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My adopted cat needs to get another eye surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 10, 2009


My foster kitten Coconut came from a County Animal Shelter with her mom and three sibling. All of them were very sick and only two kitten survived. Coconut was the sickest of the remaining two, her eyes swelling shut for four weeks. Doing everything that we were instructed to do plus more, she finally opened her eyes but her inner eyelids never retracted. She had one surgery when she was young and the vet wanted to wait until she had grown up to do the final surgery. After her final surgery and everything we had been through, we decided to adopt Coconut. But her eye are now getting worse again and we do not want her inner eyelid to grow farther and snuff out any chance she has to see for the rest of her life. She has beautiful blue eye, when you can see them. As she grows bigger, her eyes weep blood, which we clean several times a day, because the tissue around her eyes stretches and tears.

If you can help please CLICK HERE

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