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Stewie needs your help for hip and knee surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 30, 2009


goal is to raise $800 in 2 weeks so Stewie to get his hip and knee
surgery. In return I will continue to donate on this site whenever
possible and spread the word to friends and family!

Stewie is a 5 year old pug that we rescued two years ago. when we
got him he had open sores all over his body and festering ear
infections in both years. He suffered from severe allergies, ruptured
ear drums from infections left untreated and anxiety. After rescuing
him we poured everything we had to get him better and for the last year
and half he has enjoyed hiking, weekly trips to the dog park (when its
not raining, good ol’ washington weather!) and walks around the lake.

However, a couple of months ago we noticed that he was limping
slightly and we took him to the vet. After a check-up and x-rays, the
vet determined that the ball joint in his hip no longer fit into the
socket properly, along with that he had a luxated patella. Being a
fairly young dog, theres no doubt that this was related to
irresponsible breeding, neglect and lack of veterinary care. Since then
we have put him on glucosamine and when it gets really bad he takes
tramadol. Initially there was some improvement, but almost suddenly
within the last month he has a constant limp and can hardly make it
outside to use the bathroom.

We have contacted multiple animal rescues but most of the ones we
contact are out of funding, we did recieve $100 dollars from concern
for animals, but the surgery is estimated at around $1300, so we still
have a long way to go.

my husband and I both work and have always been self sufficient,
it’s just very overwhelming right now because we recently rescued a
kitten who required enucletion (eye removal) and a laproscopic surgery,
AND our other dog had to go in right after.
So it’s been 3 huge vet bills one right after another, and with
the economy the way it is it’s impossible to get assistance anywhere
and I feel like we can barely keep our heads above water.

So now, Stewie finds himself at the mercy of kind people everywhere
who will pitch in so that he can once again do the things that he
loves. It’s heartbreaking to see him try to do the things he used to
and he can’t, if he is able to get this surgery he should be able to
function like he did before, please help stewie so he can enjoy this
second chance at life!

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-28.5913205667

Rescued Poodle Needs Multiple Surgeries

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Muffy came in as a stray to a high kill shelter in Jefferson County.
She was badly matted and infested with fleas but everyone fell in love
with her sweet personality. Potential adopters passed her by as she had
a large tumor on her belly. Another rescue was to take her but they
failed to show up on her “due out” date. This happened to be Christmas
Eve and the shelter was closing early. We could not stand the thought
of this beautiful girl being left at the shelter until the following
Monday and risking euthanasia so a volunteer transporter, Terri
Metzger, made the trip out to get her just before the shelter closed.
Muffy went into one of our foster homes and was taken to the vet as
soon as possible for vaccinations, spay and removal of the tumor. We
prayed the tumor would be benign but the pathology came back with
cancerous cells present. Because this was a mammary tumor the best
course of action to prevent a recurrence is to remove the remaining
mammary glands, basically performing a radical masectomy. During the
prior surgery it was also discovered Muffy had 2 broken molars. The
nerves are exposed, which can be quite painful, and she will need a
root canal on both.

Since they are located far back in the mouth pulling them would be
difficult and the cost would be close to what a root canal would run so
we have opted to try and save the teeth. Muffy is a young dog and we
feel she deserves every chance for a full and happy life. She loves to
cuddle and dances around on her hind legs for a treat or whenever she
wants attention. We’ve already spent $300.00 for her first surgery and
other medical needs and have gotten an estimate of $1,189.00 for the
radical mastectomy and root canals. I have set the fundable goal low as
we won’t recieve anything if the goal is not reached but we are allowed
to go over it and hope we do! The pledges start at just $10.00 but you
can pledge as much as you want and as often as you like. Please find it
in your hearts to help Muffy!

If you’d like more information feel free to contact Lisa Knapp at
Angel Acres Animal Rescue; limarc@sbcglobal.net We are happy to accept
personal checks as well as have a PayPal account if you are
uncomfortable using Fundable. We have used Funable before with good
success, although they do take a fee from the money raised.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-28.1108402832

Please help me help my puppy

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 28, 2009


adopted my 11 month old labbe puppy ( Labrador / Beagle ) mix from a
rescue when he was 3 months old. He is the greatest dog in the world. I
can’t believe that he was almost put down. (BTW this particular shelter
GASSES dogs!!!!) He had severe food intolerances and ear infections.
After a lot of time, patience, and vet visits, he is as good as gold.
Almost. Unfortunately, he developed a luxating patella. Basically, his
kneecap is dislocated and hangs outside of his knee socket. It is
extremely painful for him. He mostly hops on three legs. His bent leg
is shown in the picture. It stays in that position. If let go, the
problem will go worse and he will likely become lame at some point. I
have found a surgeon who can do the surgery but it costs at least $1800
for the surgery, not including x-rays, follow up, etc. I have some
money left in my account, but like most of us in this economy, I am
struggling. My parents and a few friends have offered to help but I am
still $600 short. I am desperate for him to have this surgery so that
he won’t use the use of his leg. Please help us. Any help is so

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-27.1789789151

Charlie’s Heart Murmur and Dental Issues

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is our baby, our world, our everything. When we rescued Charlie, he was
taken from a home that let him get extremely overweight (he weighted
35lbs!) and had horrible ear infections, and skin allergies. For the
first couple months with Charlie, we expected him to be miserable. He
was so uncomfortable because he itched, his ears hurt, and he was on a
strict diet. However Charlie is not like that. He is never upset, ever.
He never growls. He does not have a mean bone in his cute little body.
He is the sweetest animal that has ever existed on the planet, and he
brings sucj joy to everyone around him.

Now Charlie is his name, however he goes by Buns, well actually he
has many names, Buns, Bun Bun, Bunnington, Sir Bunnington of
Bunningham, Charles, Broil, Broil Buns, Turkey Leg…the list goes on
and on.

He is such a loving little guy. We call him the Mouth Seeking
Missile because all he wants to do is lick inside your mouth. Its
pretty gross 🙂 He loves to be hugged, and he loves to spoon.

We took Charlie in for what we thought was going to be a routine
teeth cleaning (his first ever). We had no idea teeth problems could
hurt the dogs hearts. We got a call from the vet who informed us she
heard a murmur. She also informed us that his teeth were very bad and
that the bacteria in his teeth would hurt his heart even more.

We were told it would cost over 850 dollars for both the teeth and
the echo cardiogram for his heart. We have sold our dining room table
on craigslist and have earned some of the money needed, but are having
trouble getting the rest.

I never thought to use this until I saw someone raise money for their dog on craigslist. I hope I can be that lucky.

Please help Charlie, he has the biggest heart, and the sweetest
eyes. I need him in my life, I love him with all my heart. He is my and
my husbands baby.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-27.8653170407

I WISH for help to pay for my little dogs surgery.

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Hi my name is Sabrina and my chihuahua Kai needs surgery on her back
legs. A few mths. back I was injured at work and had to have three
reconstuctive surgeries. While recovering from my work injuries I was
laid off. Now with no job I can’t pay for the vet bill. I have put off
getting the surgery for my dog for as long as I could. One of her legs
may be too far gone but the Dr. wants to do surgery on the other so
that she’ll have at least one strong good leg. I found a Dr. who will
do the surgery for 1,500. That is much better than the 2,500 to 4,000
that others quoted me.
I hate being in the position of asking for
help but I can’t stand to see her in pain. I would be forever greatful
for any help that you can give. Kai is my little buddy and she has been
by my side though all of my surgeries and I feel horrible for having to
put hers off for so long so anything would be helpful.
I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this.


SaBrina and Kai

If you can help please visit: http://www.wishuponahero.com/wishes/?id=69713

Helping Levi with damaged his meniscus or a ligament

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is the oldest of my two beagles. I have had him since he was 9 weeks
old and is going to be 4 this April. Levi has been in perfect health up
to this point. He is a very loving, affectionate, stubborn little guy
and is always happy. Recently he started to limp and eventually not
walk at all on his back left knee. After a 300.00 doctor visit and
xrays the vet tells me that Levi has most likely damaged his meniscus
or a ligament. Levi is slowly getting worse and keeping him still and
inside is a harder task than it sounds. Anyone who has owned a hunting
dog can relate. He no longer steps on the leg and cannot get up on even
small things like the step from one room to the other. He is
uncomfortable sitting and laying and he has to lay down to eat. This is
tough for him seeing as he is normally hyper and active and always in
the yard with his younger brother. While there are a few options that I
was given by various vets and specialist to fix Levi’s leg, the
cheapest, most effective one will cost me anywhere from $1800 – 3600.
Not to mention follow up visits and post-op meds/care. I can normally
take care of all my animal expenses but this is a a huge one that I
cannot do in a timely manner. I have tried all the animal aid places
out there and because it is not life threatening they cannot help me. I
was denied Credit Care, and cannot find a single vet in the NorthWest
that will allow me to make payments. I never imagined I would have to
ask for help to make my beloved friend at least comfortable again. Any
and all donations are greatly and deeply appreciated. Many thanks.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-23.5618406536

Rescued Pets in Crisis – Clyde’s Fund

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continue to pledge and enter to win a custom pet portrait. The money
raised will go to the Emergency Center for abused animals that come
into the facility similar to Clyde’s story.

Clyde is a 10 week old puppy. In the early hours of Jan 15th he was
brought in to the Bend Oregon Emergency Vets in CRITICAL condition with
head and internal injuries. The cause…. A horrific beating from a man
after Clyde had an accident on the floor. Clyde was beaten almost to
death in front of a child to even make matters worse..
The Bend Oregon Police department and the dedicated staff at the
Emergency clinic as well as Mt Bachelor Veterinary clinic worked on
Clyde, hovering over his every moment in hopes to save his life.
Clyde is lucky. He is recovering well and will be placed in a new
home soon. Applications for his adoption can be found at 1245 SE 3rd St
Suite C3 Bend, OR at the Emergency clinic.
Clyde is an example of the cruelty that exists in our society. He is not the only one.

I have set up this fundable to directly help cover Clyde’s medical
expenses. With the remainder starting an ongoing fund for the Vet
Emergency clinic to help other pets that come in with similar stories.
Giving them the care and love and hope to find a home they deserve.

Clydes Story:


For every $10.00 donation your email will be entered into a raffle
to win a custom pet portrait. The painting is valued at $425.00 and
will be an original oil painting of your cherished pet. Knowing as well
that 100% of your donation will go to help other pets less fortunate
that need help to find a loving home. You can view examples of my work


If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-17.6987311443

Please help save the lives of six feral cats

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name is Judy Barre’ and I am a feral cat caregiver. One of my neighbors
began trapping my cats about two months ago and bringing them to the
local shelter. I was able to identify them but not bring them back
home. I was required to board them in a private kennel. In the last
couple of months I have incurred more than $4,000 in credit card debt
on boarding, redemption fees and veterinary care. Four of the six cats
have been returned to the local shelter because I could no longer pay
for private boarding. The other two are still at Southern Animal
Foundation on Magazine Street because they had become ill and required
medical treatment. I feared that if they had been returned to the
shelter, they would have been euthanized. I love these cats and all the
neighborhood ferals so much that I remained in New Orleans during
Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav to take care of them. I am willing to
make whatever sacrifices are necessary to make sure that these cats are
not euthanized. I do not expect to raise enough donations to pay the
entire credit card debt, but any donations will help. Thank you for
your kindness and generosity. Thank you helping me to save the lives of
these feral cats.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-23.9699194647

My Toy Poodle Needs Surgery..Please Help!!

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I have a toy poodle named Monaco. He recently dislocated his hip and
has to have surgery. The estimate is $1700-2000.00 and that was a low
ball. The goal is to raise $1700 by Feb 10th 2009 to continue with the

About Monaco:

Monaco will be 2 years old on January 23, 09. He weighs 4.3 lbs and
is grey and black. I adopted him when he was 6 weeks old. Monaco was
reffered to Northlake Veterinary Surgery by Banfield Pet Hospital
(Petsmart). His initial appointment is on Monday January 19th at 10:00
am. The Specialist will examine the X-rays taken by Banfield. After, we
will schedule the appointment date. Their website is NVSAtlanta.com.
Please donate funding for Monaco! If you have other resources such as:
You know a Vet willing to discount or pro bono please pass along this
link to friends.

He is so cute.

Thank you,

Meyonda Benjamin



If you can help please visit:

Guinness needs help!

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(my darling black lab) had emergency surgery this past Saturday. She
had a growth on her liver that burst and was bleeding into her belly.
It was touch and go all weekend but she made it through surgery and is
stable enough to come home soon. She is at UPenn in ICU right now and
they are absolutely fantastic there. My baby has been through a lot.
She came to me through lab rescue as an 8 week old puppy who was about
to be drowned by her back yard breeder b/c she was the runt and “not
even pet quality”. She has had 2 orthopedic surgeries and 2 mass cell
tumors removed in her 8 years of life. I thought we were finally in the
clear and over all her obstacles. So far the prognosis looks good and
she can go back to chasing sticks, swimming in the creek and running
away from the cat!

I got together enough money to leave the 50% deposit of $3000
(barely) but am now scrambling for the rest. I’m trying to convince my
credit card company to up my limit so I can at least get her out of
there and home with me. I normally do not ask for help but I don’t know
what else to do. Her past vet bills have left me with a $10,000 credit
card debt but there was no way I wasn’t going to do the surgery and let
her die after all she has been through. I know we always donate for our
fosters and ones that come through our different rescues so I’m asking
please for a little help with my baby. Thank you all in advance!!!

The balance I owe is $2250.00 but I set this at $100 so I don’t
lose any donations. If I recieve any donations in excess of the cost,
they will be donated to UPenn’s Shelter Animal Medicine Program.

If you can help please visit : http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-20.0068577563

Simba’s Surgery

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is an abandoned 5 month-old kitten recovering from a major surgery to
repair a crushed and broken hind leg after being run over by a car.
Simba is very sweet and affectionate. The clinical staff at Davis
Companion Animal Hospital, located in Woodbury, CT, thinks he is a very
special and lovable cat! His veterinary expenses have already exceeded
$2,000.00. Simba still needs a minimum of four weeks of rest and the
prognosis of his leg will be assessed to determine whether he will need
further surgery. There is still a possibility that he could lose his
leg. So any help that anyone can provide financially would be greatly

All kind donations are tax-deductable through the Feline Welfare
Society. The Feline Welfare Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

For those that would like to send a check, the address is: P.O. Box 672, Woodbury, CT 06798.

Thank You in advance!



If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-04.5454440374


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poor rescued Maltese/Poodle mix is as cute and sweet as a button. he
has a broken hip that requires surgery to the tune of $800!

Please help poor Bart get help. your donations are tax deductible
as we are a non-profit dog rescue! You can also donate a lesser amount
directly through Paypal at info@dogswithoutborders.org. Please remember
to print a copy of your Paypal transaction as a receipt.

We hope you can help Bart receive his much needed surgery!

Thanks for reading.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-02.7559788402

Please help this cat have the surgery he needs

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you for reading our story. Kimba aka “the white lion” is a 1-year-young
lovable lap cat that my best friend rescued after he had been abused
and abandoned. Recently she returned home from work and found him
laying on the floor crying in pain. He couldn’t move without crying.
She rushed him to the animal hospital and After several trips to the
Vet since then and many dollars later, we found out that he has 2
broken legs/joints at the area of his hips. They said judging by the
deterioration of the bones and the loose fragments of the bones (which
is what’s causing him the pain), the injuries are old and are likely
from the abuse he suffered. The Vet has given him clearance of making a
full recovery with surgery to remove the broken bones and fragments.
Doing this will allow his muscles to take over for him to still be able
to use his legs, as they have already started to do so. My friend has
already spent alot of money on tests and xrays to find out what was
wrong with him and now she is told that the surgery will be another
$2500. Kimba is running out of time because he can only stay on pain
meds for so long and now her resources have run out as well. Her
personal finances have fallen behind because she is sooo very dedicated
to Kimba and the most UN-selfish woman I’ve ever met. She has done
everything she can to keep him comfortable and happy during this time.
I’ve never seen such a bond between two friends as I’ve seen between
her and Kimba.

Kimba has an adorable personality of a kitten. He’s sooo playful
and loving. He is still full of life and has so much love to give. But
time is running out. His appetite has started to decrease from being on
the pain meds. The vet says he can’t stay on them much longer because
they can give him stomach problems and we’re afraid that’s starting to
happen so time is of the essence. If Kimba doesn’t get his surgery
soon, life will cease for him and my friend will have to lay him to
rest…. which is what she is trying to avoid having to do.Especially
since he’s still so young and vibrant. Maybe you’ve had to face the
pain of not being able to save a pet of your own and you know what
she’s feeling….so maybe you can help save Kimba and feel the warmth
in your heart that he shares with everyone. Please help keep that
warmth going and pitch in just that little bit to help save him from
crossing Rainbow Bridge. If you’ve lost a pet, I’m sure you know the
bridge I’m talking about. It’s way too soon for him to walk that path
so please help.

Please ask yourself…What would you feel like if you had a pet
that could be healed and saved, but you didn’t have enough money to do
it? I’m sure at some point in each of our lives…we’ve all had someone
there that came into our lives and helped. Maybe this is a way for each
of us to pay it forward…by giving this lovable and adorable family
member the gift of living out his full life and to be healthy and play
normal again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If my friend comes up with at least half of the
$2500 for the surgery, the vet will allow her to make monthly payments
on the rest. This is why I’ve set the limit for less then full amount.
However, please remember, we can all continue to donate

even after she hits this llimit and the more help she receives for Kimba, the easier it will be for the two of them.

Thank you and Bless you all.

If you wish to verify Kimba’s surgery you can contact:

Belleview Veterinary Hospital

10725 SE 36th Ave

Belleview, Florida 34420

Ph: 352-347-3900

Fax: 352-347-0477

Office Mgr: Amanda

Vet: Dr. Cara

Patient: Kimba Karaffa

Patients Mom: Sherri Karaffa

If you have any questions or would like to send direct wishes of encouragement, you can email my friend at:


If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-08.8450790104

Dog with fatal Diabetic Ketoacidosis needs your help

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My husband and I have been thrilled after adopting 4 month old terrier/ spaniel mix Chewey from a shelter a couple of months ago. He was an adorable and sweet puppy that seemed to be mellow and calm. We patiently tried to housebreak him and tried to feed him all the right foods so that he could be a healthy and happy puppy. After constant peeing accidents at home, constant drinking and slow weight loss we feared that Chewey ( now named Jack) was not well.

We took Jack to the vet, and was alarmed to find that Jack was completely malnourished due to parasites. Afraid that Jack could not handle any antibiotics or vaccinations, the veterinarian decided to delay bloodwork until after treatment of the parasites. A month later, after treating the parasites we took Jack back to the vet for an urinalysis and blood work. Today the CBC and urinalysis came back, and to our dismay we discovered that our beloved 6 month old puppy could at any moment fall into a coma and subsequently die! Jack has an extremely high level of ketones ( Diabetic Ketoacidosis or DKA) most likely from diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic condition in which a deficiency of the hormone insulin impairs the body’s ability to metabolize sugar. DKA is a life-threatening condition caused by diabetes mellitus resulting from insulin deficiency that leads to excess production of ketoacids by the liver. Subsequent changes in the blood result that includes metabolic acidosis, electrolyte abnormalities producing severe signs of systemic illness. Jack has high levels of glucose in his urine, low levels of sodium, dehydration ( despite constant drinking) and lowered red blood cell count. His diabetes mellitus is so far undiagnosed that he is at this very second in danger of dying.

My husband and I are deeply upset and mortified at this situation. We had thought that we had adopted a healthy but calm ( sometimes too calm puppy) but now realize that what we have is a sick and lethargic puppy that needs immediate treatment. Our puppy is so weak that he barely moves to greet us or eat.  We would love to provide this treatment and to make our loving puppy be a healthy puppy. We wished that we were made aware of this illness sooner. We do not blame the shelter or the foster parents of his condition, however, if we were warned of any abnormalities to his health and behavior, we would have still adopted him but would have diagnosed him and treated him for diabetes mellitus immediately. From his disease not being treated in a timely manner, he is so sick that normal insulin will not save him. Now we are left with an already increasing veterinary bill, and an emergency treatment that we cannot afford. At this point, his diabetes has created so many complications that Jack is in immediate need of a 24 hour hospitalization and surveillance in which In-hospital therapy generally includes insulin administration with frequent dose adjustment, intravenous fluids, administration of electrolytes (blood chemicals), treatment of secondary problems, and antibiotics.It is also necessary to perform ultrasounds and/or X-Rays to rule out any cancers affecting the kidneys, livers and/or pancreas.

I am a recent college graduate and my husband is in the military, we want to raise Jack to become a healthy dog with any disease under control, however, we do not have the funds available for this initial 24 hour stabilization, treatment and proper diagnosis. We want Jack to live as long as possible but there is no way that we can undergo the necessary hospitalization without any help. I am upset that his diabetes was untreated and unmanaged, and undetected for so long that it has come to this. If it was noticed and detected earlier, this hospitalization would not have to take place. Now Jack is in imminent danger and we are left with nothing to do but to watch him die unless some help comes along. We have contacted Friendship Animal Hospital ( the only recommended referral for internal veterinarian medicine and 24 hour surveillance medical center in our area) and the cost of Jack to stay over night with proper diagnosis and treatment would be well over $2000.

My husband and I are in desperate need to raise this money for Jack but we cannot do this without  help. We need assistance in obtaining financial assistance and monetary help. Friendship Animal Hospital does not provide any sort of payment plan or discount that could help us. We need your help to raise our puppy to become a happy, energetic and plump dog.

If you could please include my vets number so that people could send
funds directly there.

Veterinary Information : This vet is accepting call in or mail in donations
Friendship animal hospital
4105 brandywine st. NW

Washington D.C 20016


Under Jacob Becker and pets name is Jack

If you do not see a Chip In Widget above please visit: http://savejack.chipin.com/treatment-for-fatal-diabetic-ketoacidosis-for-my-rescue-6-moth-old-puppy

I WISH to find help so that I can give my rescue dog a much needed surgery

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Hi. I have a dog that I adopted from a shelter in Utah in February of
2008. She came in off the streets as an abandoned stray. She was thin,
scared, and sick with mange that had made her partially bald on her
back. I had been going to the shelter to walk the dogs nearly every day
and fell in love with this little black pit-bull mix. The shelter had
made the hard decision to euthanize her due to her poor health which
made her “unadoptable”. I decided to take her home and give
her a second chance. I named her Oakley, after the great Annie Oakley.
She made a very quick recovery from the mange and kennel cough. She
went through a stint of other medical issues but with some vet care and
lots of love she overcame them all. Now, however, she has a medical
issue that I simply cannot pay for on my own. She has torn several
ligaments in her back leg/knee and needs extensive orthopedic surgery.
The veterinarian that administered the exam and x-rays estimated that
the surgery will cost $3,500-$5,500. That estimate doesn’t even
include the follow-up exams and rehabilitation therapy that Oakley will
need. If she doesn’t get this surgery it will shorten her life
dramatically because as soon as she tears the ligaments in the other
back leg due to the extra stress that is put on it there may be nothing
else anyone can do for her. I am desperate and I don’t want to
lose the dog whose life I saved just a year ago. I think she is almost
2 years old but perhaps a little younger and she has so much life still
left in her. I know she is going to be costly with her lifetime
supplements but she is worth it. I just can’t imagine losing her now.
After all these treatments and months together she deserves to have
this surgery. I hate that I can’t take care of her by myself because so
far I have been able to. I saved her life once but now I need others to
help me save her life once again. Thank you for reading this and I will
forever be thankful for any help you can offer

If you can help please visit: http://www.wishuponahero.com/wishes/?id=66997

Our Dog was just Diagnosed with Cancer

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Much More Than Just a Dog with Terminal Cancer
My name is Laura, and my husband Rob and I adopted Cody four years ago. He’s a beautiful Akita/Shepherd-mix rescue dog who sadly had previously been shuffled from home to home. Cody is the sweetest, most gentle yet playful dog you will ever meet, and he is treated like a king in our house. We have always been happy to spoil him with love, toys, and hikes. He definitely lives a charmed life. It seems like somehow he knows he has found a permanent home. Cody is like a son to us, he is a member of our family… that may seem a little extreme to some (and that’s ok), but to others, we know you understand completely. And regardless of your thoughts about our intense feelings for Cody, we’re sure most of you can relate to the awful pain of losing someone close to you.

There is a very informative website for Cody, please visit here for more information, and if you can chip in with a little bit to help this sweet boy in his battle with cancer there is a donation button on the site.


I WISH pay for my cats surgery

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My cat Brina is 7 years of age and she is like family to us. We love
her very much and the vet tells us that there is an obstruction passing
through her liver that needs to be removed. The total cost is 2,000
dollars after the deductible. The vet says that we will have to put her
down if we cannot pay for the surgery and therapy after but that is a
choice I would have to make. I cannot let that happen. She is my baby
and if you have a pet I am sure you will feel the same way. I have a
link up to my site that asks for donations to help her. Any amounts
helps us. Please.

chriseccleston.com/save-our-brina/ |

Brina is our 7 year old cat and we found out tonight that she is going
to need surgery. She is like family to us and if you have a pet you
know how I am feeling right now. We found out the surgery will cost us
a little over 2,000 dollars and that is after our pet deductible! If
you want to help save our Brina you can send a donation
to our Pay Pal account(a Pay Pal account is not required). Every little
bit helps, even if you can only spare 5 dollars,  Brina will love
you for it and she will send you a thank you card.

I WISH to raise money to cover Sonny’s life saving vet bills

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On December 15th, Sonny was mauled by 3 large dogs – she is my good
friends dog and I am trying to raise money for the $2,200 vet bill. She
is so cute – I am glad she is alive – has a split sternum with 2
cracked ribs (hence her little poinsettia body cast) and sutures in her
leg plus numerous bite wounds 😦

My friend didnt have the money
to pay and still owes the vet some money some was borrowed and must be
repayed and they have no way to pay. I know times are very tough right
now for everyone but I am trying to raise the money – I would give it
all to her if I had But I can only donate a small portion.

am hoping that each person that reads this will be able to donate a few
dollars for Sonny. I have copies of vet bills for verification if
anyone needs them – it happened in Loxahatchee, FL and she was treated
in West Palm Beach. If not for emergency vet care, Sonny would have

Please help – you can donate through my paypal or send a
donation Sonny c/o A & G Management Services, 11360 Fortune Circle,
Suite E-6A, Wellington, FL 33414.

If 2,200 people could all
donate just 1 dollar, we could help pay for Sonny’s care – as her mom
does not have the ability to pay for treatment (they are losing their
home and they both work but its just not even enough to pay day to day

Thank you to everyone that can help!

If you can help please visit: http://www.wishuponahero.com/wishes/?id=66015

I WISH For help w/ vet bills for kitten whose ear drum busted!

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My kitten’s ear drum busted, and will require 6 visits at $60 per visit
for the required treatment. As some of you animal lovers know I rescue
kittens and cats and devote much time and expense to caring for them
and spaying/neutering them. I had an enclosure built to keep the
community dogs and wild coyotes from killing the cats. I place as many
as I can, and I keep and love the rest. I also have 8 house cats,
including one that is 18 years old by the name of Jenny.

mornings ago I awoke to my 4 month old house kitten who was unable to
walk. She was having a hard time keeping her head balanced, and it
scared me to death! Her ear was dripping gunky stuff and her adjacent
eye was droopy. I was really scared that she had a stoke, but it was
that her ear drum had busted! My wonderful vet put her under
anesthesia, and fixed her up, but she will have to have a cleaning out
procedure in which she will have to be done each Friday for about 6
weeks. This procedure will run around $60 per week, and I just do not
have this extra money.

I went ahead and had the first
procedure done (which was $162 including the emergency visit costs,
take home medicines, including Revolution for eatmites, and other
testing that was done), and I am just leaving it to God to provide a
way for me to afford the remainding 6 weeks of charges. I was wondering
if there is any hero’s out there that would be willing to help me take
care of my baby.

I have Paypal, or I would be happy to give you the mailing address of my Vet.

Hope everyone has a happy new year!
Blessings, Janet in East Texas

If you can help please visit: http://www.wishuponahero.com/wishes/?id=66536

Isabelle needs your help!

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is a 1 year old Great Dane that got hit by a car the day before the new
years. She suffered a very badly broken front leg. He family took her
to animal control and turned her in. The shelter staff couldn’t believe
that this sweet dog would have to be put to sleep because she had a
broken leg. She was transported to a Veterinary Clinic where she spent
the new years day with people that did care about her. She did get her
leg fixed with a VERY costly Sx. She has along way to go to recover but
with your help she will do just fine.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-04.8936956145

I was attacked and shaken by a larger dog, leaving me unable to walk

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My name is Waylon and I’m an 8 year old Yorkshire terrier. On
November 1, 2008 I was attacked and shaken by a larger dog, leaving me
unable to walk. The wonderful staff at MedVet Worthington (Ohio) has
been helping me through my recovery process and has given me awesome
care but my parents are having a hard time paying all my medical bills.
Unfortunately, the owner of the dog that attacked me is refusing to
help them out and my parents fear that taking her to court will only
leave them more in debt.

While the doctors at MedVet are optimistic that I will eventually
regain most of my mobility, I still have a lot of therapy ahead of me.
So far my parents have invested more than $4000.00 towards my care and
rehabilitation but there is a possibility that I could need an
additional $3600.00 in therapy over the next year. If you would like to
help out with my expenses, please make a donation. Every little bit you
give will help my parents out tremendously. Thank you in advance for
your kindness and generosity.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-04.6780276667

8 week old puppy with liver shunt please help

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sweet little 8 week old puppy was born with a Portosystemic liver
shunt. During his development, the shunt which the mothers body uses to
filter the puppies blood did not close properly and now everything that
goes into his body, bypasses his liver and is causing a dangerous build
up of toxins which are causing an encephalitis. the build up of these
toxins cause neurological symptoms like transient blindness, loss of
balance, drooling and loss of muscle coordination….siezures will be
inevitable. He does not have much time left unless we can pay for the
surgery which will tie the shunt and allow proper blood flow to his
liver. There is a procedure that uses an ameroid ring which closes over
the shunt over a period of two weeks. We want to give him a chance. The
prognosis after surgery is pretty good and I have faith that he will do
well and will be able to live a happy and long life.
He has two weeks of medical management until the surgery on which
symptoms have improved. We have had a peek at the wonderful kind of dog
he can be when he is not feeling sick, while he is on antibiotics,
lactulose and a special low protein diet, neuro symptoms have been
minimal. We are trying to help him get stronger and gain some weight
before surgery. If you are interested in learning more about this
condition it is abbreviated : PSS for Portosystemic shunt. It has been
devastating to watch him go through this.

We are asking for donations of any amount to put toward surgery and
critical care stay. Please help us help Baccio get through this, we
appreciate your good will and will do the same for others as well who
have a sick animal in need.

If you would like to learn more about PSS or if you would like to know more about this puppy please contact me via email.

I will be creating a blog to share the events of his surgery and recovery.

Thank you for your good will and donation and have a wonderful New Year.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2008-12-22.8686147958

My dog, Poncho, needs surgery, please help!

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past year my grandmother passed away, I got her little dog and love him
very much. Friday before Christmas he fell and tore the ligament in his
leg. We went to the vet hospital here in town and just that night was
$483.00. Monday we had an appointment for a surgery consult and that
was another $75.00. We have had another appointment since and it was
$30.00. We are drained and our dog still needs surgery to correct his

The procedure: I was told we have two options, first they could
‘build’ a new ligament with wire or second they would make his joint
solid where he could not move it. They don’t even know which way would
be better for sure until they operate and see what’s going on for sure.
I was told there are only 2 specialists here in Kansas who can do it. I
have found a third who said he could most likely do it, but suggested
the vet I was already with. I have been quoted anywhere from 1200 to
2200 for the surgery.

In August I went to part time so I can finish my degree, so my
checks are cut in half of what they used to be. With the economy
slowing my husband gets sent home early or is given an extra day off
each week. Over the course of six months this has caught up with us.
Please help my puppy. His leg almost needs to be recasted (from him
chewing on it), but instead of paying for that were hoping to raise
enough just to go on with the surgery.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2008-12-30.9013374633

Help save my kitty’s life

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am desperately seeking ANY financial help that is offered to me in the
hopes of saving my 3 1/2 year old tabby cat Fatboy Baby. He used to
live up to his name, but it’s been over 5 weeks now that he has been
withering away with an unknown sickness. He has gotten 2 x-rays, some
blood work and medicine treatments at the clinic. I have also taken
home 4 different medicines to give him twice daily and an IV bag to
give him fluids once daily. Without a feeding tube, he will starve
himself to death. Fatboy still needs an ultrasound and more blood work
for a definitive diagnosis. I have spent Decembers rent money and did
not have one gift to wrap for Christmas. I love him so much that it
kills me watching him slowly die because I simply have nothing left to
spend for his medical care. I have applied for loans and financial help
with charitable pet websites but I am not having any luck. I really do
appreciate your time and any help you can provide. Thank you.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2008-12-26.7436389349