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DURYEA,PA beagle 7 yrs old paralyzed with cart needs an adoption

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 26, 2007
Paralyzed  DOG for   A D O P T I O
7 year old female, Beagle with paralysis of her back legs walks with a “wheeled cart” needs to find a loving home……
“Miss Haley” has been residing at “Allied Services” in Scranton in  the “assisted living section” 
 But…she can no longer stay there because of “Infection Control Issues” and the changing of state rules and regulations
“Haley” is a sweet girl full of “Spit and Vinegar”  
She is friendly and loving, gets along well with other dogs and is quite the energetic lady….. 
         Needless to say ………….
“Miss Haley’s” disability does Not hold her back from enjoying life!    “Haley” certainly does “get around”…… 
Although “Haley” wears diapers during the daytime when she is busily running in her cart, her care can be involved, but yet “Extremly Rewarding”
At night, “Haley” sleeps well in her crate and can weight bear to a minimum extent!  
You can learn more about this sweet girl by calling “Me” (Denise) at “Pet Services” 
              (570) 457-1625
ALL prospective adoptive families for “Haley” will be screened thoroughly BEFORE and AFTER adoption… “Pet Services by Denise” will arrange for “Haley” to make periodic “therapy” visits to the residents at “Allied Services” and will make home inspections periodically for approximately 2 years after the adoption is final…….               
 Thank You from
  Denise  and The……….
 Committee Members for
“Miss Haley” 

VA (Centerville): 3-legged orange & white tabby ISO new home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 25, 2007
I would hate for this cat to fall into the wrong hands! He is adorable, check out his picture: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/pet/405219610.html

Reply to: sandramcharles@yahoo.com or call  703-477-5662
Date: 2007-08-24, 5:51PM EDT

I’m hoping to find a great home for my cat. His name is Curtis Brown, he’s around 8-9 years old and has 3 legs. I’ve had him for 7 years, and I love him a lot, but I’m moving and I can’t afford to take him with me. He’s very sweet, loves to cuddle, and enjoys to be petted and brushed. His favorite is being scratched behind his ear, because he can’t reach that side since he’s missing his back leg. He cannot live with a dog, but should be fine with another cat.

Please email me at sandramcharles@yahoo.com or call me at 703-477-5662 if you would like to meet him.

cat attacked by coyote in Encinitas CA needs donations for surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 24, 2007


Hi, I have a friend who’s neighbors cat was attacked by a coyote on August
15th. She went with the cats so called owner to the vet only to find out
she didn’t want to pay for an x-ray or treatment because the cat was already
10 years old. Only because Christine was there is why Bob is still
alive.her neighbor was going to euthanize him but instead out of guilt and
at Christine’s urging he was given antibiotics for the puncture wounds and
pain meds for his fractured jaw and then sent home to see if his jaw would
“fix itselt”. Yesterday my friend was able to get her neighbor to
relinquish Bob with a formal letter so she could take him to a vet for an
x-ray. Unfortunately Christine already cares for several cats of her own
and can’t afford the surgery to wire his jaw. It was determined at the vet
yesterday that he needs a very simple surgery . The vet (Dr. Chow VCA North
Coast Animal Hospital) said she could both feel and see the fracture, it is
called a “mandibullar symphyseal fracture”. She did not need to take an
x-ray because luckily she said it was a simple fracture, one you can see
visually. He was 3% dehydrated and has lost several pounds over the last
week since this happened and when she had previously examined him. Since he
has lost so much weight she determined he needed surgery as soon as possible
to wire his jaw so he is scheduled to have surgery today. Christine is
getting an account set up at the vet so funds can go directly to his care
and his surgery is scheduled for around noon. I will have all the details
on Bob’s account very soon. Additionally, Stray Cat Alliance has very
generously pledged $200 towards his care so we are only trying to fund raise
for the additional $288 – if anyone can help with even $5 that will help so
much. Stray Cat Alliance has also offered to give anyone who would like a
tax deductable receipt one as well as we can provide pictures,
relinquishment letter, vet bills/estimate etc. Please help Bob get a second
chance! After his recovery we will be searching for his new forever home,
one where he will be loved and cared for.

Please email me off-list if you can donate and I will provide vet info so
the donation can go directly to the vet I will also have pictures this
afternoon and can provide them as well as vet estimate/bill paperwork

Thank you sooo much for caring about Bob!

Kim in San Diego


Shelbyville, KY. – Kasa, the sweet dog with only one eye needs home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 23, 2007

Due to my pregnancy, today was my first time to visit the shelter in almost
five weeks. While walking the dog kennels, I was immediately drawn to this
sweet girl. The shelter has named her Kasa. There are mixed opinions of
what she might be, but I think the last poll stated that she is either a
or Malamute mix. Either way, I was struck how petite she is. She is about
the size of a Sheltie.

Sadly, Kasa's right eye is missing. For lack of a better word, it appears to
have "goo" seeping from out of the eye socket. Poor girl. Can you imagine
the headache and pain you would be in if your eye was poked out???? We don't
know exactly what happened to her eye, but there appears to be no eye ball.

When we got her out of the dog kennel area, we took her to the office area
to take pictures. We discovered to wonderful things about her. First, she
loves cats. She wanted to roll and play with the shelter cat, Mouse.
Secondly, she was very good with my 3 year old daughter. Between the cat and
daughter, she didn't know who to play with first!!!!!!

Kasa is very friendly with everyone and is VERY eager to please. She needs
a good bath and veterinary attention for the eye. But other than that, she
appears in good health.

She's impound #9.

Her adoption fee is only $65 and includes a $30 voucher to be applied to her
spay surgery at a vet of your choice.

This shelter is VERY rescue friendly and does not charge a pull fee to
reputable rescue organizations. THE RECEIVING RESCUE MUST MAKE ALL TRANSPORT

This is a county government operated facility and though they try VERY hard
to find all dogs a home or rescue, sometimes they DO have to euthanize, so
let's all work on forwarding this email to get Kasa out!!!!!!

If you can help Kasa, please contact the shelter at: 502-633-0009
IMMEDIATELY if you can help!

Jonesboro, GA URGENT!! BOXER Skinny Pitbull x with injured leg needs RESCUE

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 23, 2007

All About URGENT! Caine

Caine is a small boy that may have a bit more growing to do but will still be small for his breed. He is severely underweight and has a horribly injured leg. Due to the fact that Caine is a Pitbull mix he will only be allowed to be adopted by a licensed rescue. He has a wonderful disposition despite his pain. He needs immediate medical care for his leg and will not be held past Aug 25th. All animals adopted from Clayton Co Animal Control must be spayed or neutered within 30 days of adoption. A low cost spay/neuter certificate will be issued at the time of adoption.

My Contact Info

Clayton Co. Police Dept. Animal Control Unit

Jonesboro, GA

Phone: 770-477-3684

POTTSVILLE PA – elderly blind dog NEEDS YOU!!!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 23, 2007

All About Vern

Poor Vernon has had a TERRIBLE life. He was found as a stray, and wasn’t in good shape. His eyes and ears were all infected. He is quite an old guy, and is so sweet though. He’s coming aroung at the shelter. His eyes are clearing up, we do think he can see a little bit. We’ve fallen in love with the old boy. He is surprisingly neutered, and housebroken. He needs a little bit of recooperation time, but is really in need of a good retirement home. Please help us, and give Vern the good home he needs. He is great with kids, and other dogs too!

This pet is up to date with routine shots.
This pet is already house trained.
This pet has been altered.

My Contact Info

Hillside S.P.C.A.

Pottsville, PA

Phone: (570)-622-7769
Email: maureen0789@yahoo.com,shelter_dogs1@hotmail.com

Grapevine, TX – sweet, DEAF dog w/cord wrapped around it’s neck needs rescue/home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 23, 2007
EXTREMELY URGENT – Sweet deaf dog, found in Grapevine, TX (suburb in Dallas area) with blind cord wrapped around his neck.
CALL 817-723-8374 or email Michelle at jonettemichelle@yahoo.com (@yahoo.com)

This darling dog was found about a week ago by a neighbor of a very nice lady named Michelle in Grapevine.  The poor sweet dog had a blind cord wrapped around his neck, that the neighbor cut off, and had fly bites all over his ears (which have now healed). He is as sweet as can be but is deaf which Michelle realized upon trying to call him to give him water.  Appears to possibly be an Aussie, Brittany or Border Collie mix.  Michelle thought perhaps he may be a Husky mix. Her apartments do not allow pets, but the apt manager being an animal lover has made an exception temporarily to allow Michelle time to find him a home. This is of the utmost urgency.

He has been neutered and is housetrained and is a medium size of about 45 pounds. Michelle said he is a really great dog – truly wonderful. He is extremely good with children and Michelle has a 2 1/2 year old that he’s gentle and sweet with.  He appears to be a little scared of men in general but warmed up to the apartment manager’s husband, also an animal lover.

Please, is there anyone out there that can help this sweet dog? 
If so, call 817-723-8374 or email Michelle at jonettemichelle@yahoo.com (@yahoo.com)

6lb apricot poodle with BROKEN JAW and NO TEETH!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 18, 2007

Please help us help Maxine: We need to raise money to fix her broken Jaw.

Little Maxine, a purebred apricot poodle who weighs just 6 pounds, needs your help.


Maxine has spent her whole life (6 years) living in misery at a puppy mill in Kansas where she was bred over and over and over.  She knew no love, no happiness, and every time she had puppies to love they were whisked away to be sold at pet stores.  After 6 years of Breeding, her puppies were no longer small enough for him and choose to euthanize her, but a pet shop owner in LA decided to take her in. When she arrived, she had an infection in her mouth and for some reason the vet stuck the plastic end of a syringe into her neck to drain the infection.  We were in shock when we saw the cut-off syringe sticking out of her neck.  We rushed her to our own vet who gave us sad news — Maxine’s jaw is broken, she’s been living in horrible pain, and she needs surgery.  The vet removed the syringe, cut away the dead tissue, stitched up the hole and treated Maxine’s infection and pain.


We all hear sad stories every day, it’s the unfortunate price of working so hard to rescue dogs who need us.  But sometimes we hear a story so tragic that it’s staggering.  That’s how we feel about Maxine.

It will cost us almost $1500 to completely treat her and get her better. They have removed all her teeth because it was in such bad shape due to the years of neglect.

Every little bit counts… If you can make a contribution towards Maxine’s care please go to :

http://www.thumpingtails.org and click on DONATIONS and pay via Paypal or you can send a check to :

Thumping Tails Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 291658
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Please note on the check that the donation is for Maxine.

We thank you in advance for any help you can offer! Thank you

Flo and Maxine

Parsons WV: URGENT! Please donate so Taffy can go to the vet…injured!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 18, 2007
Please crosspost widely

Taffy has something wrong with her front leg and it may be broken! Taffy will need sponsor help so she can go to the vet and find out what is wrong with her leg.

Contact Minnie:  minnieandmarshall_4x4@yahoo.com (yahoo.com) for more info.



Taffy- Special nee
Breed: Beagle, Hound [Mix]
Sex: Female
Age: Young
Size: Medium
ID: Shelter
From: Tucker County Animal Control
Email the adoption organization
 Click on thumbnails to enlarge, or click image at left to see the largest available image.
All About Taffy- Special nee
Taffy is a beautiful beagle/hound mix she is around 5 months old and is special needs! She has something wrong with her front leg and it may be broken! Taffy will need sponsor help so she can go to the vet and find out what is wrong with her leg. She was found a stray we believe the owner found out something was wrong with her and dumped her out along the road! Taffy is also looking for her forever home!!
“I need a sponsor! If someone sponsors me, I can get neutered or spayed and vetted and I’ll be all ready for my new home! Please consider sponsoring me…I’m special!! Ask Minnie for the details on how you can help me and visit Our Sponsor Page.”
My Contact Info
Tucker County Animal Control
Parsons, WV

Phone: 304-478-4969
Email: minnieandmarshall_4x4@yahoo.com

Neutered Deaf Dog in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX needs a home.

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 17, 2007
I am trying to find someone to take a dog that I found about a week ago.  My neighbor first found the dog with a blind cord wrapped around his neck. He cut the cord and started feeding the dog outside. He said he was reluctant to call animal control for fear they would put him to sleep. He is a very good dog. But he is deaf. I noticed him outside my apartment, panting so I went outside to take him some water and his back was towards me. I whistled and called to him but he never turned around. He walked in the middle of the street and just stood there. I had to get in front of him where he could see me, then he followed me to my apt. I’ve had him here for about 5 days and he is certainly deaf. He is a mixed breed, medium size, red & white. He has been neutered and despite being deaf is a very good dog. I have a 2 1/2 year old son who he is very gentle with. If I’m asleep and he needs to go out h nudges my bed until I wake up. So he is house trained.
I worked for a Veterinarian for 8 years and my mother runs the humane society in Little Rock , Ar. So being an animal lover I hate to see this dog put down. He is very sweet. My apartment complex does not allow pets but after meeting him the manager has agreed to let him stay until I can find someone to take him. She walks him during the day when I am at work.
I know nothing about his medical history only his personality. My guess is that a man abused him because he is a little more cautious of men. Women he goes up to with no hesitation, tail wagging.
If you can help please e-mail me or feel free to call me at
Michelle Cantrell
my e-mail at work is

Fw: Foster needed for special needs Kitten Bay City, MI

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 17, 2007
Urgent very young kitten found laying in a mound at Ojibway island in
Saginaw. The kitten had it’s eyes burned out of it’s head. It was
rushed to the vet in saginaw where it was treated for injuries. I am
in need for someplace for this kitten to go, rescue group, foster, or
someone that is willing to take on a blind kitten.

Please contact me asap if anyone can help



Thank you

Heather Smith
Few Steps From Home

Brooklyn, NY – 3-legged Dog & 3-legged Cat for Adoption

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 17, 2007
Crossposting from Craigslist…
3-legged Dog & 3-legged Cat for Adoption

Reply to: see below
Date: 2007-08-15, 8:45PM EDT

Sean Casey Animal Rescue would like to introduce two very special pets who are in need of loving homes….

Sweet Maggie is a 4 month old Beagle who came to us with a severe leg injury caused by rubber bands being twisted around her leg. Unfortunately the blood supply was cut off and there was nothing the doctors could do to save her leg. She gets around just fine but she wants and needs a home and family of her own.

Tristan is a one year old Domestic Shorthair who was left outside the Brooklyn CACC on a towel. Sean was going to pick up some animals and he saw the towel on the ground, but it was just a towel…no one was near it. Sohe started looking around and found Tristan hiding in the shadows, his leg broken! Sean brought him home that night and took him to the vet the next morning where they determined that his injury could not be repaired and Tristan had to lose his leg. Like Maggie, Tristan gets around really well and loves to play. Tristan is an unusually affectionate cat, even with pain from a broken leg, he was looking for attention and affection. His sweet disposition is sure to make someone very happy!

Maggie and Tristan are spayed/neutered, dewormed, treated with Revolution to prevent fleas, ticks, ear mites and heartworm and are up to date with their shots. Maggie’s adoption fee is $200.00 and Tristan’s adoption fee is $75.00. Both will receive one free vet exam, one free month of pet health insurance and a microchip.

If you’d like to meet either of them please email us at nyanimalrescue@yahoo.com for an adoption application.

Here are photos of Sweet Maggie and Tristan:


Blanchland, WV Blind Cocker boy in WV needs rescue ASAP

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 17, 2007
I desperately need to find a rescue group.  Someone has “dropped” a cocker spaniel at my home and I need help.  He is an older adult male.  He appears to be going blind if not completely blind already.  He seems to be a good natured dog so I think the vision issue is the reason why he was abandoned.  I frequently care for homeless dogs but I do not have the funds to help care for this little guy as I just spent $1,000.00 on surgery to remove a cancerous insulinoma from my Italian greyhound.  I have four dogs and I also have five young children so I honestly don’t think my home is the best environment for a blinding dog.  /SPAN>We are located in Branchland, WV (about 1 hour outside of Charleston, WV).  If you can help us or know of any one who can please let me know.

Thank you,

Dallas – URGENT Special needs Maine Coon(?) needs a home by 8/12 – Keller Animal Control

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 12, 2007

>This beautiful tabby Maine Coon named Sparky is in the Dallas/Fort
>Worth area and has until this Sunday, 12 August. My comments are
>below followed by Carolle’s, his ‘other mother.
>A declawed maine coon cat was set on fire (possibly in his carrier
>as he is terrified of carriers). He is also terrified of needles and
>it is a bit of a challenge to give him his depo-medrol shot every
>four or five months to control the pain of his healed but very scarred burns.
>He was pulled from the Keller A/Control by a Japanese Chin dog
>rescue and had been fostered by one of their fosterers. They are
>being transferred to another state and are leaving this coming
>Monday. Sparky actually had another foster lined up but at the last
>minute it has fallen thru and now Sparky finds himself desperte to
>find another home. His burns actually are ‘healed’ but there is a
>lot of scarring that if he doesn’t get his shot is uncomfortable for
>him ­ the rest of the time he is a typical happy m/coonie. His
>typical playful Maine Coon personality is outlined below in Carolle’s email.
>Sparky’s biggest problem will be getting him from the Dallas area to
>wherever he needs to go because of the carrier fear. With all the
>burn scarring, we are not even sure if he could be harnessed and
>collared and leashed.
>This guy has been thru so much. Sparky desperately needs a foster or
>forever home by this Sunday, 12 August. Carolle suggests that he be
>an only cat because of his ‘prankster ways’, but being the mother of
>several special needs Maine Coons, I know that they love other cats
>and are just playing with each other when they pull pranks.
>Here is his contact information followed by Carolle’s story:
>Carolle Cox
>(Dallas & North Texas)
>972.355.6713 home
>972.786.6262 cell