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Chico+attacked by coyote+needs donations for medical care

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 29, 2007

This is posted on behalf of Jodie, Chico’s caretaker, please use email contact at the end of this email for any questions.

Last Sat. before Xmas, Chico was in our yard pottying. My husband just looked
at him. Not even a minute later, I came around the corner, & saw the coyote in
our yard with Chico in his mouth. I yelled & scared the coyote off. Thank the
Lord he didn’t take Chico w/ him!

I got him to the vet. He was given meds 4 pain, shock, infection., and his
heart. The vet that saw him Sat. told me to put him down if we couldn’t afford
the surgery. I told him no. The vet did want to stabilize him before
moving him before surgery. Sunday, he was holding his ownl. Monday we got the
call saying he wasn’t doing good. We were facing the truth, we’d have to let him
go. Well it took us about 1/2 hour-45min. to go to the vets. A new Dr. came in
1/2 hr. later & said that Chico was trying to walk, eating & drinking. He said
to give him a chance. The sec. the NEW dr. brought him in, Chico was waggin’ his
tail, & lickin’ us. Bringing him home is the best Christmas gift. We now call
him a miracle doggie.

You can donate by visiting Chico’s Surgery Fund

You can view more images of Chico by visiting

Chico is 8mos. old.

On windy days, he loves chasing the leaves in the backyard. He hates my husband & I to kiss. He jumps on the couch, & jumps between us. We have 1 other dog, poodle, his name is tiny. Well him & Chico play. Chico will lick tinys ears. We also have 2 cats. The cats are bigger than Chico. He loves sleeping next to the cats, he even cleans their ears & kisses them. Chico will get all of our kids toys, especially squeaky ones & take them outside.& pile them up. He takes all of the stuffed animals, even if they are bigger than him & carry them around the house. He gets the kids socks, even prs.of pants & piles them in a corner. When Chico gets nervous, he will find things on the floor & have 3-5 things in his mouth, carry them all over. He licks my husbands bald spot. He has big ears, so we call him mousey, chee-wee, & prettybaby, which he responds to all. Especially pretty-baby, he goes crazy, jumps & wags his tail.

The surgery he needs is to put tubes in him for infection to drain.
The one pix I sent you can see where he is hurt,
& also on his other side. He also has wounds on his neck & lots of bruising. All
these wounds have to be drained or else the infection will go into his blood
stream & create lots of problems, & worse.
He also has a fractured rib, they need to fix cuz it could cause problems later w/ his

He will also be neutered at time of surgery
. The surgery. will cost from $640-$1,060.
The vet doesn’t know if there is internal inj.

I’ve been having to try & keep his wounds from scabbing, so they can drain.
Its nature for the body to heal. I’ve been putting warm compresses 2-4 hrs., its
not helping. I guess in a way that’s good. It shows how strong he is, but it can
also trap inf. inside. If anybody knows of anything to keep the wounds open,
please let me know. He is on antibiotics, & pain meds. He tries so hard to play
w/ our other animals. We watch every move they all make.

The coyote jumped our 6ft. fence, my husband saw him jump over it when I
scared it. I’ve made several calls to animal con
. This was not the first
time we have seen them in daylight. I do pray for all pets & children to be
protected. The coyotes are hungry, and be aware of all surroundings, day or
night. Please don’t take it for granted that it won’t happen to your pets or
kids,cuz it can.

The vet will accept donations by credit card by phone.



They do have a website which is:


Jodie Says: Brianna is the one to talk to.

You can contact Jodie, Chico’s caretaker at the following email address. 

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S.C. Lab Mix Puppy, spayed with minor emotional issues, needs home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 29, 2007

EMAIL CONTACT twizz161@yahoo.com

We have an 8 month old lab/beagle (we think) mix puppy. We do NOT
want to give her away, but she has some issues that she needs another
home for, as we are expecting our first child in February, so we are
not going to have the time.

She is fully housebroken, knows some commands, loves children and
other doggie friends. I’m not sure about cats, as she’s never been
around any. She’s about 26 pounds right now, we expect her to hit the
40lb mark.. maybe. lol She is spayed, up to date on all her shots,
and heartworm preventative. She is very sweet and loves to play. No
problems with chewing. Give her a toy or bone and she’s a happy girl!

I want to be upfront with her issues, cause I want someone to know
what she is up against. She needs a loving home, with someone who can
work on her issues with timidness. She’s not scared of vacuums/loud
noises. She is scared of random things, like grocery bags, boxes,
paper. etc. When she gets scared she pees. She doesn’t like new
experiences, she freaks out and wants to hide in her crate.

We are worried that she will be too timid around the baby. Babies are
a big adjustment, and we don’t know how she will handle screaming,
etc. We are also moving into a new home, and she’s already skiddish
when we have visited it.. and tries to run away or pee.

We are at a loss of how to train her. My husband and I have never had
any experience with a timid dog.. She needs someone who will have
time to train her and give her the attention she needs. If anyone is
interested. please let me know.

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INGLESIDE,TX+ Dimitr, Deaf White Heeler Mix needs home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 29, 2007

Dimitri was found wandering one of the local county roads in South Texas,
he has been my foster dog since the beginning of December 2007.  He is
HW- and the vet puts him at just over a year old. He either had a pediatric
neuter or neither of his testicles have dropped. The vet said he can’t be sure
either way unless he does surgery to check. He is current on all shots and
walks great on a leash. He has a docked tail and weighs about 40 pounds. He is
on Revolution for fleas,ticks and heart worm.

He is living with my 6 dogs and 7 cats. My dogs range from 1 year to 15
years, and from a doxi to a blue heeler in size. He loves to play and run and
will play for hours with my youngest dog, however sometimes he does play rough
and I have to redirect. He will chase cats but again I can redirect his
behavior. He has been swiped more than once by my cats and is beginning to
develop some respect for their space.  He is very smart and learned how
to use the dog door in one day. He has shown no food aggression at all. I
feed all 7 at the same time with separate bowls and he has learning feeding
time rules. He has shown no body or mouth aggression either, I am able to
touch and feel all parts of him.  He is hand shy and it has made it
difficult for teaching had signals. He does know stay and sit. I would recommend that he lives with one or two dogs so he can play with and learn the
rules from them. Not sure about small children as I have none but my friends
13 year old comes over and he has been fine with her. My 78 year old mother
was able to handle him also. He is like any other herding dog he needs to be
active and engaged.  He is not fully housebroken yet. Any other
questions I have not answered please email me at scoleman@infionline.net or lcrpets1@yahoo.com

He can be seen on our Petfinder page http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=9814331

A fenced yard is a requirement as is a vet reference. I am willing
to help pay relocation costs.

Any help in rehoming Dimitri would be greatly appreciated.


Sue Coleman

Last Chance Rescue
Ingleside Texas

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Rutherfordton, NC 9yr Old Blind Spayed Catahoula Still needs a home!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 29, 2007

Sophia is spayed, up to date on shots,
9yrs old.  Please some one give her a Happy New Year of a warm, safe,
& loving home!!!  She is NOT deaf, she is blind in both eyes. 
Sophia is
very trusting, walks well on leash, very
calm and well mannered, likes other dogs, and loves to be petted.  She
is sitting in boarding waiting to be saved.  If you can help Sophia
please email me bambiw4@yahoo.com
Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog (mix breed)
Age: Senior
Gender: Female
Size: Large
Spayed, up to date on shots, blind in both eyes
Location: Rutherfordton, NC
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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NC.Urgent!! Bloodhound with BLOWN OFF FOOT.OWNERS SAID TO SHOOT.Amputation required.Please help

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 29, 2007
Hi All,
There is a 4 year old female Bloodhound in need of a rescue groups help. She was brought into a Greensboro
vets office today with a blown off foot. Her owner asked a neighbor to
shoot her. That did not happen but the neighbor can not keep her and
does not have the funds to pay for vet care. An ESRA volunteer helped
cover today’s vet costs and convinced the vet to keep her in their care
until a rescue is found. An amputation will be required.
Please email me at pam@lovethemspringers.com
or call 336-622-1483. PLEASE leave a call back number if you get my
voicemail. She is heartworm negative and just weaned a litter of
Christmas puppies. She has never been in a house and will need a lot of
Please help and thank you,
Pam Civile
English Springer Rescue America Inc.
North and South Carolina Coordinator


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Philia PA: Blind Skinny and Scared-Stevie Wonder needs a home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 28, 2007

Stevie Wonder is 6mths-1year and is going blind at such a young age. He
is super small, but probably full grown. I would say he is about 23-25
pounds now and should be about 30 pounds. After he gets to know your
voice and touch he will wag his tail and give kisses. He has an
adorable pink snout that is so cute. Outside on the leash he is a
little confused by all the smells and sounds, so he could use some
leash work- he bumps into things when left to explore on his own, but
in just a short time he knew that when I said “AhAh” he was about to
bump into something, he would stop and wait for me.

This boy is a little LOVE! He really enjoys snarfing kibble
out of your hand, and is highly intelligent and catches on quickly
(especially when there’s food involved!). Please get him out of this
chaotic shelter and into a home where he can bring love and happiness
into your life. He is severely underweight and need to put on weight
soon. If you would like to give this Wonder-boy a FURever home, please

Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association

(267) 385-3800


(Posted on 12/26/07 by LI)

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Philadelphia, PA – Harley the lab puppy needs YOUR help-needs hip surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 28, 2007


Harley is an 8 month old stunning, loving yellow Lab puppy that is a victim of one of modern society’s biggest disgraces — Puppy Mills. Harley was born in a Puppy Mill in Ohio. He lives in constant pain because his hips are not formed the way they should be. He may have been the product of a parent or parents with bad hips, he may have been the product of a senior mother that shouldn’t have been forced to continue to pump out litters to make greedy people more wealthy. Harley may have his deformity because his mother was denied proper nutrition and/or medical care. We will never know exactly why Harley is the way he is — but what we now know is that he can be helped.

We at “All Things Pawssible Rescue” learned of Harley back in November. He had been born in the puppy mill, sold to a pet store, purchased by a family and dumped at the city shelter when they realized Harley wasn’t “normal”. The shelter put out a series of pleas for help from rescues everywhere on Harley’s behalf. When we realized that nobody in his area was willing to help him, we made the call that saved his life. Transportation was arranged and Harley was Pennsylvania bound the day after Thanksgiving.

Harley requires radical surgery that will change his life and provide him with the pain free future that he deserves. Harley’s hip sockets are flat and have to be surgically replaced. The head of his leg is attached by muscle and tissue. This is very painful and tiring for him. He jumps around (with the cutest little wiggle!) then has to rest. He frequently lays on his back with his back legs either in the air or propped on a wall or chair — it must relieve some of the pressure or pain for him. Surgery is the only solution — but not an option that we as a small rescue can possibly afford alone. The surgery itself will cost as much as $5000 per hip. He will also require costly therapy prior to the surgery to build muscle strength to help him recover. In addition, rehabilitation after surgery will be lengthy and expensive.
We are doing more research to find the most reasonable surgery, but also the most successful group in the specific surgery that he requires. The Pennsylvania SPCA has offered to accept donations on Harley’s behalf. They have also generously offered us access to their doctors and specialists. We at “All Things Pawssible Rescue” need to do everything possible to secure the funding to cover Harley’s surgery.
Please pledge all that you can to help Harley. He is a wonderful boy and needs all the help, generosity and prayers of all of you to brighten his horizon. Please send your check made payable to:

Attn: Surgery for Harley
350 E. Erie Ave.,
Philadelphia, PA 19134
Please note on the outside of the envelope and in the Memo section of your check:
Surgery for Harley

Harley thanks you for your help! Woof!

All questions can be directed to AllThingsPaws@aol.com

Fw: Murphy, NC – Partially Blind puppy needs a home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 28, 2007

Please email: Leovrhs@gmail.com 

This is Gizmo,
He was brought into the shelter about a month ago.  He was by himself, confused and in

the dark about his future.  He stayed at the shelter, and hid in the back corner.

I came to the shelter for a meeting and saw this little one in the back.  The shelter does
“Shuttles” where the adoptable, healthy dogs are sent off to Conneticut to find new homes.
Gizmo couldn’t go because his eyes have blind spots on them.
He has the best personality ever!  He loved being held all through the meeting, and started
shaking as I put him back in the cold cage. That was it!  He looked at me, & we both knew
what would happen if he stayed at the shelter! 
He is a partially blind puppy.  His chances of getting out were nothing!

So…Gizmo is at my house for a few days, and I have to find him a permanent home or

rescue!  I can’t keep him very long.  This is just a temporary situation for him. To keep
him alive!

He is such a great puppy!!!!  So happy and full of life!  I almost have him 100% housebroken,

but he still pittles a little bit, I think that’s just cause he is a puppy though. He knows how

to sit, and LOVES!!!!  To play fetch!  He lives for the ball!!!

Gizmo is a Boxer mix puppy we think, but i think he has collie in him somewhere!

(Short Haired Collie! Laughing )

I’m fostering him for the VAlley River Humane Society in Murphy, NC.


He is 4 months old. Will be neutered, up to date on shots, dewormed…and microchipped

before he leaves!   He is SO Awesome!


PLEASE… He may have some blind spots, but he still acts like a totally normal dog!

He is VERY Social!!!  He is great with Kids, Men, Women, Kittens, My pet Ferret and

even is sweet and gentle to my pet rats that run on him! 


He is a little submissive, and not dominant!  He loves to go for walks and play fetch!

He listens very well and comes when he is called!  He will be a great dogs and a very loyal

dog for any family!

Please e-mail me: Leovrhs@gmail.com  (at  gmail.com).

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Apple Valley CA, Dog attacked by coyote, needs donations for surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 28, 2007

This is the first post for this dog.  Please Cross post!

Handipets was contacted by Jodie, here is the info so far:

The dog was attacked by a coyote and needs surgery.  The vet is:


They do have a website which is:


Jodie’s email address is: angeluvmrtnbaby@verizon.net

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LOST!! dog lost on i-95 SC, owner killed in accident 12/20/07

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 26, 2007

Please help get the word out in SC, so everyone can be on the lookout for Lowell. Sincere Thanks, Delecia

dog lost on i-95, owner killed in accident 12/20/07
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 01:55:44 +0000

clients were in a car accident today and their dog Lowell was lost. He
is an 11 year old black lab neutered. He is a retired seeing eye dog
and very Approachable. The husband was killed in the accident and the
wife is frantic
to Find Lowell as the husband had a strong
attachment to the dog.He is microchipped And had his collar with id on
it.The accident occurred on I95 near an exit for a
McDonalds. This
is very sketchy info I know but is all I have at this time. My Phone
numbers are 843 971 1976, cell is 843 412-4461

Carole Fulton D.V.M.
Charleston,SC 29492

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Ohio, Deaf dane needs foster or forever home fast! Only 6 days before he is seized

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 26, 2007

Original post Mon, 24 Dec 2007

We are in desperate need of a foster home for a 1 1/2 year old female
DEAF GREAT DANE that is here in OH and will be seized by animal control
because owner is over the dog limit in her city.
The dog has 6 days left before being seized.

She is good with other dogs, lives with cats and other dogs and two
children under the age of 5 and is fine with everyone. Up to date on
vaccinations just needs to be spayed if we can find her a foster spot
to stay safe for a while until one opens in one of our current foster

If you can help offer this girl a safe foster home please contact me ASAP
Denise Franks-Director
CODA-Cleveland Ohio Dog Advocates


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LOST!! Phila, PA: **Elderly Deaf Cat is Lost** Please Cross-Post!!!! It is Urgent

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 26, 2007



Please reply directly to Katherine Feldman at “free_spirited_gal2003@yahoo.com” (yahoo.com) – she is deaf so there is no other way of contacting her.

Thank you for your help!

Sue Senn
Sniffles and Friends Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service
Mutley’s Lonely Hearts Club Pet Rescue and Placement
Philadelphia, PA


Please cross-post this to as many people as you can.
Her last sighting was in Fishtown next door in the yard from my home.

She is 17 years old and has gone stone deaf. I am worried sick about
her being out on the street. She is one of 5 cats I am stuck caring for
in my basement. Her and the other cat went into my crawlspace and into
next door’s basement and the next door dumped these 2 outside 2 night
ago. The other one was found last night still in next door’s yard but
the elderly one was nowhere to be found.

I have went around the block looking for her last night to no avail.
She probably is now in hiding to keep herself warm. I live on the
street that intersects with Girard Ave in Fishtown and I pray she
doesn’t go any far and into Girard Ave or the busy street. If you see
her, do not hesitate to pick her up and hold her then email me.

She is very friendly and sweet but gets afraid easily. I can’t imagine
her being able to survive and find food in this cold weather. She meows
frequently for attention or food. She can’t hear at all — stone deaf!
She is mostly black and has a bald spot on her nose from the stratch
other cat did to her. She often folds and squint her eyes, uncertain
what you are going to do next. You’ll be able to tell she is elderly
when you see her. Please help find her and I want her to have a good
life before her time comes instead of her having to live like this on
the street being vulnerable and experiencing horrible result. She
hasn’t ever been outside for 16 years.

I spent good 20 minutes with her last Monday and she loves it before
putting her in basement and she’s probably depressed. I feel awful and
was planning to let her live out her life with me in one of bedrooms
until I find her a deaf/elderly friendly household whenthis person
comes again to change litter and put food
in the dishes only to find her gone. I want her back safe. Thanks!


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Deaf Rescued Cocker Spaniel needs home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 26, 2007

He was rescued from Animal Control and is believed to be anywhere
between 5 & 9 years old. He’s very sweet, affectionate & playful. He
won’t bark at the neighbors because he doesn’t hear a thing.

He is up to date with routine shots.
He is already house trained.
He has been neutered.

His adoption is subject to application & approval of the Animal
Adoption League & me (his foster parent).

Please contact me for more information & or photos.

If you believe you can give him a wonderful forever home, please
contact me at:


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Baxter injured dog needs donations

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 24, 2007

Here is a link to a website with details on
Baxter, a very sweet, cute pup who was picked up several weeks ago by Dekalb
County Animal Control.
When Baxter came to the shelter, he had been
living on the streets for a good while, after having been hit by a car. He had
no tags, no chip, no collar. He had sustained injuries to his back hip and
one of his front legs and he walks with a noticeable limp. One of the volunteers
at animal control took him to a vet for x-rays and the vet determined that
Baxter will need surgery for his injuries, estimated to cost between
Animal control is unable to pay for this large of
a surgery on a single animal. However, the local rescue group (the one on
the website) has agreed to take Baxter and get his surgery and foster him for
adoption IF enough money can be raised to help them out on the
For now Baxter remains at animal control, awaiting
his fate. I realize that everyone is very busy this time of year and probably
already at their credit card/bank account limit, but if you’re looking for one
more “good deed” to do this year, please consider helping Baxter out and making
a donation for him at the website. To make it easy, I think the rescue group
even takes credit card donations through PayPal.
Of course, Baxter IS available for adoption
directly from the animal control shelter, as well. Dogs like Baxter, with his
injuries and the need for surgery, don’t attract many potential adopters, So, if
some kind soul would like to save Baxter and handle his
medical needs on their own and then keep him as a true lifelong loving
friend, please come by the shelter and see him. It certainly would make his
holiday season a lot brighter.
Thank you. Happy holidays to all.
Kevin Moran
Avondale Estates
Dekalb Animal Control – Volunteer


var pending_images_3300340 = pending_images_3300333;

This little guy is up for adoption in a high kill shelter here in Atlanta.

He is in immediate need of donations for medical treatment.

Baxter has a front leg, that the elbow is loose in the joint and his left rear hip

is luxated. The vet believes that he must have been hit by a car or suffered a

serious fall to cause these issues.

Volunteers are trying desperately to help this sweet little dog, and in his current physical

condition, the shelter will not keep him.

His only hope is if the money is raised to repair his problems and

then put him up for adoption through a rescue or find an adopter who is willing to adopt Baxter

and give him the care he needs.

Forgotten Animals Rescue, Inc. is now accepting donations to help Baxter!

All donations are tax deductible.

Please help Baxter to receive the care he needs.

There are two ways to donate, please see our donation page and

mark your donations for ” Baxter “

We accept donations by mail or Pay Pal


Forgotten Animals Rescue, Inc.

P.O. Box 2958

Lilburn, Georgia



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Rutherfordton, NC 9yr Old Blind Female Catahoula Needs Home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 24, 2007

Sophia is spayed, up to date on shots,
9yrs old.  Please someone give her a Christmas present of a warm, safe,
& loving home!!!  She is NOT deaf, she is blind in both eyes. 
Sophia is
trusting, walks well on leash, very calm and well mannered, likes other
dogs, and loves to be petted.  If you can help Sophia please email me bambiw4@yahoo.com
Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog (mix breed)
Age: Senior
Gender: Female
Size: Large
Spayed, up to date on shots, blind in both eyes
Location: Rutherfordton, NC
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INDPLS,IN+10 yr old blind, sweet Chi still needs a home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 22, 2007

If anyone is interested in this poor little darling she’s
a blind 10 yr old housebroken Chi sweetheart. The other dogs in the house
pick on her so she needs to be fostered or adopted.


Wouldn’t it be
wonderful if she could have her own home  by Christmas!!


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Franklin, GA (Heard CO AC) Urgent!! BLIND JRT’S Time is up Needs home FAST

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 22, 2007

Please contact immediately if you can help…their time is up!
Heard County Animal Control Center
11818 Ga Hwy 100 Franklin, GA 30217
Phone: 706-675-3570
Email: heardcountyanima@bellsouth.net


113507 BLIND TU
Animal: Dog
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier [Mix]
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Size: Medium
From: Heard County Animal Control Center

and Sharron said that she is super sweet and she has such a sad story.
She was ran over by a car and the person(maybe her owner…not really
sure who it was) didn’t get her any medical attention and then
abandoned her. As a result of being HBC she had severe head trauma that
caused her to go blind. They think they know who ran her over and they
are trying to find them to press charges, but they don’t know where
this person is. This dog is just pitiful and with everthing she has
been though she is still sweet as pie.

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Donations Needed: LA, CA: Chi injured male 2 year old

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 22, 2007





He is on
his way to the vet but rescuer needs funds desperately.



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Livonia, GA Deaf White Kitty needs rescue

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 22, 2007

 I am sending out one last plea for rescue and transport assistance
 for a deaf white kitty who is very sick with URI and in the Livonia,
 GA shelter in NE Georgia.

 This poor guy did not deserve his lot in life and my only request
 is that someone help him to try to live a normal healthy life. I
 have been in contact with Sherrie (rescue coordinator) at the shelter
 about his condition and it is not good. Her contact info is

If anyone can help with rescuing and/or transporting this kitty,
 please contact Sherrie at the number above or my cell (734-276-0185)


 Thanks for all you do.

 Bruce Wilson

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Edgewater, Florida, 7 month old 3 legged kitten Wishing for a home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 22, 2007

CONTACT: karenm54@yahoo.com

Nome is a wonderful 7 month old boy who is ready for a permanent home.
He was hit by a car when we got him. He lost one of his rear legs at
the hip. He is pure white dsh with one blue eye & one green eye!He gets
along just fine, but is a finiky eater and doesn’t like dogs and would
prefer to be the” only” cat house hold. Adoption available to suitable
permanent home. He is current on his shots and has been fe/luek tested.

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Ruthersford, NC: 9yr old Blind Female Catahoula needs home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 21, 2007


Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog (mix breed)
Age: Senior

Size: Large




Location: Rutherfordton, NC
Shelter: RC Animal Shelter/Protection Alliance
Contact Tel: 8282877738
Contact Name: Lynne Faltracto
Contact email: rcapa@blueridge.net

About Sophia This is a special needs dog, is blind in both eyes. Very trusting, walks well on leash, very calm and well mannered.

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LA,CA Nearly blind staff/boxer needs home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 20, 2007


Reply to: comm-514425960@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-12-19, 12:50PM PST

Such was the case with “Samson,” a 1-1/2-to-2-year-old Staff/Boxer-mix.
Thankfully, a Good Samaritan followed this bewildered dog for two
hours, until others stopped to offer support and coaxed him into their
car and got him to a vet. He was scared and wounded, having fallen down
embankments and crashed into brick walls repeatedly. Of course, he had
no tags or microchip and no one posted flyers looking for him. But when
word got out about this young, innocent dog and what he had been
through, he had visitors daily and he started to realize not all people
are cruel. Donations were offered for his care, and he was neutered,
vaccinated, and microchipped. He has an appointment (already paid for)
on January 15 with a renowned veterinary ophthalmologist to try to
determine the extent of his blindness.

Samson is currently being fostered, but now needs a permanent home
with someone willing to care for a “special needs” dog and help him
adjust to a life where sounds and smells may be his only senses. He
enjoys snuggling and his adorable personality is starting to show. He
is super sweet, already knows a few commands, he is very inquisitive,
and as cute as they come. Although in his foster home he is with two
other dogs and all play wonderfully together, it is recommended that he
be in a home with other animals with no aggression tendencies
whatsoever. No pool either.

Contact Ranelle Black at 818-402-0944 if you would like to meet Samson and consider making him part of your family.

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Dog shot in the leg, needs home and medical help

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 20, 2007

12/18 Gallahger is a big sweety but
unfortunately he has been shot in the leg and is in a lot of pain. We are hoping
there is someone able to take him in and get his injuries some medical attention.
Our shelter has no funds available for medical expenses and so we can only wait
for ppl interested in helping. He really is worth it. If you are interested in
this pet, please contact

Harlan County Animal Shelter

Harlan, KY
Please email


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Shooter+Coonhound who was shot in the head still needs donations

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 20, 2007
Update on Shooter: 12/19/07- Minnie has contacted me to let me
know that there have been some nice sponsors for Shooter! However, Shooter had
an xray of his head and it is confirmed that he has been shot. The xray was hard
to do because he can’t hold his head still. He is now on meds to try to help him
with his balance, but he is still not able to have surgery due to being so weak.
He needs time to get stronger. He also will need to have some teeth pulled that
were damaged when he was shot. He is unable to be put under due to his
condition. He is eating good though which will help him to build up his
strength. If anyone can still yet donate some money to go to his surgery and
care, PLEASE contact Minnie as soon as you can! Thank you! Jaime
Send donations to:
Tucker County Animal Shelter
215 First Street
Parsons, WV 26287           
go to the
pet finder page listed below and go to the donations page and remember to put on
there for Shooter! God bless you all for helping. You are helping a hurt old man
to have a Happy New Year! Best Christmas present you can give!

You all
may remember the post going around with a plea for someone to save Shooter, the
walker that has obviously been shot in the head. Shooter has found a rescue to
go to, but we are trying to get donations for his medical before he goes to
rescue, as it is cheaper where he is at now. This boy is urgent to get to a vet
and get some things done.
This could be one of the greatest Christmas presents you
will give this year.
help if you can.
We are asking that
all monetary donations go to Minnie Parsons at the Tucker County Animal Control.
It is unknown, as of right now, exactly what the cost will be for Shooter.
help save Shooters life!
has a reputable rescue to go to and caring people trying to work for him! If you
have any questions please feel free to ask.
Please go to the
web site below to make your donation for Shooter!
Here are the email addresses you will need
if you have questions:
Minnie Parsons: Shelter Manager minnieandmarshall_4x4@yahoo.com
Rescue taking Shooter- crewwcoons@yahoo.com

Bachner Carey, Director

Rescue Education

Welfare for Walkers (CREWW), Inc.

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INDPLS,IN+10 yr old blind, sweet Chi needs a home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 19, 2007

If anyone is interested in this poor little darling she’s
a blind 10 yr old housebroken Chi sweetheart. The other dogs in the house
pick on her so she needs to be fostered or adopted. Contact..
pupscool@aol.com Wouldn’t it be
wonderful if she could have her own home  by Christmas!!

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Lawrenceburg KY: Handicapped dalmation mix needs a home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 19, 2007



“You’ll have to
pardon my pictures today. I have a hard time looking up. It looks like I
have an injury to my shoulder, maybe, and it makes me stand a little
awkward and I can’t raise my head up all the way. I know, its pitiful. But
I’m a good dog anyway. I’m sweet and quiet and I love to be right beside
you wherever you go. Please help me get out of here. A handicapped dog
doesn’t stand much of a chance in a shelter.” Why pay hundreds of dollars
for a pet at a store, when you can save a life by adopting a homeless pet?
Adoption fee for dogs is only $95 and adoption fee for cats is only $75,
and that INCLUDES the spay/neuter and vaccinations! That’s like paying for
the veterinary fees and getting the pet for

During the
month of December, we’ll be offering a $25 discount off all adoption


Anderson Humane

1410 Versailles

Lawrenceburg, KY 40342




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Donations needed for Hound with broken pelvis

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 19, 2007

Contact is: sylvasylva59@embarqmail.com

couldn’t stand it anymore; I brought her home that is 4 more dogs over
the weekend then what we had.  The pint sized beagle is going into
rescue, but I have to pay for rabies, the two old beagles need vetting,
I will do what I can, and the hound well I now need help.  Can you
please post to contacts for any donation, my paypal account is
being a private party, people will most likely not want to donate,
which is sad, I have donated hundreds of dollars just last month and
cannot donate one more cent to anyone anymore.  I NOW NEED HELP. I’M
DYING HERE.  My husband and I donate hundreds of dollars each month to
various groups and pay for pull fees around the country for people; we
now are in need of help with these four dogs. PLEASE. The Walker Hound
with the broken pelvis is skin and bones.

might ask me why I pulled them, well, two old beagles that no one was
taking and all the younger dogs and puppies are now gone into rescue. 
Why should they die, they are energetic and certainly deserve love
after being treated like dirt their entire lives.  The pint sized
beagle has been so traumatized she has not moved from her corner of her
crate for 3 days now. She finally ate and relieved herself but that is
while we were gone. The hound with the broken pelvis, well people
called and no on showed up for her.  She was lying on thin piece of old
bedding when I took her today.  A group was going to get her and I
waited and waited until the last minute, and they just never showed up,
all the staff was looking forward to getting this poor dog out of
there. This shelter has no money and is located next to a county dump.
 And that is why I pulled her.  So she would not have to spend one more
night in a cold kennel, lying on cement with broken bones.  And low and
behold I was lucky enough to see some asshole dump a dog on the road
and speed off as I was driving home, the dog running its heart out
trying to catch his/her dumper. I could not locate him/her, I tried.
So I ask you, please consider donating so that I can help these dogs become whole again.
 Thank you,



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Charleen, three legged rottweiler female in Atlanta, GA needs a home.

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 19, 2007

If you know any one looks for special needs rottie needs a
forever home. If interesting to adopt, please contact with Irina Clow at kitchenrotties@yahoo.com

Charlee is soooo happy and beautiful rottweiler needs a real home.
Irwin, thanks for saving her another chance..
Thanks, Cathy
Deaf Dog Rescuer

One of my foster rotties, Charlee, she is a three-legged girl who
to have her front left leg amputated due to a horrible thing that
happened to her in my home.  I have been fostering Charlee for about 6
months now (the leg was amputated about a month ago).  Her pics and
story are on Petfinder under Henry County Humane Society, McDonough GA
and on our rottie website at http://www.dogwoodrottweilerclub.com/rotts_charlee.asp (WARNING PICTURES SHOWN WOUND LEG!!)  
If you think you can be of assistance please let me know and I can send more pics and bios. 
is in no danger of being pts but she does need a very special forever
home.  Charlee lives in our home with 7 other dogs and gets along with
all of them.  She loves to sleep in bed with  us or watch tv on the
couch during the day (she must have   something soft to lay on).
Completely housebroken and no aggression issues at all.  She is a small
rottie, about 65 pounds.  Her adoption fee is $350 and of course she is
fully vetted, spayed, chipped, hw neg and on preventative.

Thank you for any assistance or advice.
Irina Clow
Rottweiler Rescue, Atlanta

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Amherst MA – last chance for Amanda-special needs kitty

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 19, 2007

Contact is: sophiecat5@cox.net

I posted a couple of weeks ago about Amanda but now her situation has become
an urgent one. Amanda is 15 years old and has a host of problems.
Currently she is in the middle of a 30 day cycle being treated for ringworm
and is also on antibiotics. She is blind in one eye and has a bullet lodged
in her brain which is believed to be the cause of the blindness in that eye.
Her person rescued her last year from a shelter she volunteered at since she
wasn’t doing well at all in the shelter environment and it was feared she
wouldn’t last long at all. Sadly her person has been very ill herself and
can no longer care for herself. She can barely cope at this point and is
wondering if euthanasia is best for Amanda. This is from a note I received
about Amanda today but it is soo hard because I am not close.I don’t know if
Amanda isn’t doing well because her person isn’t well or if she is actually
suffering herself? Here is her persons note:

“I am wondering if I should have Amanda put to sleep. If I were well,
perhaps I could cope with one thing after another, but I seem to be getting
worse, and so does she. She has to have another round of antibiotics, and
she is now going to her litterbox and crying, as well as crying during the
day. Perhaps she is only constipated, but she also cries at other times.
If I thought another home for her would be coming up soon, I could probably
cope, but as it is, I can’t afford to have her stay at the vet’s for weeks
again while I try to get well. This breakdown has been a nightmare for me,
and one more problem, in addition to the stress of the holidays, seems more
than I can take”.

Amanda is on a few different medications and by no means is an easy to adopt
kitty with all her special needs. If you would like more information on
Amanda I can send you an info sheet with more details and pictures. Please
email me directly at sophiecat5@cox.net

Thank you for taking the time to read about Amanda

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CT: 3 year old blind male neutered shepherd needs a new home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 19, 2007


Sarge is a 90 pound neutered male Shepherd that has gotten
SARDS (sudden accute retinal degenerative syndrome ) and has lost his sight. He is three years old and up to date on his shots. His owner is moving and
needs to find him a home. Please help us find him one. He is good with kids,
other dogs & people. He is playful, gentle and loves

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