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Calhoun, KY. – Vetting Donations Needed for Coonhound mix – Large tumor on neck!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 22, 2007

Daniel is at the McClean County Animal Shelter in Calhoun, KY.


A sad case at the shelter…Daniel. Daniel’s story with animal control starts approximately a year ago. Last summer I received a call about a pack of dogs at a house in a small community in the county. In the pack of dogs was a beautiful blue eyed coonhound mix. This boy who I have named “Daniel” was among the smartest and quick witted boys in the pack. As the other members of the pack were trapped or captured one by one, Daniel always figured a way to outsmart me.

Over the last year I have been told many stories about Daniel. Residents in the small community report Daniel has been around for many years…up to 4-5 years. Not one person ever told me where they thought he belonged or knew anything about his history.

Stories were told of how Daniel sits on the street corners and wanders from yard to yard searching for scraps or kibble belonging to owned dogs. Stories were told of how people would chase him off time after time often sending their kids on bikes to chase him away. Daniel always came back. Stories were told of how Daniel would come back and sit across the street or at the edge of the yards and watch people play with their own dogs. Stories were told about citizens that have tried to catch him and some that stated they have tried to kill him using poison…some said they have shot at him. Stories were also told by kind citizens that tried to win his trust to make friends with him to take him in and give him a home or help. Stories were told about how Daniel has been seen wandering all over the town even into parts of the county far away.

Our county ordinance clears states that any dog that is at large that cannot be trapped or captured humanely, has to be destroyed by gunshot. I was determined not to have this dog destroyed. Finally on Saturday we along with several local citizens were able to dart Daniel and trail him. Of course Daniel didn’t give up. Running to some familiar place that he might have called “home” Daniel was spotted and picked up. On Sunday morning after the drugs have worn off Daniel was not a happy camper. Daniel growled harshly to let us know he was not happy with his predicament. We were at first very concerned about his future since he has been basically a feral dog for many years. We wondered if he could ever learn to trust the very thing he feared most..people. We had a small very small break through on Sunday afternoon. We realized that Daniel was bluffing. Calling him on his bluff I entered his kennel to take pictures, change his water, give him more food and take pictures. As I was milling about and speaking to him softly he gently wagged his tail ever so slightly several times. When I “got” him doing this he stopped and looked at me as to say… “I wasn’t wagging my tail..me…not me”. I think that with time he might learn to trust people that treat him kindly and with respect.

Daniel appears to be about 6-7 years old…just a wild guess. His teeth are in pretty good shape. He is about 45 pound, but needs to gain weight of course. He appears that he is a Walker Coonhound mix. He has very beautiful blue eyes. Daniel also has a cyst on his neck. It is not hard or attached to the muscle. It feels like fluid filled sack. Local citizens have reported that every since he has been around he has had the cyst. Daniel needs to be seen by a vet and desperately needs a place to go.

**If anyone can help with Daniel please email: ranash9@aol.com (@aol.com), or call: 270- 273-3521 (anytime), or: 270- 316- 8127 (daytime). He just needs a chance. Daniel is a survivor, and this needs to be the last battle in his life.. a fight for a real life.

**Please contact ashley at: ranash9@aol.com (@aol.com) (at aol.com).

OHIO. needs medical help!!!, Deaf Pit with a broken leg in Madison County,

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Spud needs some help with medical expenses for his broken leg from a rescue will take him but needs some help with funding (read her message below.) Donations to VCA Sawmill at 614-766-2222 and asks for Karie, she will put the pledges for Spud s Fund. If needing to ask some questions or interesting to adopt Spud, please contact with Betty at betty@madisonhumane.org Thanks for helping him.. Thanks, Cathy ———– Hi Cathy,

Here are pictures of Spud. his femur in his back right leg is what is
broken. if it is a clean break with neuter would be around $150 to
$200. If it is a fragmented or splinted break which would need a
plate, pens, and neuter, it would be around $500.00.

I should know more on monday or tuesday. I do have a wonderful pit
rescue Measles Animal Haven who has lots of foster homes and
volunteers willing to take him. They just don’t have funds to fix the
leg. I personally know Robin the director of the rescue. They are so
great with pit bulls. She has rescued several from us.

So if we can get some funds raised to help this boy, then she would
be able to take him.

I know the home he came from had kids (ages 7 and up), loves other
dogs, loves cats too much. owner said, she was not sure if he would
really hurt one but might since he is strong and a pup. he has been
mr. happy go lucky at the shelter.

As for surgery, it will be done if funds are raised at VCA Sawmill in
Columbus. I am going to ask them if they will set up an account for
us for him so folks who want to donate could by credit card to them.

thanks much,

Atlanta, GA – Blind Dog Injured in House Fire – Donations Needed!

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Soki is a little BLIND dog who was severely injured in a house fire that completely destroyed his home. They have nothing left except precious Soki. They HAVE applied for various funds for his care, but donations are still needed as complete costs may not be covered and they have nothing, so every penny counts.

The following is a cross post from the Yahoo Blind Dogs Group.

Please help! Funds are needed for this very sad case of a companion dog, Soki, severely injured in a house fire (Read full story below). The family lost everything and donations are now urgently needed to help pay for Soki’s vet bill, who is still in recovery and needing all our prayers!

Please send checks to:
Georgia Veterinary Specialists
Attn Joyce McClain
455 Abernathy Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone 404-459-0903
**Make sure to indicate on the check that the funds are for Soki Bibins!

Please feel free to contact Sheri Bibins at sk_bibins@yahoo.com. (@yahoo.com)

TX, Houston: Two special-needs cats needing homes right away

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 20, 2007

Can somone help this man with taking in or placing these cats right
away? They were strays that he nursed back to health.

He has a very ill brother coming to live with him and the cats would
aggravate the brother’s health problems. He only has a couple of days
to find a place for them. He has tried in the past to find homes for
them, but now he is really pressed for time to do so.

—- Debra Van Matre

Marshall Banks < mabanks@houston.rr.com

Debra, thanks for your response. my brother is coming
here sometime in the next 10 days. Your list is
overwhelming. I have contacted many on the first two
pages at least once in the past year. Some I left
messages and they never called back. One had a message
not to ask about leaving a cat. Many said they had all
the cats they could care for, like your situation right
now. I have left adoption notes at about 4 vets offices.
my vet has asked several agencies for me. Part of my
problem is I work about 90 hours per week. I just got in
at 4:30 AM this morning and I’m leaving in about 30
minutes and will be gone until about 3 AM tomorrow.

My intent with these cats when my son first found them
was to get them healthy and then find a nice home for
them. I have been “fostering” them for two years. I am
not even a cat person obviously because of my life-long
allergies to them. I really like them but simply can no
longer keep them.

I am so serious about my brother’s health and preventing
him from sneezing, I am having 2700 sq.ft. of wall to
wall carpet ripped out Monday and ceramic tile
installed. But, to keep the cats even after the carpet
is gone would severely defeat the purpose of removing
the carpet in the first place. Bottom line, my brother’s
health means too much to me to see it jeopardized by
keeping the cats no matter how much I like them. I have
always had the option of the SPCA, and they told me
right up front they would put the cats to sleep within
24 hours of being dropped off because no one visiting
them would be willing to adopt an adult male cat with
either a hearing or vision problem.

We all have to go to that “litter box in the sky”. I
have done my best to place them but just can’t devote
the energy most people could because I work so much. I
will pay dearly to see them placed in a loving home, but
I can’t wait too much longer. Thanks, Marshall Banks

Richmond, VA: Can anyone help FOOTS? SWEET Lab/Mastiff mix — sad story!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 16, 2007

This poor boy so needs a second chance — can anyone help him? The Richmond City Shelter is great to work with and is rescue friendly! Please email me at tierbee@cox.net (@cox.net) or tierbee@aol.com (@aol.com) if you can help. Shelter website is http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/VA126.html . Transport help is available — please crosspost! THANKS! Erin Silks/Transport Coordinator Fairfax, VA Hullo there…. my name is Foots and I’ve had a rough go of it lately. My long time owner recently passed and I was so distraught about it that I tried to jump thru a hole in a fence and got caught in it and gave myself a big gash in my abdomen. It’s no wonder that I didn’t fit as I’m a biggun’ at around 80 pounds or so. That’s the only reason they call me a Lab-Mastiff mix, because I’m jumbo-sized. I don’t really have a jumbo personality though and actually seem pretty low-key and just major-league bummed out most of the time. I seem to be fine around any other critters I meet and am okay with you people types once I know that you are my official scratcher and buddy. I’m an older dude at around at least 8 or 9 years old and still healing up from my injury but I should be just fine. Come on down and meet me today if you are looking for a calm and loving older companion.

http://www.petfinder.com/fotos/VA126/VA126.7882913-1-x.jpg http://www.petfinder.com/fotos/VA126/VA126.7882913-2-x.jpg http://ruralshelterhelp.blogspot.com/
Rescue and transport help always needed!

URGENT – Rome, GA – Collie male hit by car needs medical help !!!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 12, 2007

Description: ID-7d-0357
Euth Feb 14th

This sweet boy was hit by a car friday night and is in urgent need of medical attention. If you can help save this boy please contact the shelter immediately.
I was not able to tell what type of injuries he has as I didn’t want to hurt him anymore than he already is. He is very scared.
The shelter doesn’t have funding for vet care. This is his only chance.

This is a wonderful shelter and one of the cleanest I have ever been in.
Please help them out and adopt or rescue from them today.
They are very rescue friendly. Remember if you see a pet you like
contact the shelter immediately or better yet just show up before it’s
too late. This shelter receives so many animals every week it is
An unfortunate cause to those who don’t spay or neuter their pets.

Floyd County Animal Control
431 Mathis Road
Rome, GA 30161
Phone: 706-236-4545 or 706-236-4537
Fax: 706-233-0032
Office Hours:
Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri – 10am – 6pm
Wed – CLOSED For Euth 😦
Sat and Sun – 1pm – 5pm

Adoption fee is $25 for dog, puppies and $20 for cats, kittens
what a deal !!


Chatsworth, GA – dog with spatial distortion needs help/home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 12, 2007

“Faith” shortly after her rescue – See attached photos for photos taken within the last several days. IF ATTACHMENT DOES NOT COME THRU PLEASE EMAIL lisakhester@bellsouth.net (@bellsouth.net) FOR LATEST PICS !!

The Georgia Partnership for Caring is asking for your help with a truly “special needs” dog.

As many of you will remember, an urgent email went several weeks ago about an extremely emaciated dog at the Murray County Animal Shelter in Chatsworth, GA that had been abandoned and left to starve to death when the owner was taken to a nursing home.

GPA agreed to take Faith (as she was named). They discovered she has motor skill impairment, spatial distortion (i.e., does not always realize how close or far objects are) and is blind in one eye. Occasionally, she falls or bumps into walls. YET, at the same time…and this is important!!…she does not seem to be in any distress, wags her tail quite a bit, and loves attention. Everyone who has worked with her falls in love with her and thinks she is very sweet!!!

She also has begun to gain her weight back again.

GPA’s volunteer veterinarian took Faith to the Georgia Veterinary Specialists Clinic for an evaluation by a neurologist veterinarian . He concluded that she has a significant brain injury, but is uncertain of its cause. He’s not sure if her condition will get better, worse or stay the same.

The GPA folks believe Faith has gotten better since she first came in. She seems to walk more easily, and even has begun to climb stairs.

Because she is such a sweet and precious girl, GPA would like to find Faith an adoptive home. Clearly, the potential adopter(s) needs to have both a huge heart as well as a realistic understanding of what it will be like to care for this sweet, disabled dog for her entire life.

She can probably be placed in a home with a passive/submissive dog, but should not go into a home with a more aggressive dog, cats or small children.

Many people responded to the original plea for help for this dog, and we are now asking for your assistance .

First, please let GPA know if you are interested in adopting Faith by contacting GPA at 770 664 9123 or GPA@gpanimals.com (@gpanimals.com)

Second, financial donations for her care would be greatly appreciated. Thus far, her vet care has exceeded $1,000, which has seriously impacted GPA’s limited funds that are needed to care for their other animals. (GPA is a very new organization and has yet to build a significant financial base.)

To contribute, please send your check to Georgia Partnership for Animals, 4895 Candacraig, Alpharetta, GA 30022. Write “Faith Fund” in the check memo line or in a cover note. Or, you can contribute through Pay Pal at: GPA@gpanimals.com (@gpanimals.com)

Thanks for your consideration for helping this deserving dog.

Jamie Sprague | HelpShelterDogs@gmail.com | 404-320-7467

Ask me about my sponsor-dog, Cleo — the training graduate!

Get info on urgent-need dogs at Murray County Shelter!

Help for Needed for Sky — Puppy Needs Surgery

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Please Cross Post    Dear Animal Lovers,

Our family’s four-legged blessing needs help!! I am a single working mom and have been blessed with an amazing two legged son and four – four legged rescued awsome dogs. My roommate discovered Sky Blue and her brother Brute when they were just weeks old.

Hungry, thirsty, dirty, infested and alone. He called me and OF COURSE I said to bring them home. We got them checked, cleaned up and fixed when it was time to do so. We expected they were from the same litter so there was no way I could seperate the and they had already attached themselves to my 5yr. old rescued mixed shepard (Justice) as there mom and she schooled them immediately in pack behavior. I had already had two of my own rescues and unfortunately one of them, my Large 3yr. old shepard (Redford Von Brick) has Perinal Fisuals, which is a serious disease for which there is no cure. We are however able to manage his condition with a drug protocal that is expensive but worth it of course

A few months ago I was out with the Aussie puppies at the park and Sky just fell to the ground and couldn’t get up. I raced over and lifted her (with a cast on- I recently fell and broke my wrist in two places after a fall which has made financial matter s even worse). I just thought maybe Sky had sprained her leg and would get better. Watching her for a few days she just kept falling on her hind end and I noticed her hopping on three legs. I took her to our vet, Dave and he examined her leg and told me she in fact has two bad knees and needs to have surgery on each in order to correct them. How is that possible in a puppy? He explained to me that it usually means one of her parents had the same problem and that’s possibly why Sky and her brother were just left to die!! Our poor little girl.  Sky just fell to the ground and couldn’t get up. I raced over and lifted her (with a cast on- I recently fell and broke my wrist in two places after a fall which has made financial matter s even worse). I just thought maybe Sky had sprained her leg and would get better. Watching her for a few days she just kept falling on her hind end and I noticed her hopping on three legs. I took her to our vet, Dave and he examined her leg and told me she in fact has two bad knees and needs to have surgery on each in order to correct them. How is that possible in a puppy? He explained to me that it usually means one of her parents had the same problem and that’s possibly why Sky and her brother were just left to die!! Our poor little girl. 

I just started crying and Dave gave me a big hug and said this will work out, I promise! And I am a true believer and Sky Blue has an amazing spirit that keeps both of us strong and faithful.
Thanks to the help of my sister, friends and blessed people like you this will be an answered prayer for Sky Blue.

Any donations would be soo appreciated. Between the costs to keep my shepherd healthy and my recent injury which caused me to miss work (I set up trade shows and was not allowed to do so for a period after my accident) I have started to work 7 days a week to cover the cost but cannot do it alone.

We have raised about $750.00 so far, but the surgery for each knee is approx. $1738.78 plus x-rays which were $532.35. ANY amount of donation would be GREATLY appreciated!!

My Vet will take in donations for Sky Blue

Vet Information: Commonwealth Animal Hospital 1941 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA. 92833 (714) 525-2355

Or email me Sam sammezz@socal.rr.com. or call me My cell phone is 714-313-9561 and home 714-633-8620.

Sky goes in for her FIRST surgery on her left knee Thur. (2/08) And will have her second surgery a couple months after.

I want to thank you for reading our story and anything you can you can do. And please keep the prayers coming.

God Bless You and Your Four Legged Blessings,

Sky Blue, Brute, Justice, Redford, (my son) Cody and (me) Sam


X URGENT! Special Needs Pit Bull in Paramus, NJ

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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 21:45:16 EST

Crossposted, do not hit reply. For more information, contact Dr. Surman at 201-262-0010

Meet “Chewie.” Chewie is a 2-3 year old male Pit Bull rescued from Jersey City. He was found outside with severely ulcerated foot pads on the front and back, with bone and tendon exposed. He was also extremely emaciated and very weak. He has responded very well to treatment, gaining weight, gaining strength, and his feet are improving every day. The back feet are almost healed, and his front feet are improving daily. Because he has completely lost the main pads on his front feet, he will always be sort of a special needs dog. When going outside or on rough surfaces he will need to wear special booties, but other than that these injuries should have no affect on his life. He is an extremely sweet boy who gets along great with people and loves nothing more than attention, or to crawl up on your lap and give hugs. He does not however get along well with other dogs and will need a single pet household, and preferable one with no young children as we are unaware of his temperament with kids. We all think he will make a great pet for the right household that is patient with him and understanding of his special needs.

Chewie has a temporary home at Oradell Animal Hospital under the care of Dr. Sean Surman. A home must be found for Chewie within the next 7 – 10 days otherwise euthanasia will be considered . If you can welcome this affectionate boy into your home, please call Dr. Surman at 201-262-0010.

Cambridge OH: Pup needs surgery to amputate leg: Please help Jimmy Jack

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From: Taylor <WolfDance3@msn.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 23:13:13 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Please help Jimmy if you can…thank you. Sweet little Jimmy Jack was wandering for oh so long…lost, alone and very, very cold…he had no family and no food, water or shelter from the bitter, biting wind and sub zero temperatures here in rural Ohio.   http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=7827587          

Jimmy walked and hobbled along as best he could…alone and afraid, not knowing where to turn when his guardian Angel…in the form of a little boy named Austin, saw him near his home and asked his Mommy if he could bring him in to get warm and have some food.   Austin was very concerned when he saw Jimmy’s leg because he held it drawn under, raw and bleeding from walking on his elbow as it was strangely bent and his paws were frozen with large clumps of ice stuck on them in the fur of his paws.    This family took Jimmy in and warmed him up with blankets and offered him food but Jimmy was so weak and dehydrated he could not eat but drank and drank the water as he had not had a drink in who knows how long.

The family called the dog pound but they could not help as they had not the money for a vet bill and Jimmy surely needed to see the doctor for his crippled and bleeding leg and nearly frozen paws.   Austin’s kind Mommy cleaned and bandaged his leg as best she could and tended to Jimmy very lovingly.

It is very likely Jimmy would not have made it through another bitter cold night outside but now, thanks to little Austin, his Guardian Angel, he is safe and warm in the care of a vet.   Preliminary examination results are that he needs to have to have his leg removed as the injury is quite old and is possibly from nerve damage. But that does not stop Jimmy one bit…he is very grateful to Austin for finding and rescuing him and to his Mommy for tending to his wounds and caring for him and gave many kisses to everyone.   Jimmy does not seem to have any other health problems and dogs with a missing limb get along just fine and Jimmy will be a loving and devoted companion for some lucky family when he is healed!

We believe Jimmy may be part Sheltie and part Spaniel.   He is small at only 26 pounds and has curly hair and is very cute!     He is only about 9-10 months old.

Please…if you can donate to help Jimmy please send a check or donate by Pay Pal with credit or debit card.

Checks may be mailed to:

Guernsey Vet Clinic
C/O: Jimmy’s Fund
2103 E Wheeling Ave
Cambridge OH 43725

Pay Pal:

wolfdance3@msn.com @ msn.com

Thank you for reading this and for your donation to help little Jimmy!

***Please do not telephone the vet’s office as they are very busy…updates on Jimmy’s condition will be posted here soon. Thank you.***

  Free Spirit Rescue http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/OH374.html Lore City OH WolfDance3@msn.com  @ msn.com


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MEDICAL NEEDS: ABDOMINAL / INGUINAL HERNIA REPAIR. BI-LATERAL REAR LEG AMPUTATIONS Due to congenital birth defects of legs. We did not know about the amputations at the time we sent out a request for donations to cover the hernia repair on this little pup. OUR NEED IS GREATER AND OUR PLEA DESPIRATLEY REPEATED. PLEASE SEND A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION TO :
12516 Cherry Rd. Vermilion, OH 44089

c/o Saint Francis Animal Sanctuary Inc. 124 Miller Rd. Avon Lake, OH 44012


Deborah Parker
Saint Francis Animal Sanctuary Inc. Vermilion, OH 44089

We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and the otherwise homely faces.
It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that lies within.
We are Rescue. We are a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization – Donations are tax deductible.


www.petfinder.com ( OH556 )

Horse Rescue needs help with feed & hay

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From: Sherri <WhisperOfHorses4@aol.com>
To: AnimalWishList@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [AnimalWishList] Horse Rescue needs help with feed & hay
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007 20:01:21 -0000

I just picked up 3 special needs horses from Dallas last night. The
one that is worse off is a 10 month old filly that is weighing in at
100 pounds. She has abcesses on her legs and is certified by a vet
to be emanciated. Her mother died from the same torture. If anyone
could help with feed and hay or even vitamins for these 3 kids, it
would be so greatfully appreciated.

The feed store where I get my goods is:

Commerce Hardware
Commerce, Texas. 75429

Our account is under the name of:
Trinity Acres Rescue & Rehab
271 County Road 2015
Klondike, Texas 75448

I have pictures available if you would like to see the kids.

Thank you for considering,