Street

New York, NY  10065

Direct line: 

Phone:  212-838-8100

Fax:     212-752-2592
or 212-832-5417

Shadow Needs Surgery for Aural Hematoma

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on May 2, 2010

We do not have a paypal link set up for Shadow but donations can be made directly to the vet the information is below on the vet estimate.

His Family says:

   Shadow is about 9 years old and I’ve had her since she was 11months old. She came from a bad situation and weighed approx.35lbs, was emaciated and in poor shape. She was bred at the age of 7months and left to meet her maker basically. With a little time and good nourishment and love she regained her health and has been with me ever since. Before we saved her I prayed for joy and that joy came in the form of Shadow. I live on a fixed ssdi and as much as I want to provide the best possible care for her it’s tough. Two years ago I took her to my vet, Shiloh veterinary and got her all her shots etc.etc. so except for her rabies booster she is up to date.
     Shadow has an appt with the vet at 10:20am tomorrow to have this looked at and I will send a copy of the vets’ report along to you tomorrow.  Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and God bless all of you for being a source of help.

                                                            Becky McMullen

Shadow did indeed go to the vet and the vet wrote to Handipets Personally.
This is what
Dr. Amanda Hurley from Shiloh Veterinary Hospital had to say:

Attn: Amy and Becky,
This letter is to inform you of the need and cost of care for Shadow. He has severe ear infections and an Aural Hematoma. Correction of these is important to insure minimal scarring of the ear canal. If left untreated, narrowing of the canal can occur leading to increased risk of infections. Attached are 2 estimates, one is for the recommended procedure to properly correct Shadow’s ear and includes safety recommendations such as pre-anesthetic bloodwork and IV catheter and fluids. The second estimate is for a “modified” solution which would be to simply sedate and drain the ear. Bandaging of the ear to the head keeps pressure and may prevent refilling. This is not recommended since the ear is likely to refill with blood and application of medicine to the ear canal becomes impaired. However this would be better than doing nothing at all.  I appreciate your time and hope you will be able to help Shadow and his mom. Shadow is othewise very healthy and in good shape.
Dr. Amanda Hurley
Shiloh Veterinary Hospital

Here is Shadows written estimate, it is clickable so you can view a larger image.

Maxwell Needs Some Medical Tests

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 28, 2010

My 4.5 year old corgi had a severe back issue last December, after all
the tests came back negative, the vet and neurologist decided to wait
and see if the problem comes back again.  In the meantime his two
illnesses were 25% of my unemployment income last year and now he can
not get his vaccinations this year because the vets do not know if his
issue was autoimmune or back related. 

I need help with these tests to
see if his immunity for overdue rabies is high enough to skip this shot
and the others he is coming due for.  The vets are afraid to give these
shots not knowing if his issue was autoimmune related.  If this
condition comes back his expenses will be probably thousand of dollars
and I do not have the money, but love my dog with all my heart and soul
and would give my life for him to be alive and healthy.  Any help u can
give would be appreciated.

Contributions can be made directly to the vet:

Dr. LeVeque
 D’Adamo Veterinary,
 30000 Joy Rd., Livonia, mi  48150,

Cooper American Bulldog/Boxer mix needs surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 26, 2010

  I would like to post a story about my American bulldog/boxer mix who was
 born with a birth defect that twisted both his hind tibia’s and fibula’s
 and dislocated both his hind kneecaps disabling him from walking. His
 reconstructive surgeries were estimates at $3500 each leg.

The first  surgery was performed and with donations we were able to put just about  $1500 towards it. The remaining $2000 balance still remains and his left
 leg needs the same surgery. I am looking for any kind of way to accept  donations.

I have a chip in page set up that is already accepting donations.
 Cooper’s surgery was and will be performed at Metropolitan Veterinary  Hospital in Copley, OH. Donations can also be made directly to the  hospital. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your  time.


Handipets Kennel Rebuild Project Begins

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 25, 2010

We had a few fundraisers going but time was running out.  We did raise enough funds to get a few panels but finally we asked my sister if she could get us a small loan to get the rest of the panels because the kennel continues to collapse inward and it’s becoming dangerous to humans and soon will be a danger to animals.  Between the donations we did get and the loan we were able to get enough panels and lumber to build two solid walls.  We are still trying to raise donations for a wire wall to complete the structure and for the materials needed for the feline containment trap netting that must be in place around the perimeter of the fence in order for us to tear out the ruins of the collapsed kennel and allow the animals to use the new one.

Here is a slideshow of the work in progress

View all

If you cannot view the slide show CLICK HERE to view the photo album

If you can help out please do, we are making progress but without your help we will not be able to finish.

Rescued Stray Chow needs major surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 23, 2010

Paypal and Vet info coming soon, please bookmark this page this little one needs all the promoting he can get

This pup is lucky to have such a loving family help him through this rough time.  This family is verified by IMOM and is in the screening process at Microgiving.com

IMOM Pet in Need Page

Hi Becky,
thanks for your website. what a need there is for something like this.

Here’s the story of the stray plus a photo.  I’ll get more photos after he gets out of surgery. let me know if i should do anything else.

laurie klinger


Thursday 3/18 at about 6 am I was driving down a dark street and barely made out an object lying in the road.  It was a black chow mix.  A neighbor saw a car hit him and speed off without stopping.  The dog was alert but in a lot of pain.  I waited two hours for animal control to show up.  They helped me get him in my truck and I took him to an emergency vet.

He has a broken humerus and multiple fractures of his pelvis.  But other signs looked normal, no internal injuries.   Broken bones can be mended.  But it requires surgery that can only be done by a specialty vet.  That coupled with the emergency vet care to stabilize him shot up the costs astronomically to over $7,000.  I hate the thought of putting down an animal whose injuries are so curable.  So since Thursday I have been searching for alternatives.  I have two non-profits who have pledged a total of $1430 so far.


1. emergency and stabilization care at:

Noah’s animal hospital
5500 millersville rd, indpls, in
317 253 1327

$2,350 (I have already paid this, but this vet said it would accept donations until next Tuesday 3/30 and reimburse me).  They kept him till today 3/22 when i delivered him for surgery to:

2.  vca veterinary specialty center
9745 randall drive, indpls, in
317 848 0318

$5,000 for 3 surgeries

He will need three surgeries – one for the humerus, two for the pelvis.  Maximum fee $5,000.  This vet generously cut the fees almost in half from the original $9400.  He also lowered the down payment from half upfront to only $500 upfront.  And he will let me make monthly payments of $660 for six months instead of paying in full at release.

These were all extraordinarily generous concessions, and against protocol.  I am very grateful.  But still a lot for me to cover on my income.  I make about $23,000/yr rehabbing properties in my low income neighborhood and renting them.   It takes me a long time to finish a place.  I do almost all the work myself.  Right now I live off 5 rental units.

A lot of people think it’s crazy for me to have taken things this far.  And they’re probably right because I don’t know anything about this guy.  But he just has broken bones which are fixable.  And I’d rather err on the side of compassion than practicality.

If anyone can contribute any amount to either location – you can call and explain what it’s for.   both vets should be able to verify costs and validity.

also dog will need about 8 weeks to heal, so if you know anyone who could foster or adopt him in the indianapolis area – please have them call me.  i have 2 chow mixes of my own and they’re a handful.  i also have front and back porch steps – all of which would make it very difficult to care for him.


Laurie Klinger

Max Needs some Tests done can you help?

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 19, 2010

My 4.5 year old corgi had a severe back issue last December, after all the tests came back negative, the vet and neurologist decided to wait and see if the problem comes back again.  In the meantime his two illnesses were 25% of my unemployment income last year and now he can not get his vaccinations this year because the vets do not know if his issue was autoimmune or back related.  I need help with these tests to see if his immunity for overdue rabies is high enough to skip this shot and the others he is coming due for.  The vets are afraid to give these shots not knowing if his issue was autoimmune related.  If this condition comes back his expenses will be probably thousand of dollars and I do not have the money, but love my dog with all my heart and soul and would give my life for him to be alive and healthy.  Any help u can give would be appreciated.

My vet is Dr. LeVeque @ D’Adamo Veterinary, 30000 Joy Rd., Livonia, mi  48150, 734-421-1800.

Browndog Needs Some Medical Testing

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 5, 2010

I need help paying for tests for my 9-year old dog. Her name is Browndog. I have had her since she was 6 weeks old. Early part of Dec, 2009 she started loosing the ability to walk on her hind legs.

She has undergone tests and been seen by a neurologist, Before the neurologist examined Browndog they thought it was her knees and they were going to do surgery. We were referred to the surgeon and he said it was not her knees but her spinal cord. She has been on steroyds and pain medications.

The neurologist localized her problem to the middle of her spinal cord. Said is could be from protruding disk, degenerative problem or a mass. But to conclude the exact problem they need to do an abdominal ultrasound, thoracic raadiographs and an MRI. We have already spent our savings treating her to date. We are broke and these tests are going to cost aprox $3,000.00. We just don’t know what to do, we don’t want to put her to sleep. But do not want to see her in pain either.

If anyone has suggestion, please let us know.

Thank you in advance for any advise you may provide

Jennifer Eynon

Browndogs Veterinary info is below.  All images are clickable for larger view

Handipets Kennel Rebuild FundRaiser

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 2, 2010

First we wish to thank Lisanne Walke of Rockin’ & Ridin’ for Autism for assisting us in this fundraiser.  They created this awesome flier for us and are helping us promote this fundraiser in hopes that we can get our “Crippled Critters” into a larger, safe, private, community accepted, stockade kennel with feline containment netting.

Dixie Thunder of Aiken County SC helped us raise funds to build a small lumber and wire mesh kennel for our special critters.  Unfortunately weather and outside animals trying to get in took it’s toll on the kennel through 2009 and the 2010 South Carolina snowstorm finally destroyed it.  We are spending precious funds on temporary patchups of a collapsing kennel when what we need is to build a new one.  We can’t keep patching the existing one AND buy new fence panels at the same time.  This is where we need help.  We can keep patching the existing damaged kennel as long as someone is willing to help us buy new fence panels.  Once we have all the fence panels we need we can begin erect the new fence, tear down the remains of the old one and recycle whatever we can to finish off the new one.

We run our kennel purely out of pocket and with the annual Crippled Critter Benefit Events held by Dixie Thunder.  This alone helps us care for the animals, providing them high quality grain/gluten free commercial foods such as
Taste of the Wild Roasted Venison and Smoked Salmon
dry food,
Dick Van Patten’s  Natural Balance® L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Venison & Green Pea Canned Formula,
Honest Kitchen
dehydrated raw food for cats as well as raw foods a diet known as BARF

We also use botanical and holistic care and buy items locally at Aiken County’s Herb Store

How you can help

We can accept gift cards for Superpetz as this is the only local store that sells the dry and canned foods we feed our crew.  Helping us with animal food helps us put our funds toward fence panels.

We can accept gift cards for Home Depot which has the lowest price stockade fence panels in our area and they have an E-Gift card program.

We can accept gift cards for The Tractor Supply Company which has the right size wire mesh at the lowest cost in our area.

We can pick up items purchased if you wish to just purchase one or more of the items we need and let the store know Amy Hawkinson will pick up.

The Store addresses are:
Home Depot
Aiken #1117

1785 Whiskey Road
Aiken, SC 29803

1589 Whiskey Road
Aiken, SC 29803

Tractor Supply Company

(803) 648-4449

Finally we are accepting Credit/Debit/Paypal donations here:

Handipets Needs a Little Help

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 14, 2010

Hello Friends of Handipets

Most who frequent the Handipets sites know what we do.  We help people raise funds for medical care for this special needs pets or we help them find the special home that can give their pet the care that is needed.

Locally we were taking non-medical disabled pets.  Our kennel is full and we do not accept any new comers but we do need to take care of the ones we have promised.

Our acceptance is narrow, blind/deaf, limb disorders, balance/coordination disorders, food allergy and related issues, food aggression, hostile/fearful toward humans (feral/hard stray rehabs), toothless and just plain gross or ugly ones that families can’t seem to deal with.  We offer them an outdoor area (which most prefer) and we keep it all natural.  They also have access to a portable building which is my office and where I spend all of my days and they have access to my bedroom where of course I spend the rest of my time.  Only a fraction like to come inside though so we need as much outdoor space as we can confine with a full netted canopy.

The winter snow storms that blew in there on Feb 12 (highly unusual for South Carolina) not only caused my partner to go off the road and into a ditch…but the snow laid heavily upon the nylon netting that is the feline containment canopy that covers the entire kennel, it weighed it down so badly the netting dropped 6 feet and touched the ground!!!  It snowed through the night and the weight of the net pulling down damaged the timber side walls of the kennel pulling them inward and breaking several cross boards that hold the chicken wire netted walls as well as the nylon canopy netting.  The netting tore from the office building and mobile home.

Now we have a badly damaged kennel and this makes feline escapes an extremely high risk.  We have been needing to rebuild the kennel for quite some time now, I have have a chip in donation widget in the left column but now It’s URGENT.  Sidney was shot by a neighbor and it was after his shooting we worked hard to come up with funds to build a kennel and feline containment system.  We get some help from Dixie Thunder of Aiken County with annual benefits to keep up on the kennel and of course the other needs of the animals inside the kennel but now it’s in such rough shape we simply need to build a new one with all new lumber and order new canopy netting.

I will have labor help to build a new kennel but I must have lumber and supplies.

PLEASE promote this fund raiser as you do those who need medical help.  We will do what we can to patch the damage once all the snow melts but as anyone who must contain cats knows, you can’t make mistakes…they will find the weak points.

We need stockade fencing to cover roughly 1/3 acre of property.  We have a Home Depot nearby and are willing to accept purchases of fence panels to be picked up at our local stores also willing to accept gift cards for Home Depot.  The netting we use is ordered from Florida Nets and we buy the 50 foot by 30 foot 1/2 in netting.

The chip in widget is in the left column, the paypal email address is handipets@comcast.net

Please give us a hand to keep our special critters safe and healthy

Dusty the Doberman needs surgery can you help?

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on November 20, 2009

Dusty is a 5 year old, beautiful and loving Doberman who has been tackling battle after battle in the last few years. He came to us in the fall of 2005 when he was just over a year old. He was an energetic and goofy, big baby who loved to run around in the yard for hours and hours, chasing after his football or playing tug-of-war with his rope toy.

We enjoyed each new day with Dusty until late January of 2007 when he started having problems walking. It began with a limp that we dismissed as a muscle strain because of his high level of activity. After 2 weeks of no improvement, we began to worry when he started to hold his left hind leg up. Then came the day that he yelped in pain and we knew that he had to be seen by the vet right away. We took him to the vet in late February of 2007 and our hearts were broken when they told us he tested “strong positive” for Lyme Disease. We had him treated right away with a strong dose of Doxycycline and he was given Deramax for pain management. After about a month of treatment we slowly tried to take him off of the pain medication and his limping returned. By the end of April we decided that we did not want to continue him on Deramax because of the side effects and more tests were needed to determine why he was still having pain with his left hind leg.

On the morning of April 23rd I cried when I left him at the vet for his x-ray that day. Later that evening when we picked him up, the vet explained to us that Dusty’s x-ray showed that he has Degenerative Joint Disease. They made the assumption that the Lyme Disease progressed the degeneration of his hip bone. The grinding of these bones was causing him the great deal of pain that he was experiencing and they recommended that we start him on Adequan. Dusty received his first Adequan shot that day, his next shot 4 days later, another shot 4 days from then and 3 more shots that were each 4 days later. After that, he received a series of 8 shots that were each between 3 weeks and a month apart. Although this was still a lot of vet visits, we were happy to see that some improvement had been made. From this point forward we have been able to schedule his shots approximately 2 months apart, totaling approximately 13 shots to date (November 2009).

This expense alone has put us in a very hard spot financially but we could never stop them because we know that without them, Dusty would not be able to walk around comfortably or play with us in the yard. Each shot is approximately $45, so we have easily spent over $1200 on just his shots, which does not include the office visits, tests, x-rays, etc. which have totaled well over $700. This of course is in addition to all the regular monthly expenses that any pet owner is well aware of (food, preventative meds, yearly exams, etc.)

In the fall of 2008 we noticed that Dusty had a lump on his foot. We visited the vet and went through all of the necessary tests and treatments to determine what was causing this. We spent approximately $600 for his office visits, x-ray, ointments, antibiotics, cytology tests, etc. The vet was unable to determine what was causing this and before we were able to have it surgically removed, the bump went away.

Our most recent experience in the adventures of Dusty has been just this month. One week ago we discovered a lump on Dusty’s side. We immediately scheduled a visit with the vet. She had a hard time feeling the lump but was concerned because it did feel hard to her. They did an aspiration and sent it to the lab. While checking him, the vet noticed a mole by his eye that just recently grew there, over the last year. She expressed to us that she was concerned because she did not like the color of the mole and she suggested that we have it removed. We agreed that we would schedule the surgery when we had the funds to do so and asked for them to send us a quote. After handing over our credit card to pay for the $150 bill, we went home to wait for the Cytology results.

The next day the vet called and told us that the results showed the cells to be fat. She was fairly confident that she was able to extract the cells from the lump but did explain to us that she couldn’t be 100% certain and that there was always the possibility that she missed the lump. Because of this and the fact that the lump did feel hard to her, she recommended that we have it removed when we have the mole on his eye removed, this way we could have both biopsied. I asked her if the quote for surgery was ready and she gave me the magic number – $814!

We love Dusty beyond what words could ever explain but we just are not financially capable of paying for this new expense. We have struggled so hard just to have the means to pay for his regular expenses and all that he has required until now. With unexpected expenses totaling me than $2,600 in just the last 3 years, we have really had a difficult time affording what he needs. If we had time, we could slowly set aside the money needed for him to have this surgery but because there is a possibility that these lumps could be harmful, it would break our hearts to have to put off this surgery. We have looked into the option of using Care Credit but we would still be unable to make the necessary monthly payments.

Could you find it in your heart to help us? Any donation that you could offer would be so greatly appreciated – even $5 or $10 would make a huge difference to us and would get us one step closer to scheduling this surgery which is so important to us.

If the widget below does not show up please visit Dusty’s Donation page here: http://handipets.chipin.com/dustys-surgery

Veterinary Statement

Grim needs cataract surgery, can you help?

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Grim is a 2-year old terrier mix at the Rock Springs, Wyoming Humane Society.  She suffers from cataracts and needs sight-saving surgery.  We are trying to raise the necessary funds to have the surgery performed.  Many people are interested in adopting Grim until they find out about her eye condition.  She desperately needs this surgery to save her sight and improve her chances of getting a forever home.

Her vet in Rock Springs is Desert View Animal Hospital,
940 Elk Street, Rock Springs, WY  82901.
Telephone (307)-362-3184
Grim’s account number at the vet is 750 – Grim

If the widget above is not showing you can donate by visiting this link: http://handipets.chipin.com/grims-surgery

Marty needs lifesaving surgery for anal prolapse, can you help?

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I have found myself in a desperate situation with a devastating outcome if I don’t find some much needed help. My 8 week old kitten needs a life saving surgery.

My boyfriend, Brad, and I visited some mutual friends on the weekend of September 26th, 2009 in Tallahassee, FL. Once we arrived, we met one of the girl’s 11 week old kitten. He had an obviously large, solid belly and was walking uncomfortably. This girl had a full time job and left the kitten locked out of her room every day where his food, water or litter box were, all day. She works at a profitable job and never took the kitten in for a visit at the vet after she adopted him, as the shelter made her sign and promise. The second day we were there, the kitten’s anus prolapsed. If his belly full of worms wasn’t sign enough that the kitten needed to see a vet, his anus being forced out was clear enough to anyone.

The owner locked him in a cage because his “butt is gross” and right then decided that she wasn’t going to take him in to the vet because it cost too much money. She left the kitten in there and was going to leave it to die outside. I immediately called my vet hospital from back home in Chicago and all my former employees I had worked with at Petco. I’ve worked as a grooming assistant and trained service dogs for the handicapped and I know that no animal should have been living like this kitten.
The girl didn’t care about the kitten anymore, so my boyfriend and I took him home with us to Tampa, where we live and go to school. The very next day, the kitten, which we named Marty, had a vet visit. The vet let us know that this 11 week old kitten was really no more than 6 weeks old and weighed only 1 pound! The vet confirmed that Marty had a terrible case of worms, along with a horrific ear infection and a large infestation of fleas. Because his previous owner hadn’t gotten him de-wormed after she adopted him, Marty’s worms were so bad that they had forced his anus to prolapse. The diagnosis required a surgery in which he would have stitches around his anus. This surgery is usually successful, especially in young kittens, if the worms and prolapse are treated in time.

His surgery was almost $300.00, and could have been prevented had he been taken to the vet to get a simple check-up and medicine when he was adopted. My boyfriend is unemployed and a full time student and I have a part time job working 6 hour weeks, maximum, for minimum wage while being a full time student. Needless to say, we were not ready to pay for the vet visit as well as a surgery. We are both huge animal lovers, so helping Marty was not even a question for us. While having the stitches in for a week, Marty was de-wormed with a 5-day treatment and 2 other strong de-worming medicines. In between the visit to get the stitches in and out, Marty went in for 2 more vet visits, because Brad and I were so worried that he would get infections and just wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly. The day his stitches came out, everything was looking good. The next day, his anus prolapsed yet again. Another vet visit and cost later, we were told to wait two weeks to see if it would go back in.     Discouraged two weeks later, the vet gave us two options: humane euthanasia or a surgery with a 100% success of never prolapsing again.

Brad and I love Marty so much. He is our child, and touches every part of our hearts. The day we saved Marty from sure death, he saved us. Marty wants nothing more than to be by people, constantly following us around the house, begging to sleep on our laps and constantly giving kisses. He is so happy yet has never known a truly happy life without pain. Marty never whines, despite the half hour sessions of cleaning and lubing his anus, consistent vet visits, stitches and having to wear an E-collar all the time so that he doesn’t lick and dry out the exposed anus. He is such a trooper and has been so strong in his very short life. To know that Marty could be a happy and not in pain after this surgery lifts up my heart and spirit. The only problem is the cost.

Brad and I can not afford the permanent surgery, which costs around $3,500.

We have already spent so much more than anyone ever should have, had it all been prevented with just one vet visit after his adoption. We are so pressed for money and trying to raise as much as we can. As college students, not many of our friends have money to donate, and neither do non-profit organizations. Everyone wants to help so bad, especially after they meet Marty, but no one can financially.
Brad and I need to make a decision soon, and while we wait for answers, Marty lives his life with a prolapsed anus, constantly wearing an E-collar and relentlessly uncomfortable and in pain. He doesn’t deserve this life of pain that he has only ever known. Marty, Brad and I would be eternally grateful if you even consider our application. This one surgery will change our entire lives and allow Marty to be a kitten. A real kitten. Marty is my entire life, and I can not and will not let him be taken from me if this one surgery can fix all of his problems.

Receiving any donation would be the best thing to happen to our family and would finally allow Marty to experience a life where there is nothing but love.  Marty is too young, too loving, too undeserving of pain and most of all, too much a part of us to be anything but better and healthy.  I appreciate any help you can give our family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for even taking the time to read about Marty.

Veterinary Information is on the Chip in Page—->http://handipets.chipin.com/martys-surgery

Milo needs surgery, can you help?

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Milo is a 5 year old boxer/pit bull mix.  He has already had a TPLO surgery on his left hind leg and several ligament surgeries on his right hind leg.  Unfortunately the surgeries didn’t hold and Milo’s right hind leg needs to be amputated.  He is in pain and needs the surgery as soon as possible.

Veterinary Info:

Jansen Animal Hospital

22231 S. Vermont Ave
Torrance, CA 90502
Contact :  Ryan
Paypal address: 

Thank You!

Amy Jahn

Please Help Miss Daisy

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 28, 2009

Happy Ending Update on Gizmo!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 9, 2009

Gizmo Update!

August 7, 2009, 3:10 pm

since she had the surgery, Gizmo has been wearing this t-shirt so that
she wouldn’t try to scratch at the incision/sutures. (I bought a
couple of them for her.)

Gizmo loves the beach, so I was thrilled to get her a beach themed t-shirt.

As of today, however, she is suture and t-shirt free and lookin’ good. :)

Thanks again to everyone who helped to make her better. I
couldn’t have done it without your help. Gizmo says thanks as
well. :D

Can you help Isabella an abandoned Pitt with a shattered hip?

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Isabellawhenwefoundher.jpg picture by Handipets

Olga Caine wrote:
My name is Olga Caine
Me and my friend found Pit Bull in the woods on 06/25/2009, with the broken(shattered) hip, open wounds, emeciated.Multiple compound open infected fractures and osteomylitis of the left femur after untreated (3-4 weeks) mva trauma.

Her leg was amputated on 07/03/2009,osteo debrided, but the infection rapidly worsened and she had to be taken back for emergency surgical cleansing for generalized sepsis on 07/23/2009.

Isabellawhenwefoundher3.jpg picture by Handipets

We named dog Isabella, she is the sweetest dog in the world, I will provide her a loving home and I am seeking for the help with vet bills.

The vet bills now is around $6,000.00. We raised already $1,400.00. Is there any way you would help us financially? or tell me please who can help us.

There is a Chip In Page online if you can’t see the Widget Below.  If you can help out please CLICK HERE

The name of the Hospital Isabella in right now is ” Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center “. There are a lot of great Doctors who is taking care of Isabella right now:
Nicole Salas, DVM, Surgery Resident
 Robert J. Orsher, VMD, DACVS
Melissa Hobday, VMD, Surgery Resident
 ( I believe everybody knows her there)
The address : 1900 W. Old Lincoln Hwy, Langhorne, PA 19047
The phone #  (215) 750-7884
My PayPal account is my email : olga_caine@verizon.net
Thank you very much again.
Have a nice day
Olga Caine

Can you help Gizmo Get surgery?

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 20, 2009

Gizmo’s WordPress Site http://surgeryforgizmo.wordpress.com/

Gizmo is a 13-year-old dog of indeterminate heritage (her
veterinarian in Washington used to call her the world’s largest
papillion).  She is a rescue dog from the Animal Care and Control
in San Francisco, CA.  When I first got her in December of 1996, it was
estimated that she was about one, and I was told that she was found in
an abusive situation where she had been hit, kicked, and threatened
with death.

Gizmo has been a wonderful companion for the past 12 years.  We’ve
since moved from San Francisco to Everett, Washington, back to San
Francisco for a brief stay, and we now reside in Kentucky.  I’m a
student pursuing my bachelor’s degree in English, as well as a
part-time instructor at the college I attend.  As such, my funds are
low, particularly at this time of the year when the summer semester is
almost over and the fall semester is a month away.

On Thursday, July 16, 2009, I took Gizmo to her veternarian because
the fatty tumor she has had for a couple of years had become infected. 
The vet informed me that the tumor is in need of removal, and then she
handed me the bill.  The low estimate for the surgery (and related
costs, such as x-rays, biopsy, post-surgical pain management, and
surgery assessment) is $698.25 US and the high estimate (assuming that
surgery lasts more than 30 minutes) is $865.25 US.  The wording of the
estimate allows for a 15% rate of error, which means that the surgery
could go as high as $995.25 US.

I simply can’t cover that amount of money in the time needed  She
currently has a two week supply of antibiotics, and the veterinarian
believes that she needs to have the surgery by the end of the two week
period.  That means she needs to have her surgery around August 1, 2009.

Had this happened in November, it would be a different story, but it
was a struggle to pay the $136 I’ve put out this week for care.  I’m
not someone who finds it easy to accept help, especially monetary, but
I love my dog, and I am determined to help her however I can.

I’ve set up a PayPal account specifically for her surgery costs. 
Please donate whatever you can.  Any help is appreciated.  If you are
unable to donate, please forward this url to someone who may be able to

I will check the PayPal account daily, and I will shut it down the
moment I have enough to get Gizmo the surgery she needs.  I’m not here
to profit from the generosity of others.  I just want my dog to be
well.  I had to put one of my cats to sleep six months ago, and I’m not
ready to lose another, especially when her problem is one that can be

Thank you in advance for reading our story and for any assistance you are able to provide.

Donate at PayPal.
The email address of Gizmo’s surgery account is surgeryforgizmo@gmail.com. Enter the amount of your donation. Then click on the personal tab and click gift or other.

Dog held by vet till payment is made. At risk of euthanasia!

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Help my Sis and Kids to Save their dog Oreo…….

Can you help us save our dog?

I’m a mother of 5 children who just lost their dad tragically two years ago.
I got the kids a dog to try and help them emotionally with the loss of their dad.
Our dog means everything to us.
A few months ago our dog got run over by a car and broker her pelvis. The vet saved her and accepted a post dated check from me. They waited too long to put the check through and when they did, the check was bad. I paid the check and the vet off.
The other night my dog was having her pups and one of the pups got stuck. I ran her to the vet and he got the pup out of her and she is doing well.
But they would not accept another post dated check and am refusing to accept anything but cash.
I won’t have the money to pay until the first, and they won’t wait.
They are holding the dog until payment is made, and are charging us $10 extra for each day they hold our dog.
They told us if payment is not made in full soon, they will be putting our beloved pet to sleep.
My kids and I love our dog.
Can you please help us.
If you can help us save this dog, it would mean everything to our family.
The vet information is below, if you would like to call and verify what I’m putting in
my wish is true.
Any help you can give us to keep our dog from dying would be so appreciated.
Love & God Bless, the Williams Family

Nicholas Animal Hospital
325 Fairview Heights Road
Summersville, WV 26651


Total $333.84

Every night she has to stay is $16 plus tax.

They take checks, credit cards etc…cash….

Love, Louise Williams and Kids

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Otter, my Rabbit, needs extensive surgery. Please Help!

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Otter is my little 3 year old dwarf house bunny. Ever since I adopted her, she has had chronic health issues, from needing regular tooth-trimmings to combating a bad strain of bordetella. She has been on and off of medications for the past year and nothing has helped cure her. She hacks and coughs all the time, snores heavily at night, and breathes very heavily. My vet, Dr. Sweet, at Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital, recommended that I take her to Tufts University to get a full skull scan (MRI), surgically remove any pus that might be built up in her sinuses(what we suspect is causing some of her issues), and get a bacterial culture from the deep tissue in her nasal passages to get a better idea of what’s ailing her so we can cure it. This is an extremely expensive procedure – 400.00 is about half the cost of what needs to be done. I need help raising money to get these tests and surgery done so that I can have a good shot at finally finding a cure for her. Please help!

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Help Raise $ for Barbie’s Asthma Attack and ER Visit

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Hi Everyone,

Some of you already know that my friends and I have been trapping a feral cat colony behind CSAS School next to the fraternity house on Siskin Drive. These cats have been there for years and we are finally doing a trap-neuter-release on them. As of now, we have caught a total of 12 cats from this area and have at least 2 more to go.

Most of them have been fixed through McKamey’s feral cat project at $25 per cat, but some have required other medical treatments and vet care.

First, Buster had a ruptured eyeball (suspected to have been caused by a BB gun) so he needed his eyeball removed during his neuter. This alone cost me about $250. Then, Brandy has needed daily cleaning and medicine applied to her head wound. Because we didn’t want to keep catching the same cat twice, I kept them all in my bathroom till we got most of them. I was able to release 4 of them rather quickly, but the rest had come down with massive upper respiratory infections and needed antibiotics twice and day and some even needed subcutaneous fluids and anti-inflammatory medicine for a few days. Because Buster is a true “feral”, i had to take him back to the vet and sedate him just to give him fluids and antibiotics; so they had become a rather time-consuming and expensive feral colony at this point, but i was in it for the long haul.

Now,Saturday night at about 3:30 AM, Barbie wakes me up with her wheezing and rapid breathing…so i rush her to the River Emergency Clinic and found out she was having an asthma attack. They did Xrays, gave her steroids, and kept her in the oxygen chamber while I worked on Saturday. Her ER visit and medical treatment came to almost $500…so i need help!!! This is a feral/free-roaming colony and I just happen to be the one housing and caring for all the cats before they get returned. I was not planning on them being so costly.

Buster is doing great after his eye removal and all but Brandy and Barbie have been released now. I want to hold onto Brandy until she is all healed and want to make sure Barbie has no more asthma attacks.

I greatly appreciate any assistance you all can give…THANK YOU!!!

Barbie had another asthma attack monday night (3/16). I gave her the bronchodilater injection and got up every couple hours to check on her. Gave her another shot Tuesday morning for St Patrick’s Day because she had another attack and then ran her up to my vet because she was still wheezing and breathing fast. She is now on steroid pills for the next 3 weeks, so hopefully this will work.

As of 3/21/09, she seems to be doing better and eating well. Brandy is still requiring fluids, but is starting to eat a little better and seems to be healing well.

4/4/09 Well, I’ve been by the house several times and have seen all the cats I have released (including Buster with his one eye and he is doing great).

Brandy is eating well and no longer needing fluids, but is ready to be returned to the outdoors.

Barbie is in the last week of her steroids and is doing well with the wean, so far. If all goes well, i will be able to release them both next week some time…hopefully:)

Thanks!!! Ali

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My adopted cat needs to get another eye surgery

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My foster kitten Coconut came from a County Animal Shelter with her mom and three sibling. All of them were very sick and only two kitten survived. Coconut was the sickest of the remaining two, her eyes swelling shut for four weeks. Doing everything that we were instructed to do plus more, she finally opened her eyes but her inner eyelids never retracted. She had one surgery when she was young and the vet wanted to wait until she had grown up to do the final surgery. After her final surgery and everything we had been through, we decided to adopt Coconut. But her eye are now getting worse again and we do not want her inner eyelid to grow farther and snuff out any chance she has to see for the rest of her life. She has beautiful blue eye, when you can see them. As she grows bigger, her eyes weep blood, which we clean several times a day, because the tissue around her eyes stretches and tears.

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Cole’s Broken Leg Surgery

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After many years of rescuing and assisting many others in rescue, I am reaching out to everyone to help me with my own cat, Cole, whom I love very much.Time is of the essence because he needs the surgery quickly.
Update as well. I am going to a less expensive vet (just as qualified) to try and get this done.
Coleis a 9 year old cat that is as black as coal….his brother is Will (Irescued them off the street corner of Willamin and Colegate,hence thenames). I have had both of them since they were 6 weeksold……
Colewas attacked on Saturday by two of my dogs (because I did not crate themwhile I was on my porch talking to someone and because dogs can be thatway…..and I was stupid). Now Cole suffers from a”transverse fractureof his right tib/fibula” and needs surgery to pinhis leg back together.I spent four hours at the Animal EmergencyCenter on Saturday…his legis splinted, he is on a narcotic painreliever, antibiotics and needsthe surgery rather quickly.

I am working on fundraising with Actors and Others, The Pet Fund (Iwas notified has no funds to help),UAN (for a lifeline grant if possible), fveap.org (also currently no funds to assist) and of course,this fundable site. If just 100 people gave 15.00, his surgery is paid.The $500.00 emergency visit has been covered by a generous donation.This is a time to ask friends and all for a little help.
Trust me I know how difficult things are right now…..I would never ask if I didn’t really need the help to help my cat.
Grateful to say the least.
Thank you!

PSThe three pictured cats are Cole (the black cat), Will (theTabby) andmy Victoria who passed away at the age of 16 in Sept. 07.Cole loved heras you can see.

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There is also a fundable siteHERE

Please help my cat Sweety! I am very worried about him.

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Some generous people have give some donations directly to my veterinarian.

My cat Sweety is in a trouble and he needs vet attention.

He must have 2 teeth extracted plus a surgery all together including blood test, etc. I can send more details of the billing and description of the care he needs if necessary. He has a black mass in his mammary gland and this has to be remove ASAP (CANCER). Thank you.

Sweety is a lovely kitty, he is 11 years old and needs immediate veterinary attention. I am unemployed and do not have any income anymore. I am totally broke. I am desperately looking for a job. I am by myself I do not have any family left. I am struggling with my life.

My cat Sweety needs teeth extractions because he has an infection and needs teeth extractions to prevent a mouth cancer. I lost one of my cats 2 months ago from mouth cancer so I do not want loose this one too. I am so devastated. My kitty is all I have.

Also my veterinarian wants to perform a biopsy and maybe remove a mass he may have in one of his breasts. It can be cancer.

I am so worried about my kitty, so I really need help. Thank you for your big heart.

If you want to donate and send a check to my vet directly, please let me know and I will provide all the information you need. Thank you again.

This is my cat Sweety’s story. It is a story of the big and loving friendship I have with him.

Sweety was at the Simi Valley Target under a storage shed with 6 younger kittens (5-1/2 month) & 2 wild adults. A lady named Rosie fed them & enlisted April’s help to trap them. Rosie paid to have all 7 fixed, gave shots & de-wormer, & had them all tested. She placed 4 kittens & April asked Kitten Rescue to foster the last 3, including Sweety (7-1/2 months).

At first, they didn’t know to separate them, or that the best way with semi-ferals is in separate cages in the house. Sweety spent 10 days in foster area in Monica & Peter’s garage with Cinnamon & Lucy (younger
“sisters”) before they moved them to the bathroom. Then Sweety became more wild indoors. Worse, the girls were following his lead.

April, Rachel’s friend who rescues feral cats including these, came to our house twice to help us with him. She thought he was a good cat, full of fear. She & Rachel said to separate him from the females (divide & conquer) until he got so lonely he would learn to tolerate us. Monica was affraid of him then.

With Sammy’s help in the foster cage at times, Sweety got better. Peter started picking him up before meantime after a month. They enlisted to come visit all three kittens & help socialize them. There was something compelling about Sweety, like they then were able to keep Cinnamon alone also. That helped a lot.

Sweety is a beautiful 4 years old tabby kitty. He is the only male in the family and believe me he is very proud. He takes a very good care of the girls.

Sweety started to like Peter & tolerate Monica, so they tried bringing him in with Sammy. He hid under furniture & growled, reverting again. They tried a few times, but he would only behave when in his “house” in the garage.
He NEVER wanted out of it.

Monica again talked to April & Rachel. One suggestion was, give him a cage in the “house” in the middle of the house so he could see the other cats in the house, while feeling safe. It was only then that Monica was able to hold & cuddle him without wild looks. A week later, back to his garage house & the improvement held. Monica could still handle him.

A week later, they brought him & Sammy in a day (dog emergency) together with all the other cats. Sweety finally began to play with toys & showed interest in other cats. He did not hide for the first time. After a day, he started to run from them so they put him back in the garage house.

The following weekend, they brought him in for my visit. We know the rest. I and he fell in love and lived happily ever after! Monica was so surprised when he let me hold him, as he had never been at all friendly with new people. He growled at them but not at me.

If you want to donate and send a check to my vet directly, please let me know and I will provide all the information you need. Thank you again.

If you can help please Click this DONATION LINK

Indy needs some help for surgery

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I am writing because I found your website linked from the United Animals Nation resources website. My little beagle, Indy has a ruptured disc in his neck and will be having back surgery in mid-April. We have been fundraising but are still a far way away from the $5,000 needed for his treatment. We have a blog of his experiences with donation button already set up. I am attaching the link to this for you in hopes that you can help us. I would be glad to give you picture and story for your website as well.


Indys Donation page

Dawn C. Lorenz
Doctoral Candidate
The Pennsylvania State University