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Shorty’s Spinal Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 26, 2009


All within just the last month I’ve learned that my Pug, Shorty, needs both spinal surgery and bladder stone surgery. I’m still paying for the emergency room vet bill for another Pug, Morty, that I lost last September, so money is tight. I started fund raising when I found out about the bladder surgery, knowing I didn’t have the $$ for it, then I got the news about the spinal surgery, which has to be done first before they’ll do the other one. It’s also 5 to 10X more expensive. I took on cleaning 2 houses, sold things online, I’m sewing Pug quilts, Pug-fabric appliance covers, dog clothes, dog blankets, sports team blankets & quilts. I haven’t solidified my latest idea, but I’m working with a couple of local bars/restaurants about holding casual fund-raising “parties” in which I invite people into their establishment. The business either donates food for a buffet, in which case the staff is donating a % of their tips, or people gamble or purchase beverages, or they have dinner, in which case the business donates a % of the sales. My “party” is income for the business that wouldn’t otherwise be realized, nor would the staff be receiving the tips from the guests. I will also be having a small “auction table” in which there will be donated items that people can bid on, and a table of items that I made that can be purchased.

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Please help Missy get her leg repaired

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 26, 2009


About 18 months ago we adopted our dog Missy. She was a rescue dog and was having trouble finding a home because of her separation anxiety (not surprising since she had been abandoned!). Our family adopted her and she has become the most loveable, easy-going companion we can imagine. She is part Lab and Greyhound, so she loves to run and jump. Her daily walks are the highlight of her day, especially when she sees the rabbits on our neighborhood trails! We recently discovered that her previous owners had not given her appropriate care and her hind legs had suffered ligament tears. They had healed, but caused her to get a limp when she ran too much. Recently she developed another limp that was not going away, and the vet said that she will need surgery to fix this problem. Right now she can’t talk walks, run or move around, and this would continue if she doesn’t have surgery. She is only 4 years old and is very active. She is the fastest dog at the dog park and loves to jump in the air to catch a ball in her mouth. We need to get the surgery done as quickly as possible, and the cost is $3,000 per leg. (We hope to do just one leg, but the vet has suggested that over time she will need both legs done.) We are in the process of raising money now (garage sales, eBay, second job), and would like to get the surgery scheduled immediately. In addition, I was out of work for 10 months last year and have just recently gone back to work, so this surgery is taking a huge bite out of our finances. We so appreciate any assistance to get our dog back to being the dog she was meant to be! If you know anyone that can help, even a little bit…it would be greatly appreciated…If you know of anyone that may be aware of an organization that might be willing to help, or individuals,…if you would be willing to forward a link to them I would be most thankful.

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Help Bullmastiff “Stoli” Walk Again

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 26, 2009


Nobody is ever “ready” for tragedy, it just happens. When you least expect it, when you are least prepared, when things seem to be going well… tragedies can happen.

Our Handsome Stoli is currently suffering from unexplained trauma. Stoli was a dog who came to live with me in 2007 after his owner passed away in a vehicle incident. He had been here for two years when I decided it was time he find a family to call his own, to sleep with, play with and protect. What a gorgeous young dog, truely just beautiful, happy and healthy. He was placed into a new home thru referral of a friend on the first of February 2009. Within the first week, Stoli began showing symptoms of spinal trauma; wobbling, inability and discomfort upon rising, dragging his hind feet and knuckling over. His crying out, incontinence and rapid progression of his failing rear had his *new* owners return him to me without any diagnosis or report of anything “happening” to him during his 2.5 wk stay with them..

Veterinary Specialists are managing Stoli’s condition as best as they know how.. Stoli’s care has gone from tremendously exciting, a vibrant three year old male Bullmastiff with a heart filled with kindness and gentle love… to exhausting, a boy who can barely get up and walk to the yard and back.

Currently without diagnosis, Stoli suffers from spinal discomfort and neurological dysfunction, compromising his rear mobility and disabling him nearly 100%. His care and immediate medical needs exceed our current financial capability. His prognosis fortunately is good to fair.. improvement has been noticed in just the two days of his return home. Stoli’s rear mobility is less uncoordinated and much more significant, just two days ago he was dragging both rear legs till his feet were bleeding. Now with assistance and proper care and housing (thank goodness he was returned home!!!) his legs are under him, he’s able to stand, foot placement isn’t correct but he’s giving it his best shot. He refuses to give up now that he’s back “home”!

Stoli’s heart is big enough to walk on it’s own. He’s a three year young Bullmastiff, gorgeous, kind, tremendously animated and gentle. His current physical condition is heartbreaking and possibly temporary due to trauma (?). Could time, rest, proper care and medical attention help Stoli to recover completely? In just three weeks he went from an almighty mass of muscle who never had a bad day, to a handicapped heart throb who hopes there is enough help out there for him. Please help us with a bit of Stoli’s medical costs!

There isn’t a more deserving guy. Stoli’s life has only just begun…he will stay here with us to have the BEST life we can offer him whether he heals completely or remains “handicapped”. Thank you for your consideration… Updates will follow!

Hugs to Stoli!!

more…. Last Saturday (February 20th) Stoli has met with the neuroligist in NJ who he visited before. I am thrilled that my help “goal” has been nearly met, please CONTINUE to donate..maybe Stoli can reach the goal of an MRI to diagnose completely what is going on to cause his this incredible discomfort and immobility!! For now that is way off (financially). His immediate care is now possible with your help. Thank you thank you thank you.

With your help we will be able to continue treating Stoli and his immobilization. Each day he HAS shown a 1 or 2% improvement. I am positively motivated to get Stoli back on his feet. THANKYOU for your support!!

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My Name is Katsumi I need your help

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Can you help me? My name is Katsumi. Several of us in different rescues who rescue this breed began to work together to help this girl who is 7-8 and needs a lot of work – from her eyes – to her immune system and to the fact we just found out she is high positive for heartworm. Yes I know she is an old dog – BUT she is a dog that has never been able in her whole life to feel freedom – to feel the touch of loving hands other than the vets and rescues working with her now. SHE DESERVES THAT NOW.

Many who have worked with the breed also believe that she may have VKH and we are planning on having her tested for that. We know that it is a lot for just one old dog – but our hearts bleed for this girl who still loves to do nothign but kiss and get attention – she deserves to know that food is a daily thing – that her owners, who are now in jail for animal cruelty, were wrong – she DOES NOT deserve to die not knowing what life is after enduring so many years chained and abused. Her eyes need a surgery that will literally remove the eyes and sew the lids shut. RIght now they are just oepn vessels for infection as they were never treated when she was younger. SO many of us workign together show the need for rescues uniting – we are doing that to save her – now we need your help – a dollar – or two or three. We are anxious to get her to the Sanctuary and begin some training and rehab for her and to show her what love is – we have a special place for her to be treated as the queen she should have always been.

if you would like to send a check to the vet please do
Ratcliffe Animal Hospital, 3152 Bert Kouns, Shreveport, LA 71118

CAN YOU HELP HER – Please read the email below – this fundable is the main donations center for several rescues working for her – Rebecca also has a collection goign for her primary care.

This is the first email we received about Katsumi (then called SHeba)
This was Rebecca’s earlier message about Sheba:
Sheba’s life up until now has been, I’m imagining, a living hell. She is 7-8 years old and has lived her entire life in an abusive home. Someone discovered her and took her away from there – her previous owner is in jail for aggravated cruelty, charges which Caddo Parish Animal Services in Shreveport, LA, have brought against him. They literally saved her life. They have said she can now go to a rescue. I have never seen an animal that has endured what she must have be as sweet as she is. She has no eyes and the vet says they were probably gouged out. Her fur is matted in spots – she is probably going to need to be shaved down. She licks all over your hand, begging for attention. She sits in her run at the shelter and howls the most mournful howl I’ve ever heard.

I don’t know how many more years she has left, but doesn’t she deserve the chance to know what happiness and kindness is? She is kennel trained and shows no food aggression at all. Please, can anyone help her? I’ve attached pictures of her that I got today. I will try and get better ones tomorrow.

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Burned Momma Dog

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 26, 2009


I AM BEGGING AGAIN……..I live in a very poor, rural area, and volunteer for Arrf (Animal Relief & Rescue Fellowship) in Leland, Mississippi.
This poor, homeless momma dog was taking refuge at a rural house outside of Leland, Mississippi, when a fire broke out and engulfed the entire home………unfortunately, she had just delivered EIGHT puppies! When the fire was first noticed by her, she began taking her babies out of the fire, one by one. She went back and forth, inside and outside of the home, until ALL eight of her babies were out of harm’s way.
Now named April, she somehow managed to rescue each and every one of her babies, although none survived due to the smoke inhalation they endured. Even Dr. Wilkerson was amazed at her continuous persistence in the face of pain…………her hair was singed, there were burns all over her body, the pads of her feet were burned off and she had severe smoke inhalation….all in her vain efforts to save her newborn babies.
How many others would have endured the pain April endured trying to save her babies? I wouldn’t want to face the same obstacles as April did………now, not only is she homeless, but she is also ALONE…….her babies did not survive! The good news is that April is doing GREAT but needs a forever home…….can you please help her find a good home?
If not, maybe you can help with her medical. Thank you for considering to help with April’s vet care! It is VERY appreciated!

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URGENT! Need home SINGELE PET home for F/Spayed springer spaniel in Columbia SC

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 20, 2009

This is an emotionally/behavior disorder dog.  She is an original Handipets Rescue that now needs more help.  Please read the following with an open mind.  Annie is not a brute.  She just needs to be in a home with no other animals, and in an an area where she can run in a back yard with no other animals nearby.  She would NOT be a good city pet.  Annie really needs to be in a rural setting and that is something nobody in our family can provide for her.

Annie has quite a story to tell.  Her life began as an abandoned pup.  Eyes just barely open.  Found in a clay pit, cold, hungry and unpottied.  We took her in and hand nursed and raised her into a healthy dog.  We were unable to keep little Annie though.  Our county has a restriction on dogs and we could only have 4 dogs.  Annie needed a home.  My sister kindly took Annie in and things were wonderful for quite some time. 

Later, my sister adopted another dog who had been mistreated and was in need of a good home.  Molly a beautiful young boxer came to live with my sister and all was well for a few months….

But Annie Changed.


Annie became highly aggressive toward Molly.  My sister worked with the dogs but fights became death matches.  Unwilling to give up on either of these beautiful creatures my sister saved up money and called in a professional to work with Annie.  This did not work out.  My sisters yard is much too small for Annie to run freely, she is hostile to the neighbors dogs through the fence, unsafe to walk with other dogs around so Annie cannot be properly exercised outside, and she is dangerous to other animals inside.

After over a year of trying to work through this situation a horrible fight broke out between Annie and Molly last night causing injury to both dogs and to my mother and sister who tried to break them up.  Aside from Molly the boxer there are two senior dachshunds in the home who are also at risk.

Sadly my sister now knows that Annie cannot live with other animals, cannot use her back yard and cannot be walked.  This is no life for Annie and the other animals in the home should not be abused by Annie.

Annie needs a home as as SINGLE PETShe has never harmed a human.  When I had Annie she never harmed a cat but because she has grown aggressive with other dogs I would not recommend her as a pet in a cat family and would be concerned about her around small children. She has no history of harming children but her fierce fights against other dogs would make me concerned.

Annie needs a good place to run.   We have never chained our dogs, they have always had space to run, but when neighbors complain that your dog barks viciously over a fence at their dogs….that is a problem.  If you have a privacy fence, or no nearby neighbors Annie would do great in your back yard. She loves to run and play.

My sister worked and was gone about 12 hours a day.  Annie had been left home while she was at work and there was never a problem.  When I had her we could leave her home as well.  Annie would work out well for working families.

This is an <b><i>URGENT</i></b> plea for a home for Annie.  If one is not found within a week this sweet dog will need to be put to sleep.  All other things have been tried.  She has been spayed, has been on benedryl to help calm her, herbals have been tried, she has been examined by a vet and is healthy.  A professional trainer has come to the home to help, the house has been divided and more humans moved in to help  keep things safe.  Sadly all attempts have failed.  Annie is a danger to other dogs and simply needs a rural home where she is the only pet.

Annie has never been abused from the day she was rescued.  We are unsure of what drives this emotional disorder, could it be because she was hand nursed?  Most do not agree, but that seems to be the only thing different about her life.  She had no young pups to play with and the older dogs did try to put her in the rear of the pack…could that be it?  If we had the answers I’m sure we could solve this problem, but sadly we know only this.  Annie is not safe around other dogs, but she is a wonderful and loyal companion to humans.  She deserves to live her natural days on earth in a home where she is the only canine companion to her human.

If you have room in your heart and home for a dog who is known to be dangerous around other dogs…but is the sweetest loving creature to humans, is house broken, spayed, healthy and does not destroy your home…please contact me here or at handipets@comcast.net

You can also reach my mother and sister by phone.  If you are interested contact me for their number.

Please help Sadie get surgery for a torn ACL.

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 16, 2009


Our Sadie is a beautiful 9 year old Beagle mix. We adopted her, as we have our other two Beagles and two cats. She is very sweet and gentle, and recently developed a limp. We took her to our veterinarian expecting arthritis, but found out she has a torn ACL and needs surgery ASAP. My husband and I said immediately “schedule it” and nearly fell over when we were told it was $2500 IN ADVANCE. We simply don’t have that much money lying around and the vet will not allow us to make payments. They want the money up front. We tried other vets and all have the same policy. The surgeon is an expert in the field and Sadie has a great prognosis for a full recovery, but the money is a huge roadblock. We are working hard to scrape together enough to pay the $850 for her initial consultation with the veterinary surgeon, but need help with the balance urgently.

I volunteer with two animal rescue groups, and my husband helps me with fundraising for many homeless pets. I never dreamed we’d be trying to raise money for our own pet family, but with the economy as it is, we have no choice. We are pleading for help with our baby girl. She is so uncomfortable, and while the pain meds provide some relief, long-term use creates a multitude of other problems, including liver damage and death. Please help us save our Sadie. She is a wonderful friend and an important member of our family. We sincerely appreciate any donation.

Tammy, Mike, and Michael Jr
and our furry family ~ Sadie, Petey, Yukon & Morgan

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Rosie needs leg Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 16, 2009


Rosie is our 15 week old puppy… As she has developed she has lost use of her hind left leg…She cannot put pressure on it … She looses her balance and falls, poor baby…. We have been to several vets and one wants to amputate the leg which doesn’t make sense… We finally found a Dr in Gainesville . Fl … He works at the small animal hospital for specialized care affiliated with the Univ of Fl…Other veteranarian specialists in our area of NC wanted almost $3000 for this surgery…. The hospital can do the surgery as soon as February 26 or sooner but they need the $2000 up front… We do not have it… We want her to walk and lead a normal life… We would appreciate any help to get her this surgery… We have called everywhere… Unfortunately I have been unemployed for about a yr now and my husband makes just enough to pay our bills… We love this dog and will drive 8 hrs for her to get this surgery but we need your help. I never ask for help …This is my first…Please Help …It is for Rosie… I don’t want her to suffer because we are currently financially challenged….I am praying this works!

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Help BELLE!!

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Belle the prettiest princess of them all!! She sadly enough has “HIP DYSPLASIA” and its pretty bad! At the young age of 15 months she will need surgery to live a long and happy life! I am doing everything I possibly can to earn money for my baby. I’m hoping that “karma” will kick in and with me volunteering with “Must Love Dogs NW” (www.mustlovedogsnw.com) that someone out there can find it in there heart to help Belle!! She has been a PERFECT family pet as well as a great “therapy dog” to 11 foster dogs that I have had the joy of helping! Thanks for your time!

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Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 16, 2009


Buck is an adorable poodle mix rescued from a high-kill shelter. His foster parents have been taking great care of him while Buck is enjoying their company while waiting to find a permanent home. We recently found out that Buck has a Luxating Patella on both knees! This means that his knee joint pops out of it’s socket, making walking and running uncofortable for poor Buck.
The double surgery costs a minimum of $1400.
If you donate towards Buck’s cause, your donation will be tax deductible. It’s easy! just follow directions below.
This dog has come a long way. From being in danger of euthinasia, to needing surgery before he finds a perfect forever home. Buck really deserves it! Thanks for supporting him.

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Please help with Jacob’s Vet bills

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take a few minutes of your time and read this… Jacob is almost 7
years old and a very good dog, I have had him since he was 6 months
old. He loves everyone and never meets a stranger, but although some
people are scared of him, he doesnt have a mean bone in him, he seems
more human than any other dog i have seen. Less than 1 month ago a
small tumor like come up on his back left leg, it bothered him alittle,
so i took him to the vet and they said it could be 3 things, torn
ligament, bursideus, or cancer. So he was give medicine for a week to
see if the swelling would go down, and it didnt it was just getting
bigger. I just took him back to the vet and they did some xrays and
they next day the dr called me with the results and said it was
Osterosarcoma which is a very aggressive bone cancer, and that it
needed to be amputuated so that it would could not spread to the other
bones, when he told me that it felt like my heart stopped beating,
jacob is my baby boy. That wasnt not what i was wanting to hear, also
we are waiting on the blood work to see if its already in his body, If
it the cancer is already in this body, he will be put on medicine to
comfort him & make it easy for him and let him live his life out
with his family. Either way it goes there will be vet bills, and im
asking for anyone that can help please do. If you have a heart for
animals please think about Jacob, he deserves a chance to have a longer
life, a 3 legged friend is better than no friend at all. If you have
any questions feel free to ask..

Cindy (If your wondering who i am, i volunteer with a animal rescue (ARRF) in Leland, Ms you have met me on dog

rescue trips

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Please help my dog

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My dog, who was given to me when I was 14, has been the biggest part of my life ever since. He and I have been, and still are, inseparable. He’s my prince in furry armor. 🙂

Now, 7 years later, my good boy needs an expensive surgery on his spine. I have tried applying for credit and been denied, tried going through a few different pet rescues and charities, and I’m getting a resounding “we can’t help you”.

I am unemployed, but actively seeking work, and I do have a job lined up… But my dog is in pain. He has arthritis in his spine that is putting pressure on the largest nerve bundle in his spine. He needs a “Cauda Equina” surgery so that he can get around like normal again.

He weighs 90+ pounds, and his current level of pain on medications still has him unable to walk up the stairs by himself, I have to carry him. If anyone can help, even a tiny little bit, I would be so thankful… you would be saving the only thing that matters in my life.

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Stewie the rescued pug needs your help to get hip and knee surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 12, 2009


We posted this not long ago but were not able to raise enough so we are trying again! We are grateful to everyone who pledged last time, it’s heartwarming to know that there are so many kind people out there who are willing to help others! God bless you all.

Stewie is a 5 year old pug we rescued 2 years ago from a backyard breeder who dumped him off because she thought he was too big and didn’t like his coat coloring. When we got him, he had open sores all over his body, he was partially deaf because his ear drums had ruptured due to chronic untreated infections and his joints were severely worn down because of years of confinement.

It took a lot of work, love and patience and eventually we taught him to walk on a leash, sit patiently for his meals, potty trained him and he has a handful of tricks that he’s mastered. He also loves to hike! He is quite an attention getter when we hit the trails(it’s not often you see a pug on a mountain), as of today he has about 7 hikes under his belt on 5 different mountains. His greatest acheivement was completing a 14 mile hike with a grueling elevation gain and horrendous switchbacks, when he got to the top he spent the next 20 minutes rolling around in wild flowers and enjoying the spectacular view! Stewie also enjoys the dog park and loves it when we go on random walks through the forest where he can explore and chase squirrels.

Sadly though, a few months ago Stu began to limp every now and then. We put him on glucosamine and chondroiton, anti-inflammatory medication and when he was in a lot of pain we gave him tramadol. He seemed to be doing O.K. for a while until about 2 months ago when he could barely make it out to go to the bathroom. We took him back to the vet and after xrays, they found that his hip was popping out of place because the ball joint was not fitting into the socket, they also found that he had a luxated patella. We had a surgery date set up for him, but our kitten required 2 major surgeries, and right after that our dog required emergency vet care. Needless to say that the money that was for Stu’s surgery was used up, and then some. Luckily Stewie will not have to get a total hip replacement. The vet believes that by shaving the ball joint down (femoral head ostectomy), it will fit into the socket and will be held in place by the surrounding tendons, this along with the knee surgery should will allow him to function like he did before. The most important part is that he will not be in constant pain like he is now.

We tried care credit but were not able to get it, we applied to numerous rescue organizations but were turned down either because Stu’s case was not life threatening or because they were out of funding. We were however, granted $100 from concern for animals, which we are grateful for. The surgery for his knee and hip was estimated at $1300, we are trying to raise half of that because thats what the vet requires, and then they’ll let us make payments on the other half. We posted on Fundable, but were not able to raise enough so we are trying again.

After everything he has gone through, he is still the sweetest dog who has a lot of spunk left in him. Our goal is to get Stewie well again so he can enjoy this second chance at life to it’s fullest.

You can also send donations to Stewies vet:

South Bay Veterinary Hospital
3600 South Bay Rd NE
Olympia, WA 98506
RE: Account#2516/ Stewie the pug

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Laya’s mouth/dental surgery – Help this cat!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 12, 2009


My friend, Pam, has such a big heart. She has taken several cast offs from people who no longer want their pets. However, this is put her in some serious debt. One of her furkids, Laya the cat, had lost some weight. She took her to the vet. They drew blood and depending on the results, decide whether to proceed with the dental—removing her remaining six teeth–or not. She’s got to be on antibiotics for a week before the dental. She’s on liquid pain meds and liquid antibiotics. If the blood tests say she has cancer, She’ll be put down, we don’t want her to suffer. She’s looking very rough. She’ only 5, still a teenage cat. She’s scheduled for her dental next wednesday. We are hoping she does well after that though. They will biopsy the lesion in her mouth at that time too. I know dental surgery and biopsies are expensive, I’m just hoping to help a little with this listing.

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Iceey, partially paralyzed kitten, needs adoption

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 10, 2009

Rescue ID: C090002
Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)

Please Note: This animal is listed as a courtesy to another organization. Please be sure to contact the foster/caretaker for more information about her.

Species: Cat
Breed: Domestic Short Hair – orange / Mixed (short coat)
Sex: Female (spayed)
General Potential Size: Small
Current Age: 5 Months 29 Days (best estimate)
Good with People: Very Friendly
Good for Inexperienced Caregivers: No

Special Needs: She had been completely paralyzed & now runs & plays with just a little sway but she is incontinent of bowel & bladder. It is manageable & hopefully she will continue to improve & regain some or all of these functions


We named her Iceey because when she was rescued at about 6 wks old, her eyes were a Siamese blue. Now her eyes are golden but Iceey stuck. A dog or something injured her & we were afraid she wouldn’t survive. She had no movement or feeling in her backend & tail. She swam for therapy to strengthen her back & back legs & eventually crawled & relearned how to walk. Now she is just like any other kitten her age.
I’ve been able to put her on a schedule for expressing the urine & feces about 4 times a day & at night she wears a diaper. She is very social & wants to be with us 24/7. She loves to be held & cuddled. She travels well & doesn’t mind if strangers hold or pet her. She goes to our adoptions on the weekends & always has a crowd around her. She does well with other kittens or small dogs ( after a getting to know you period ) & loves to play soccer. She can open sliding patio doors, pocket doors, cabinets & drawers with just a little figuring out. She is such a sweet playful kitten & we love her dearly. She has had all of her kitten & rabies vaccines, is microchipped & has been spayed. Her tail was amputated with the spaying for her health & safety, the feeling never returned to most of her tail. Thank you for helping us find her a forever home.
If you are interested in Iceey contact us and we will put you in touch with the foster:)
If you want a kitty who really really needs you – please consider Iceey.

Apply to adopt this kitty!

Half Blind Cat desperatly needs someone who cares. (Marietta)

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 10, 2009

Reply to: comm-1026644870@craigslist.org

Date: 2009-02-08, 8:14PM EST

So here’s the deal.. Rescued this cute white female kitten with one blue eye and one green eye. So the green eye turned brown, and the cat started become a little “wild”. She was a sweet kitten but soon turned skittish. After looking closely at her eyes, the blue eye’s pupil is not as defined as the other eye. We KNOW the cat is blind in the blue eye. We are looking to adopt her out to a home that is either looking for a cat that requires no attention, just food and occasional love *on her terms*. Sometimes when laying down she will approach you and give you love, but if you expect her to hang out with you, you’re wrong. We are trying to find this cat a home, otherwise she will go to the pound and be euthanized. Please help this cat.

PostingID: 1026644870

Rosie’s Rescue/meds for rescued dog with diabetes and cushings syndrome

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 8, 2009


Rosie is an 11 year old shepherd, collie, golden retriever mix.
Several months ago she was diagnosed with diabetes and I have been
giving her insulin shots, RD Science diet to help her lose weight (she
has lost 20 lbs.)and periodic blood work.

Today I took her to our vet because she had diarrhea and he gave
her diphox to stop diarrhea, metronidazole, and thyrosyn because she is
hypo thyroid. He says that dogs, etc. with diabetes often get sick.

In two days she will spend 8 hours at the vet’s getting testing
for Cushings Syndrome, although he is 90% sure she has it. Then, if it
is confirmed, she will begin Lysodren 500 mg, 3-6 a day for 7-10 days
and 3-6 pills every 2-3 days lifelong. According to our local Sam’s
club a bottle of 30 pills is $139. And she would continue on thyrosyn,
etodolac for pain, insulin and frequent blood work.

Dr. Cramer said treating Cushings at the same time as treating
diabetes is a little tricky due to the need for monitoring blood sugar
level variables.

Rosie has had a rough life with many physical and emotional
challenges. When we rescued her she had been hit by a car. A year later
she got out of our mini ranch yard with her dog friends and got hit on
Hwy 15. Her friend Tazia was killed. Rosie was picked up by animal
control and they kept her there with a broken leg and no medications
for three days while she waited. They said no dogs with her descritpion
had been picked up. Three or four years later she got tumor in the same
foot and had two toes removed. Last summer she was diagnosed with
diabetes. She misses living on our mini ranch and the ranch my
ex-husband moved to after our divorce. She could ot stay there because
he got a dog that tried to kill other female dogs.
I keep seeing her in my mind’s eye running and playing like she
did 8 years ago. I want to give her every opportunity for that to

Her mate, Gravy, died last March. I have another dog, Winnie,
about 10 years old, two cats, a pond full of ducks——and a teenage
We have been fighting our lender (with the help of a consumer
advocate and a law firm) to stay in the house. But like so many people,
we are trying hard to stay afloat.

I have informally started a Rosie’s Rescue in Murrieta, CA. I feel
passionately about eliminating pet overpopulation, placing homeless
dogs and cats, etc., preventing cruelty and saving dogs from euthansia
because their owners can’t afford the bills. I have witnessed this too
many times. At this point, however, I am not a non-profit and have no
funds of my own.

I have started selling my mandala art in the form of greeting
cards, postcards and coloring card kits (great for kids of all ages) to
see if I can raise anything that way.

It is clear that she needs to get started with her Cushings
medicine now. Our vet says the cushings medication will help with
diabetes and certain other organ failure.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-02-04.0618188152

Please Vote for Sidney’s Photo to be on a Soda Bottle

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 4, 2009

This photo could be used in the upcoming Jones Soda labels.
Vote on the photo

Amy one of Sidney’s moms drinks Jones Cream soda and she just happened to see on the box where we could submit a photo to be voted on to be on a label.  I think a kitty who was loved around the USA when he was shot and needed emergency amputation would be a great kitty to have on a label where those who helped him, could collect a bottle with his picture on it.

Do you have a spare moment?  Can you visit this website and vote for Sid’s picture?  If so…come on then!  Oh and…hey, can you pass this along to help Sid get some votes?