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Zanesville,OH: Blind Lhasa Apso–Please help Ernie!!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 29, 2007
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This little boy is at the Zanesville Animal Shelter. He looks to be a Lhasa
Apso, and is estimated to be arou 10-12 years old. His elderly owner could
no longer care for him. The shelter vet thinks that he is blind. He is
very sweet, and loves attention. Please email me at jdmanfrin@hotmail.com
(@hotmail.com) if you can rescue him.



Ft. Lauderdale, FL–URGENT !Dog cart needed for a 2 legged dog!!!

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From: Nancy Landry

Hi… does anyone know where a cart/wheelchair can be found for this dog — it would be great if it could be donated — or if there is a cost involved perhaps we can all chip in to pay for it (if it isn’t too expensive) —- we can all give up one Dunkin Donuts coffee a day for a week —- that should  pay for it in no  time (smile) —– please seriously, if you know of a wheelchair/cart that is not being used please contact Celene asap — thanks, Nancy


LA (Metairie) – Fw: Paralyzed kitty, "Bubba-Lu," needs a special place…

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This kitty is being neglected with me because I don’t have time to give him the attention he needs    
… Please help me find this kitty that special place.
504-512-0306. tipster@bellsouth.net
Thank you,
Maria Alvarez
Stewardship For Strays
“All that is necessary for the triumph
of evil is for good people to do nothing”
Edmund Burke

Lewisburg, WV-Deaf, 3-legged (because of abuses), FIV+ , White DSH M…Looking for 2nd Chance

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Please take a moment to read Doc’s story and look at his pic. What kind of
human garbage would do this to animal?

Doc is a DSH Male Adult FIV + (FIV is NOT a death sentence and is hard to
pass from cat to cat) His ID # Doc PFId#8579890

Greenbrier County Humane Society/Animal Shelter
PO Box 305
Rt 2 Box 375 F
Lewisburg, WV 24901
Phone: (304) 645-4775
gchs1@earthlink.net or greenbrierhumanesociety@verizon.net

crossposting only. please contact the shelter directly and crosspost!



I am trying to find a rescue or forever home for a FIV+ cat, that had to
have one leg amputated because someone tried to cut his foot off with a
knife. He is very, very sweet and loving and just needs a chance at
life. Please read his story below. All references will be checked by the
Humane Society before allowing Doc to go to anyone. It would be so great
to find him a nice forever home or rescue, where he will be welcome, due
to his special needs. Please use contact information below on how you
can help this sweet boy! Thanks, Jaime Trainer


Rockville,, MD – Blind Akita

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 26, 2007

This beautiful boy has been at the shelter since 6/19 but I haven’t been able to access the Internet until today to post him.
Koda was an owner surrender and appears to have been primarily kept outside. There are fly strikes on his ears and he needs grooming. He was not born blind but his blindness was reported to be progressive. He is scheduled to be evaluated for temperament (because he’s an Akita and special needs) but my personal experience with him is that he is a big teddy bear that loves to sit or lay next to you, be petted and spoken to. He does get an attitude when he is in his cage and another dog tries to get too close but outside of the cage he appears just fine. I am very worried about him because the shelter is full and they have been euthanizing every week. If you can help this sweet boy please email
or contact
Montgomery County Animal Control & Humane Society at (240) 773-5960
Ask for information about animal ID number A307754

I will personally help in any way I can. The shelter is very rescue friendly and there is no pull fee to approved 501(c)3 rescues. This includes vaccinations and microchip. Koda is already neutered. PLEASE save Koda..
Yours in rescue,


PLEASE HELP poor, pitiful coonhound caught in trap needs donations, rescue ASAP in GA!!

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Please help!!


062107 014 – This very sweet 2-yr-old coonhound male appears to have been caught in a trap. His leg will need to be amputated ASAP. Such a sweet boy, his spirits are high despite the severe injury. Please can you help with donations for treatment and/or rescue?!
This sweet pup is at the Murray Shelter (just north of Atlanta and just south of Chattanooga, TN)! Please help!!  
Donations may be made by going to PayPal at www.paypal.com and clicking on “send money” tab, then entering murrayshelter@bellsouth.net. Or, by check to:
Murray County Animal Shelter
P.O. Box 1129
Chatsworth, GA 30705
ATTN: Pauline

For rescue, please call ASAP. Thank you.
Lisa Hester

Jamie Sprague
Pauline Davis                             
Murray County Shelter

Leitchfield, KY. – Injured Dog!!!!!

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This poor girl we named Peg was brought in by animal control sometime during the night Saturday. On Sunday morning we discovered her trembling in her kennel, probably both from pain and fright. Her little leg has been damaged, probably beyond repair, and will need to be amputated. Not only is it skinned, it dangles from the joint. She has not growled at us at all; instead she welcomes any loving attention we give to her which included some pain medication we were able to give her.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Being a weekend, it took a while to get her into the vet’s office, where it was suggested that the cheaper alternative was to kill her, but we rejected this right away. She is sweet and loving, and there is someone out there who will accept this soon-to-be three legged girl into their home

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

we’re just sure of it. Could that someone be you?

We will update as we know more of her situation. In the meantime if you want to give this girl a place where she can recover, please contact us.

Donna White

Grayson County Humane Society

213 William Thomason Byway

Leitchfield, KY 42754

Call: 270- 230- 8839


GA…Rescued Beautiful Torti Kitten Needs Eye Surgery ASAP!!!

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Poor thing….just as sweet as can be. Probably a few months
old…maybe 2 pounds if were lucky. Eats like a pig…walks all over
the house since she came in. Uses the litter box. A real doll baby.
Doesn’t seem to be in pain, but it must be from the way this eye
looks. Although I have been cleaning it several times since she came
in the house, and she does not flinch.
We are getting vet estimates today to get her eye removed as soon as
possible depending on costs.
if you can help with sponsor, please contact us:

Barbara Lowe
Winging Cat Rescue


Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 20, 2007

From: Hayden, Leanne B [mailto:leanne.b.hayden@lmco.com]
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2007 11:55 AM

Can you help get the word out?  I’m unable to email. We’ve got people stranded on roofs in Gainesville (close to Oklahoma border) with their dogs.  I heard I-35 was shut down earlier headed north and south.  Sherman evacuating with an area of Hwy 75 (Central Expressway) completely shut down.  Haltom City another big problem. People trying to save their dogs and cats in all these places.       

Looks like a disaster effort is going to be needed for dogs/cats, i.e. carriers / food / place to stay.     

If you contact anyone and they can help, please contact proper authorities to get a status and don’t get caught in a situation yourself. Please urge everyone to be careful and exercise extreme caution.     




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Abandoned blind siamese kitten needs home/rescue

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 15, 2007

Home badly needed for BLIND Chocolate Point Siamese kitten who was
abandoned in Island Park, Long Island, NY.

Please contact Pat

plamoretti60@yahoo.com or call: 516-606-8855

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Fayetteville,TN – 2 Gorgeous Blind Husky Pups at Fayetteville Shelter Need Rescue ASAP!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 15, 2007

CONTACT IS: Melody at animals@vallnet.com

These 2 babies were brought into the Shelter last night, one can see a bit, but both are very scared. Did not know if you could help with them or not…but thought it was worth a shot. I had lost your email address and Jeni was kind enough to send it to me…now I’ve got you again…let us know. They don’t have a chance here at the Shelter.


Many thanks,
Melody McCoy
(Petfinder & 1-800-Save-A-Pet Contact for Fayetteville Animal Shelter)
1718 Pulaski Hwy
Fayetteville, TN 37334
Office Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri – 9 am – 4 pm
Saturday – 9 am – 12 noon
Closed Thursday & Sunday


Oak Harbor, Ohio – Two injurred kittens, Thrown from car! – Humane Society

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 15, 2007
Humane Society of Ottawa County, a wonderful organization located in Oak Harbor, Ohio, recently rescued two adorable kittens who were in serious condition, and would have most certainly died had HS of Ottawa County not agreed to help them.
The medical expenses are mounting at Fremont Animal Hospital due to the severity of their injuries, and they sure could use a little help with their extra large bills for TOAD and SALAMANDER.
Please read their stories, and if you can spare a few dollars it would help them with the bill that is mounting day by day. The kitties came in about three weeks apart. Salamander is still there because his pin came out.  He was run over by a car, and lived to tell about it!!!
On Saturday May 26
a woman found a kitten on her road
that had been thrown from a car.
She contacted Erie Co Humane Society but they wouldn?t help her. So she took the cat to Petco. We (Humane Society of Ottawa County) were participating in a parade that day, but Petco called my cell phone.
We told her to bring the cat to the shelter and we would get it the medical attention that it needed. Well we named him Toad (he is missing toes).
Both of his front legs were broken.
He is missing a few toes from his left front paw,
probably when he hit the ground from the car.
He is doing well. We are just waiting for his right front paw to regain some more feeling as there was quiet a bit of damage done to the tendons/nerves.
He is at Fremont Animal Hospital with Salamander (see below). If you are able to donate to OCHS to specifically help pay for these two kittens, please send donations to:

Donations can be sent to:

c/o Fremont Animal Hospital
2357 Sean Drive
Fremont, Ohio 43420


Unfortunately Salamander is still at the vet’s, because she was too active in her cage, and the pin started to come out of her bone a little. Dr Reineck thinks she will be okay though. He just wants to keep her quiet for a little while longer.
has rescued a tiny eight week old kitten
who requires extensive surgery.
This beautiful, tiny kitten
has been named “SALAMANDER.”
She is very sweet
and has a broken front leg
and a broken back leg.

Initial estimates are near $1,000 to repair the front leg
and we?re not sure about the rear leg.
I guess it gets expensive when they have to ?pin? such little bones.
Any donation you might be able to make
by the Humane Society of Ottawa County.
Donations can be sent to:

c/o Fremont Animal Hospital
2357 Sean Drive
Fremont, Ohio 43420
Thank you for your concern!

Posted for Humane Society of Ottawa County by:
Barbara McGrady

This is my simple religion.
There is no need for temples;
no need for complicated philosophy.
Our own brain,
our own heart is our temple;
the philosophy is kindness.
                              ~The Dalai Lama

X-URG: Dane needs $200 surgery donations NOW – Graphic photos

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Buddy is a 5 year old Harlequin Great Dane living in South Carolina… goofy, fun-loving, and lovable, with a sweet expression and gentle nature.  Buddy is also in desperate need.  He has a very large, infected growth in one of his testes… it could be cancer.  Buddy’s owner recently underwent three surgeries and chemotherapy for cancer herself, and is trying to get back on her feet.  She does not wish to relinquish Buddy to Rescue, so Rescue is trying to get Buddy the help he so desperately needs.


What Buddy most urgently requires is surgery to remove the infected, engorged testicle, which can be accomplished with a neuter procedure.  This will obviously be more complex than the average neuter, but Simply Spay & Neuter in Mt. Pleasant, SC has agreed to perform this surgery for around $200.  We need to raise this money as soon as possible to prevent further complications from this growth.  A picture of this growth is below… please note the picture is graphic… do not scroll down all the way if you do not wish to see it.
Donations for Buddy’s surgery can be made via PayPal under the name SCDaneRescue, or go to this link: Enter Payment Information – PayPal  .  Please specify “Buddy” when making a donation.  Donations can also be made directly to Simply Spay & Neuter in Mt. Pleasant, SC, by calling (843) 856-9190.
Please give Buddy a chance at a happy, comfortable life.  Buddy thanks you for your help… as do we!

Donations needed for abused puppy

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 15, 2007
Frankie was beaten with a belt and thrown off a 3rd story balcony.
After he hit the asphalt, breaking 2 legs, his “owner” put him in the
dumpster and left him to die.
Thankfully a neighbor saw the whole thing
and called animals control. Frankie has already had one surgery to
place a pin in his hind leg and will need several sets of x-rays and at
least one more surgery in addition to routine puppy care such as
vaccines and neutering.
We are a veyr small rescue focusing on bully
breeds and are now in need of donations to help care for Frankie.
Please visit www.midatlanticbullybuddies.org and follow the link for
our paypal account. We do NOT have 501c3 status yet so donations are
not tax deductable. I will be posting photos under “Frankie”

Summersville, WV-Sr. Blind in one eye, black and tan-URGENT

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 12, 2007
Please contact the Nicholas County Animal Shelter and give this boy the life he deserves! Jaime Trainer

Nicholas County Animal Shelter
Summersville, WV
304 872 7877
Black and Tan Coonhound
Size: Extra Large
Age: Senior
Gender: Male
ID: 07MyaD48
Notes: Jim’s owner brought him inot the shelter 5/25/07. Jim is an older guy but wiht good years ahead of him. He is blind in one eye but gets along well. He is very loving. He will be a wonderful family pet.

Philly, PA – One-Eyed Boxer needs a home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 12, 2007

This dog needs a home 🙂 He is a 2 year old, recently neutered male. He is
good with dogs, but will chase cats. He is very well mannered and a typical
boxer. He is being fostered by Jasmin. He was hit by a car and his owner
wanted to put him to sleep. The doctor informed the owner that he would need
to have his right eye removed and the owner did not want a dog with one eye.
His surgery was performed on friday and now has one eye only…. dogs do
very well with one eye. If not for Jasmin, this dog would not have a chance
to find a forever, loving home…. can someone help??? Please contact

Shy one-eyed Collie mix puppy- URGENT- SOUTH LA

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 12, 2007
  Please cross-post

    Just a baby at seven months old-  she is very shy.  She probably has spent her short life in someone’s backyard with no human contact.  She LOVES her kennelmates and spends most of her time trying to cuddle up with them for comfort.
 JULIA – ID#A875351
My name is Julia and I am an unaltered female, black and brown German Shepherd Dog.

   She is red-listed and very URGENT.


South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center at (888) 452-7381
Ask for information about animal ID number A875351


213-485-0117 OR 213-485-0119


Janie broken leg – Please post for her!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 11, 2007
JONESBORO GA CLAYTON COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL: Cat cruelty case, Pit Bull Urgent, Broken leg dog will be first to be gassed, Family pet turn in for getting old. – They put more than one dog at a time in the gas chamber!!

**Please check out the petfinder: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/GA493.html



Clayton Co. Police Dept. Animal Control Unit
Jonesboro, GA

broken kitty needs donations for surgery–grant park, IL

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hi. crossposting only. contact info below.

Hi everyone this is Jamie from Almost Home Animal Rescue in Grant Park, IL.
We have a little kitty that needs major surgery and we need
donations quickly so we can pay for the surgery. She was hit by a car
and brought to animal control. Her outside injuries were just bad road
rash. She had been at animal control for 1 month. I went in to look at
the dogs and found her. I took her to the vet immediately and they said
she was breathing funny and deep but that could be due to stress but
they felt better doing an xray before putting her under anesthesia.
They did a chest xray and her diaphragm was tore in half. They said she
should not even be alive at this point because most animals don't
survive this type of injury. She is truly a fighter and has a great
will to live. The only way to save her life is to do the surgery and
try and put the diaphragm back together. If you could make any kind of
donation,even the smallest one we would really appreciate it. We are a
501(c)3 so your donation is tax deductible. If interested in making a
donation please contact Jamie at 708-946-9474 or 708-927-1065 or

Also, please crosspost this far and wide, I would really appreciate

DALLAS,TX Sugar aka Helen – A SWEETHEART~ – Deaf Pit/AB dog

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 10, 2007
Dear Fellow rescuer,

I regret to say that the rescuer who was going to take this baby backed out on me.  Now she is in my home and I CANNOT keep her.  I’m in a bind and I really do need your help.
She’s a sweet, loving and laid back 1 year old deaf dog.  She’s house broken and does not tear anything up.  She sits at my feet while I’m on the computer or in the bathroom putting my makeup on.  She had her rabies shot back in 3/22/07.  She was a stray and we had her tag number and tried to locate her owner.  No luck in that either.  I spent almost all day trying to locate him.  She gets along with my own dogs, cats and loves my child.  I just cannot have another pet right now.  I am asking for help in finding her a home or a rescue to take her in.  I’m just an independent rescuer who don’t have the 501c3. 


I am begging for your help.  PLEASE!!  I cannot keep her here.  I guarantee that she’s one of the best dog anyone could ever have.  She would fit well with any family with or without children.  She would be great for an elderly couple, too.  She does not require ALOT of attention.  She’s one big LOVING dog. 

PLEASE…. help me as I saved a dog thinking she had a place to go but now….. she has no place.


Thank you in advance,
Julie Matthews
Deaf independent rescuer

BLIND Chocolate Point Siamese DUMPED (Long Island, NY)

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 10, 2007


**CONTACT PAT at: plamoretti60@yahoo.com   (@yahoo.com),
or call: 516-606-8855

There’s a woman in Island Park, NY, who feeds a few feral cats on a corner in a residential area, and gets alot of slack from the residents.  I see the cats from time to time, but more recently have seen a Chocolate Point Siamese.  I don’t usually stop because of the conflict with the neighbors but the other day the Siamese was hanging around allot.  I stopped, grabbed some food, and he/she was quite receptive to my advances although I thought the advances were more by sound and smell rather than sight.  Once he/she came over, I thought I saw hollow eyes.  Thinking, well Siamese have those crystal blue eyes that in certain light may look blank, I wasn’t convinced and started making inquiries.  After several phone calls I found someone that knows Marge, the caretaker who by the way is an elderly woman with health issues. 

Now I haven’t spoken directly with Marge yet, but they informed me that yes, the cat is blind.  Totally blind?  I don’t know but if someone can take this baby off the street, that would be a blessing.  They’re talking about moving the feeding across the street too which could be a death sentence.  It’s not a busy street but nonetheless, this blind or partly blind cat will have to make his/her way across the street without incident to eat.

**CONTACT PAT at: plamoretti60@yahoo.com  (at  yahoo.com),
or call: 516-606-8855.**


Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 7, 2007

Remember there are MANY volunteer transport groups available to assist in coordinating and getting furkids to you so don’t let distance keep you from rescueing.

Thank you,
720-344-8423 (H)
303-246-5882 (C)
National Pet Transport List



Ok, if no one has room for this girl.  Can you help get her out and into safety in a boarding kennel to buy more time to find someone to take her into their rescue or home??  I’m real upset about this.  I feel like no one wants to help me or this pup.  I’ve sent pleas and crossposted every pleas then when I need help… no one (not one person) even replies to help me.
Thank you!

HELP!!!  She is still there!!!!  Does anyone have room for a sweet months old Deaf Pit????

I’m begging!!!!
CAGE 34 “Helen”  (1632)..fem..Pit..5/29..6/6 – 45 lbs  sweet, friendly..6 months old..deaf

~ Harrisville WV: Will you let me die here because I am old and have an injury? 35 lb Husky/Shiba Inu mix

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 7, 2007
please crosspost

Rescues, where are you? 
This guy has been at the shelter for MONTHS! 
That’s a testament to his temperament because this shelter is NOT no kill. 
Please don’t let him die of old age in a shelter without a family! 


Senior husky/shiba inu mix, lost part of his tongue in an accident but it has healed and he is able to eat.
10-12 years old and only 35 lbs


Call June to rescue:  304-643-4721
Transport help is available to the northeast.
Good with large dogs? Yes

Good with small dogs? Yes

Good with cats? Yes,

Good with men? Yes

Good with women? Yes

Good with children/recommended for a home with children? no

Energy level: medium energy,

Quiet or barky? barks occasionally,

Personality: fairly well socialized,

Housebroken? mostly,

CA-Auburn deaf sweet pit puppy-Snowflake needs Rescue…

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 6, 2007
Meet Snowflake, a playful 12 week old pitty puppy with a zest for life! Snowflake loves life and doesn’t realize that she’s got a disability.
Little Snowflake is deaf and will need a home who can train her with hand signals! She’s so responsive and eager to learn. Her world may be quiet, but she’s a shining spirit in ours! Please call Lynn at 916 652 4164 if you can provide a home for Snowflake! email: Loomisgal@cs.com

Karl Cobler-Webmaster
Chow Chow Rescue of the Sierra Foothills
Mystery Mutts – Wee Wonders
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation
(530) 277-0476 cell

Pottstown, PA – Please help Chloe get the surgery she needs!

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Katie’s Critter Corner seeks donations to assist with Chloe’s surgery!

June 4, 2007 : 12:00 AM
Chloe is a three to four year old, Basenji/Pit Bull mix, who was pulled from a West Virginia shelter while she was pregnant in February of this year.

Source: Katie’s Critter Corner

This beautiful girl delivered three beautiful pups, one naturally, two via c-section. A few weeks ago, Chloe was diagnosed with Partial Laryngeal Paralysis by the rescue’s regular Vet and the diagnosis was recently confirmed by a specialist. The doctor’s believe that the damage to Chloe’s throat is most likely due to a trauma. Sadly, Chloe arrived to the shelter in WV that she was pulled from with scars on her body and face so the damage to her throat being caused by abuse or mistreatment would not be surprising.

Partial Laryngeal Paralysis causes Chloe to have breathing issues because there is a piece of tissue blocking her airways. The surgery she needs is crucial to her survival and would “tie back” the extra tissue so she can have an open airway and breathe better. This will require the surgery and 3 days hospitalization on a pain patch and fluids.

Katie Critter Corner wants to help Chloe and do whatever they can to help her. The surgery has been scheduled, but the rescue desperately needs donations. Additionally, the rescue pulled a Mastiff in April that also requires surgery. When the rescue pulled both these animals, they were unaware of these medical conditions – not that knowing that would have changed their minds when making the decision to pull these sweet dogs from kill shelters, but they would have started fundraising efforts if they had time to plan. However, rescue cannot always be planned and at times can be unpredictable and they are doing the best that they can. Might you be able to contribute to this life saving surgery for Chloe? Every donations helps no matter what the amount is.

The sugery will cost $1,500 for bloodword and the surgery. Dr. Rogatz at Gwynedd Vet Hospital will be doing Chloe’s surgery. The Vet Hospital has asked that any donations be made payable to “Gwynedd Vet Hospital” but has requested that all donations are physically mailed to the rescue to ensure they are properly tallied and applied to the correct account. This also ensures that if enough money is raised, Katie’s Critters Corner can return the checks to the sender.

Please help Chloe! With the hot weather, her condition is especially life threatening!

What you can do

1) Donate today!

2) Help raise money for Chloe’s surgery by sending this to your friends and family!

Contact information

Checks should be made payable to Gwynedd Vet Hospital and mailed to:

Katie Critter Corner
352 W King Street
Pottstown, PA 19465

Katie Critter Corner is a privately-funded rescue that pulls animals from high-kill shelters or obtains them through guardian surrenders to give otherwise unwanted pets a chance at a forever home! Each animal in their care receives all Vetting, including vaccines, HW or FeLV/FIV testing, and spaying/neutering prior to adoption. Also, if they are in need of extraneous care, their needs are met through Veterinary Specialists. They are given high quality diets to help them recover as most animals brought in are malnourished or othewise compromised. The adoptive parents must partake in an educational Q&A session to reiterate the importance of vaccinating, obedience training, nutrition and socialization so they can continue what was started here.

Pictured above: Chloe

Reprinted with the permission of Katie’s Critter Corner

Posted by Nicole, PA Team Leader

Bowling Green KY: DONATIONS & rescue needed for Abby!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 6, 2007
This poor girl is in pain due to inverted eyelids!
Guesstimate on cost for surgery:  at least $100, possibly more.
PayPal and mailing address is in her listing





Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society
Bowling Green, KY
LorriC143@aol.com (@aol.com)
Shepherd Mix
Size: Large
Age: Young
Gender: Female
Notes: Intake Date: 5/26
Available Date: 5/26
Age: 3 years
Has inverted eyelid and needs surgery. Please help us help Abby. Her eyelids are turned inside and scratching her eyes, w/out surgery she will not get adopted.
Cat testing can be done upon request after the application is received.

NC – Blind PureBred Siberian Husky Tied to a tree – Can anyone help?

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 6, 2007
sylvasylva59@earthlink.net  wrote

This beautiful boy was found wandering around and appears to be blind.  The family that found him is trying their “best” to care for him.  He is tied to a tree and now they are thinking of keeping him if no one steps up.  L

This is no life for any dog.  I have searched for Blind Dog Rescue Groups and I do know they exist I just cannot locate.  If you cannot take him in can you please crosspost with the hope that he will be saved from a life at the end of a chain?


The contact person for this beautiful boy is
 Susan Howie    704-764-7096, Susan does not have a computer hence the reason for the lack of an email address.

Susan mentioned that she has contacted nearly 10 Siberian Husky Rescue Groups, and no one has respondedL

Won’t you please help in trying to get this guy off his chain?

Thank you for any consideration provided.

Sylva Penkov-Southwell

DFW TX – Deaf Boston Terrier in DFW

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 6, 2007

From: Cson Johnson dastardlydeed@yahoo.com

young adult male, brindle and white, housebroken, good with kids. he is
however rowdy and has not had much training as owners didnt know how to
communicate with him.

North Richland Hills Animal Adoption and Rescue Center

North Richland Hills, TX
mbharvey@nrhtx.com (nrhtx.com)

Cson Johnson
Silversmith Jack Russell Terriers
Texas Jack Russell Rescue

Bowling Green KY: pitiful injured pitty baby girl needs DONATIONS and a RESCUE!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 5, 2007
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Suede needs your help!  Emergency vetting cost $600 to save her!  Donations & rescue needed!  She’s only a baby!!!
PayPal and a mailing address in her listing.


Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society
Bowling Green, KY
Pit Bull Terrier
Size: Medium
Age: Baby
Gender: Female
Notes: 5/22 UPDATE:
She’s about 3 1/2 months old now and weighs 16.2#. She’s HUGE! She’s housebroke and crate trained. Plays well with other animals and loves to ride in the car. She walk well on a leash. She’s extremely quiet. I hardly ever hear her bark.




Intake Date: 4/10
Available Date: 4/13
Age: 8-9 weeks
taken from another shelter so she wouldn’t be euthanized
home visit and vet reference will be required

Lisbon, Ohio – Bruiser the Injured Boxer was Tossed Down an Embankment

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on June 1, 2007
Meet Bruiser!!  He’s a young Boxer male. A former Pound employee found Bruiser at the bottom of the road next to a broken dog crate.  She suspects that someone put Bruiser in the crate and threw him down the embankment.  That crate may have saved Bruiser’s life, but he’s very skinny and has an injured leg that needs medical attention.   The Pound staff have fallen in love with him and have spared him from euthanasia.  And a local vet has agreed to do the surgery at cost. 

Bruiser needs your help.  Please consider: (1) Fostering Bruiser while he recovers, and/or (2) making a donation toward his surgery.  He’ll need to put on some weight before he can go under. 

To foster and/or donate, please contact the Columbiana County Dog Pound at (330) 424-6663 and colcodog@sbcglobal.net  (at  sbcglobal.net). 

Donations can be mailed to the Columbiana County Dog Pound, 8455 County Home Road, Lisbon, Ohio 44432. 

Or you may Paypal donations to kkennett@cinci.rr.com (remove 2 spaces). 
Make sure to say that the donations are for Bruiser.

Bruiser thanks you!!

Columbiana County Dog Pound
Lisbon, Ohio
Phone: 330- 424-6663
Email: colcodog (at) sbcglobal.net