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Cole’s Broken Leg Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 10, 2009

After many years of rescuing and assisting many others in rescue, I am reaching out to everyone to help me with my own cat, Cole, whom I love very much.Time is of the essence because he needs the surgery quickly.
Update as well. I am going to a less expensive vet (just as qualified) to try and get this done.
Coleis a 9 year old cat that is as black as coal….his brother is Will (Irescued them off the street corner of Willamin and Colegate,hence thenames). I have had both of them since they were 6 weeksold……
Colewas attacked on Saturday by two of my dogs (because I did not crate themwhile I was on my porch talking to someone and because dogs can be thatway…..and I was stupid). Now Cole suffers from a”transverse fractureof his right tib/fibula” and needs surgery to pinhis leg back together.I spent four hours at the Animal EmergencyCenter on Saturday…his legis splinted, he is on a narcotic painreliever, antibiotics and needsthe surgery rather quickly.

I am working on fundraising with Actors and Others, The Pet Fund (Iwas notified has no funds to help),UAN (for a lifeline grant if possible), fveap.org (also currently no funds to assist) and of course,this fundable site. If just 100 people gave 15.00, his surgery is paid.The $500.00 emergency visit has been covered by a generous donation.This is a time to ask friends and all for a little help.
Trust me I know how difficult things are right now…..I would never ask if I didn’t really need the help to help my cat.
Grateful to say the least.
Thank you!

PSThe three pictured cats are Cole (the black cat), Will (theTabby) andmy Victoria who passed away at the age of 16 in Sept. 07.Cole loved heras you can see.

If you do not see the widget above please CLICK HERE TO DONATE

There is also a fundable siteHERE

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