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Please help Paddie get her ACL fixed!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 24, 2008

This is Paddie’s whole story:

My golden retriever, Paddie, is four years old and has had
hypothyroidism for three of them. We got her from a family friend when
she was seven weeks old and have enjoyed her company ever since. Her
highest weight was around 120lbs. At this weight, she started getting
arthritis in her hips and the vet switched her food to Science Diet
Large Breed Light. She stayed with this change for around six weeks
until we took her back to the vet and discovered she had lost no
weight. Our veterinarian rechecked her thyroid levels and discovered
her thyroid was not working at all. With this, he put her on thyroid
medication, and changed her food to Prescription Diet R/D. Paddie has
been battling with her weight for almost two years, but, finally, at
her last check-up she weighed 85lbs! We are so proud of her for losing
this weight.

During her battle with her weight, however, we noticed her
arthritis getting worse. The veterinarian, my mother, and I all thought
the arthritis in her hips was getting worse since she was more active
with the weight off. The vet put her on Rimadyl for the pain in her
hips, hoping that it would make it tolerable. After a few weeks,
Paddie’s limping had not improved, in fact, it had gotten worse. She
stopped playing and running as much as she had been doing,and had to
rest more and more often on our walks. Her limping on her back legs had
gone from only limping once a week and it barely being noticeable to
limping everyday and very distinct. Another thing we began to notice
was that she would limp harder on the right side than the left.

At our next trip to the veterinarian, we told him about her
getting worse. He had just finished checking her hips,telling us that
she may need x-rays to determine if she had hip disphylasia, when he
thought to check her knees to make sure they were ok. It was when he
checked her right knee that he found the problem.

She has a torn ACL.

The vet determined that she had more than likely torn it while
becoming more and more active when losing her weight. He also told us
that he had not caught it before because of her weight. This diagnosis
was given almost three weeks ago. She desperately needs this surgery as
soon as possible, but we do not have the funds on our own to make it

The surgery will cost $1200 minimum, though he said that with
larger dogs the surgery usually runs $1500-$1600. My sister and I are
both college students with part-time jobs, and with rent and our other
pets that need care we can hardly save any money. My mother is disabled
and has had both knees replaced, four total knee replacements on her
left knee, with another knee surgery coming up in the fall. My father
does have a full-time job, but a majority of his funds goes to medical
bills, mortgage payments, loan payments, and pet needs.

Our boxer, Teej, is on Prescription Diet W/D because he has a
condition where the urine in his kidneys crystallizes and forms tiny
stones that makes it very hard for him to use the bathroom. Paddie is
on the Science Diet Large Breed Light, and must continue this diet for
her weight, along with her thyroid medication and Rimadyl.

When we first found out she needed surgery as soon as possible, we
called our humane society to see if they were willing to help or could
point us in theright direction. They suggested United Animal Nations,
and also said that if we could not help her soon, that it would be
better to put her down. We cannot bear to do that. Paddie needs fixing,
not euthanizing, or leg amputation.

Paddie is the best dog I’ve ever had. She thinks she is a lapdog,
still, and loves attention. Her favorite activity is swimming, which
she cannot do right now because it of the pain. She loves the water,
regardless of if the water is in a small kiddie pool from Wal-Mart or
if she is getting to swim laps in a pond or lake! Paddie is one of the
happiest dogs I know and she dances every time she meets someone new!
She loves to run and sniff out critters that roam in the woods behind
our house, and now she cannot do any of this. Her limping has gotten
worse, she cannot run at all anymore, and she is not able to play for
long intervals.

As soon as I have the money to get the surgery done, she will have
it done! I will be posting a copy of the estimate that my vet has given
me for her surgery costs! Also if you want to make a donation with a
check, how to do so is listed at the bottom!

Any contributions you can give would be absolutely amazing! You
have no idea what it means to me, or to Paddie! Please help me help
Paddie with her surgery and get her back to doing all of her favorite

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Dog hit by car-needs surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 24, 2008

beautiful dog Blondie was hit by a car on 7/16/07. She was hit very
hard and drug under the car. I’m surprised she is alive. She has broken
her pelvis in many places and needs surgery to walk again. I cannot
afford this surgery. She is a young girl who needs to run and play but
won’t be able to do that anymore without this operation. I don’t want
my dog to be crippled and confined because of my inability to pay for
this. PLEASE make a donation. Any amount will help! Thank you. Update:
Apparently you must make a donation of at least $10.00. I tried to
lower this but it won’t let me. But please find it in your hearts to
donate. Maybe you won’t be able to buy the expensive 6 pack this week
or that box of hair color but you will be helping a sweet girl! Note: I
lowered the amount that I need because if I don’t reach my goal I get
nothing. But you can still contribute after the goal has been met. My
goal is 4,000. If the total at the end of the fund raiser doesn’t reach
my goal, you pay NOTHING! And please don’t be afraid of signing up for
Paypal. I have been a member since 2000 and have never had any
problems. Plus it’s free!

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Please help with Majors Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 24, 2008

my great pyreneese came to me last year in June, he was ten months old
and in very bad shape, to skinny and his hair was in big mats. Most of
the first months of his life he spend chained up in a way to little
back yard.
With lots of TLC he turned out to be the most wonderfull dog you
would ever wish for. A gentle Giant that lives in the house and enjoys
every minute of it.
And now he tore his Ligaments(ACL) in his knee, not even 2years
old.( We went for a walk on the 5th of July and somebody set of some
fireworks, Major went crazy, he is terrified of loud noise like that.)
The vet told me that we will have to send him to Dallas for surgery.
Nobody in our area can do this surgery on a big dog like my Major.
Right know i have to keep him confined to a very little space so he
cant move around to much. And he just got a little brother that want to
play with him sooooo bad.

We highly appreciate every bit help we can get, and may good bless you all

B. Anderson & Major

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Lambchop’s Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 24, 2008

everyone…..Lambchop had her second and hopefully final surgery!! For
those of you who don’t know Lambchop…..she’s a 1 1/2 year old 2 1/2
lb chihuahua who was rescued from a puppymill after being attacked by a
large dog and left for 6 weeks with untreated facial injuries. Her
upper jaw had been crushed and she had a severe infection. They closed
the hole that went from the roof of her mouth up into her sinus cavity,
and took out an inch long piece of her upper jaw bone that had broken
off and had been shoved up into her sinus cavity from the bites she
sustained. Then they flushed out her sinuses and sutured her all up.
She has a mouth full of stitches but is healing well and has never once
lost her zest for life 🙂 She still adores EVERYONE!!!! The bill was
$1700. So I’m begging everyone to PLEASE donate whatever you can to
help…..Lammie will appreciate it!! (and so will I) Thanks!

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My puppy needs Hip surgery.

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 24, 2008

puppy is only 5 months old, his a male pittbull , he was born with a
genetic bone disease and hip dysplasia. The vet said he needs sugery
and treatments or I will have to put him to sleep. Im not finacially
capable of paying for his surgery,and i feel his too young to die ,he
is so playfull and he’s such a good and sweet dog , he’s been house
broken since he was two months old , he loves to kiss and to put his
head on my laps to get pet , please help me keep him alive, he is to
young to die! Please help us . God bless you

Diana and Kilo

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Help me help my kitty ‘Flea’

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 24, 2008

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my kitty ‘Flea’!! He is my pride and joy, the apple of my eye, my little ray of sunshine who brightens my every day… and for those of you who don’t know me quite so well, just take a look at his MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/fleakitty1 and you’ll get the idea!!

Well, the other night, to my horror, as I went to give him a kiss goodbye on my way out the door to go to work, my little baby cried out in pain as I ran my hand down his back! I looked down to see that his tail was swollen to three times it’s normal size right at it’s base and that it was bent at a funny angle =(

I felt like dying just seeing him like that and instanly felt that I’d failed to protect him and keep him safe… like I was the worst Mommy in the whole world. I know he doesn’t blame me, but I feel awful about it anyway =(

Today I took him to the vet and although I couldn’t afford to get Xrays done, the veterinarian seemed quite convinced that his tail is not broken as I ‘d suspected. He’d actually been bitten by another cat when he got out and ran off for a few hours two nights before that. Apparently it take a few days for a bite to become infected and swell up like that. My poor baby!!

If I thought that money was tight before, I had no idea just how much worse it could get! I spent $150.00 at the vet today and if Flea’s condition doesn’t improve in the days to come, I will need to come up with another $150.00 for Xrays… not to mention that he needs to get his shots and has yet to be neutered. I’ve been on the waiting list at the Upland Animal Shelter for free neutering services for about four months now, and they say it’s possible I’ll get in before the end of the year… but who really knows for sure.

My Vet Hospital charges around $200.00 for that service and they also provide pain medication and after care, which is nice. I’d like to get it done there if I can get enough of you to support my cause here! =)

So here is what I’m asking of you… If you find that my cause is worthy and/or you would just like to help me out with these expenses because you’ve seen and fallen in love with Flea too, won’t you please consider making a pledge to help me meet my goal of raising at least $500.00?

Any anount you can pledge would be greatly appreciated, and get this….. if I fail to raise my minimum amount of $500.00 in pledges before the time is up, noone pays a penny! Only if I reach my goal amount will your pledge be processed. How cool is that?!

Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter, you have no idea how much this means to me!!!

….and Flea thanks you too =^..^=

===UPDATE = 7/20/2008 = UPDATE===

Thanks to everyone for helping out!

Let me just say that Flea is feeling and looking much better! Looks like Xrays wont be neccesary after all.

So far this seems to be going quite well! I just wanted to make clear that any money raised through this fundraiser will be used for the cause stated.

If I am able to raise more than the $500, let me assure you that I will use it to purchase pet insurance for Flea!

Anything beyond that will be donated to HOPE (Helping Out Animals Everyday).

I’ll report everything to all contributors in am email when it’s complete.

Thanks again, you guys are awesome!

Tonya & Flea

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Please help Rama have surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 17, 2008


Rama has a tarsometatarsal luxation of the left hind leg, the bones beneath his hock have seperated and the tendons are

torn. This kind of injury requires the bones to be fused together
to save the leg from amputation. The surgery will be performed
through a rescue org., and to bring him home, I have to pay off the surgery bill before an application is received for him.

Thank you, Karen

For your kind donation, here is Rama’s story. – RAMA the Rescue Dog –

“I can’t believe this is happening. Where’s my mom, my brother?
What kind of place is this? I’m scared and just want to go home,” Rama
thought. “My leg hurts so bad and I don’t know any of these
two-leggeds. Where are my people,” he kept asking, but nobody could
understand him. “What happened to the girl who helped me off the gate,
Thalia she was called,” he thought. Later that day Thalia did come
back, after finding out the owner she returned him to had taken him to
the pound insted of the vet. You see, when Rama had jumped the gate,
his foot became wedged between the verticle bars of the 4ft gate, and
the rectangular steel fencing attached to it. Thalia, a neighbor, had
to lift him up to get his foot unstuck as the rest of Rama’s body hung
over the gate off the ground. “Oh boy, oh joy,” thought Rama when he
saw Thalia coming to get him and hopefully take the pain away. ” Why
does my foot hurt so much?”, he asked her. Not understanding dog talk,
she just told him everything would get better soon.
At the vets, Thalia found out Rama had a tarsometatarasal
luxation requiring the bones to be fused in that area. She sent out a
call for help and I answered and brought Rama home. Now he and I need
your help as the surgery will cost at least $2,000 and is a sum I can’t
afford alone. The pain is gone, but the bones need fusing. “I’m a good
boy, right mom” Rama thought. Yes Rama you are the best!!


Dela’s Luxating Patella Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 17, 2008

understand that this surgery is MANDATORY for her to live a normal
life. Both back knees are so bad that she has been on an
anti-inflammatory since she was a year old and without the surgery she
will be totally unable to get up and down in another year. She is a
super sweet gal and would make a wonderful pet for a family but no one
will adopt her with her needing this surgery. It is not just your
typical small dog luxating patella but it is to the extent that
arthritis at 3 years old is already setting in and the longer we have
to wait the worse it gets. Our rescue group has been hit hard with many
unexpected expenses in the last few weeks – 6 heartworm positives, a
puppy with a broken jaw, a Jack who had been used as a “bait dog” who
came in with bites all over his legs – he also was heartworm positive
and unfortunately before he could be treated, he had a blood clot break
loose and died. We have a huge bill on Fraser as well. It seems that
poor Dela gets pushed back when all of these emergencies come up but it
has reached point where SHE is our emergency but due to decreased
adoptions, there is no money for this without help. PLEASE open your
hearts for her and the other dogs – every little bit is appreciated and
will go to helping these shelter dogs looking for their chance to lead
a wonderful life for the remainder of their lives. Thanks from the
bottom of all our hearts (two legged and four legged).


Vet Bill for Trixie’s leg surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 17, 2008

little dog, Trixie, got out of the back yard last Monday night June 30,
because when Mary left, her arms were loaded with laundry and she could
not close the gate securely fast enough. Not unusual, but Trixie
usually returns very quickly, after making a quick tour of the
neighborhood. She did not return as usual, so I searched, and found she
had been struck by a car in front of my next door neighbor’s house. We
are a family of four, my daughter Mary and her two children and I.
After months of unemployment, Mary, had found work about a month ago,
and we were recovering from serious financial depletion. I am a retired
teacher, living on very limited income. So when our little friend was
hurt, it was a serious blow to all of us, emotionally, and financially.

Trixie is about 3 or 4 years old, was a throw-away puppy, that we
took in. She is an excellent “mouser’ and watch dog. She is rather
small, but very energetic, and well-behaved. We never spent much time
training her, as she just seemed to sense what we want her to do. The
oly “bad” behavior she indulges in is swiping some of the dry cat food
from the cat feeding dish if we aren’t looking. She never chewed up
shoes, or went to the bathroom inside the house, unless there was no
one here to open the door for her. She surely did not deserve to be
injured by one of the young pick-up truck drivers who use out street on
week-ends and during summer vacation for a race-way. We have asked for
better police patrol, but our force is perpetually understaffed. So,
even since the high price of gasoline has somewhat slowed the local
teen traffic, we know that there is still one driver who is not
deterred from driving too fast in a residential area by injuring a
beloved pet.

Our little dog had a pelvic bone that is fractured in three places.
The vet says these breaks will heal themselves, but the leg is knocked
out it its socket, and just below the ball joint there is a break that
needs surgical repair. Our budget is so tight, but we will postpone
many needs and even paying some bills, in order to save our pet from
pain and perhaps euthanasia. I would rather have her put down that see
her suffer. However, we love her very much, and we are all
broken-hearted at the prospect of having to end her life to preserve
her from a painful existence.

She is very determined to return to normal! Even when under the
influence of pain medication, she tries to stand on all four of her
legs. I have her confined to a bed on a foam cushion between my own bed
and the wall, and surrounded by barriers to prevent too much movement.
However, she one night this week seemed to be trying to climb into my
bed! She is in good health except for the injuries in this :accident.”
She has a good appetite, and we have kept her hydrated with a dropper
when she could not lap water on her own.

Trixie has had one litter of puppies, three very lively, smart
little ones who were adopted quickly. We planned to have her spayed
soon, but now any funds for that are going to this surgery. We have
applied for aid from United Animal Nation, however, and the perhaps the
spaying can be done at the same time as the leg surgery if that
application is approved.

We need some help here to save this good little pet friend. I have
a car that I can sell, and a small rent house that is up for sale, but
income from those assets is not yet available. My credit is stretched
to the limit from supporting the family during Mary’s unemployment
period. The little dog is in pain and great distress now, and she is
definitely worth the sacrifice. Please help us with whatever is


Donations needed for dog with collapsed spinal disk

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 17, 2008

David Handy submitted the following Information:
Email david.handy@gmail.com
Location Fargo, ND

I am seeking financial assistance so my dogs can recieve medical treatment. Dixie (St. Bernard/Rottie mix) needs hip replacement surgery. Dixie is now recovering for Lyme’s disease.

Priscilla needs treatment for a collapsed disk in her spine that has caused her to lose mobility on her left side.

I do not have the means to pay for the medical care they need. Both dogs are both taking medication to control their symptoms but need more evasive treatment.

I am employed and my partner is unemployed. He are barely able to pay our household bills and the veterinary bills for the dogs. We need financial assistance so our dogs can recieve the treatment they need.

Their vet is Dr. Kevin Dill at Animal Health Clinic in Fargo, ND 701-237-9310.

Thank you,
David Handy

Junior’s Cancer Fund

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 12, 2008

Please Help

The tumor in his mouth is growing at a alarming rate.

Thanks to the kind people who help those in need here at Fundable,I was able to get Junior in to see a Vet.

I thank you people from the bottom of my heart. All of you are angels.

The Bad News……Junior has TWO cancerous tumors. One in his mouth and one on his anus

The vet is most concerned with the one on his anus,she fears it may
grow and cut off his anal passage,making it difficult if not impossible
for him to deaficate.
She would like to remove that one,problem is she thinks that if
going to put him under for operation then both tumors should be
removed.The tumor in his mouth is growing larger seems almost daily.

At his age the anathesia has to be VERY carefully administerd and that is what drives the cost up.

The operation will cost app. $1000.00 or so. I can handle some of the cost but to get this done soon I need some help.

I am hoping that once again some angels will help Junior. I am asking for $700.00 once I get that then I can schedule with

the vet a operation for him. If all goes well he could live a few more years as he deserves all and more.

other items the vet found …he has body warts that are normal for a dog his age. no treatment needed.

She did discover he has a bad ear infection and that is being treated.

Also, he got a haircut to remove about 2 pounds of hair and now he looks half his size but is Soooo much more

comfortable in this Texas heat.

I am trying to find more work so I can help more with his expenses but times are very tight and not having much luck.

Thanks to any that help,you are all God’s Angels for what you do


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I WISH Financial Assistance to Help With Vet Bills For My Sick Kitty

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 12, 2008

I WISH Financial Assistance to Help With Vet Bills For My Sick Kitty

I am a disabled individual on SSI, who has been struggling monthly with
what the system provides. I have a wonderful 12 year old companion
kitty, Bandit, who has been diabetic for the last 2 and 1/2 years. He
has been up-chucking his food every now and again recently, and needs
to be checked out by a Vet. [He’s previous one is no longer with us].

very much need your kind financial assistance in being able to get
Bandit a thorough Glucose panel [involves all day testing], complete
blood panel and tox screen, with liver enzymes, UA testing, possible
fecal testing; and whatever else a new Veterinarian would require, plus

Bandit means the world to me, and is more than just
a pet. . .he’s therapeutic value is invaluable, and truly is beyond

Bandit is my Baby; and because of huge Emergency
Vet Hospital Bill [over %3,500], I often due without basic necessities,
to make sure he is taken care of, and the huge monthly payment is made.
It is hard, what with two mortgage payments, Prop. Taxes, Prop Ins.,
Car Ins., meds that are not covered…and the list goes on.

line is to get my Baby seen and evaluated; re-adjust his insulin if
necessary, a ‘good’ special diet that agrees with his tummy, and all
the other things he needs to manage his diabetes, so there will be more
happy, healthy, mischievous years left in my BBB![Big Beautiful Boy]

Thank you for reading. And, I want you to know I most greatly support any help you can offer!

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I WISH for monetary help to save my kitty!

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I WISH for monetary help to save my kitty!

I have posted this as a wish before, but there have been some increases
in the costs due to “unseen charges” as the vets put it. Please I am so
desperate for help! My kitty has been diagnosed with an aggressive
systemic nasal lymphoma and she is deteriorating quickly. She is still
eating and drinking, but I don’t know how much longer that is going to
keep up. She desperatly needs an aggreesive form of chemotherapy that
is going to cost $5500 if there are no complications. She was supposed
to get radiation therapy and chemo, but because the radiation was $5500
and the chemo is $5500, there is no way could raise the $11,000 for
both. I have chosen to try chemo as her last figting chance (although I
am still $3500 short). This kitty is my everything, I love her with all
my heart and soul. Please if you could help, it would be greatly
appreciated by the both of us. If you would like to know more my email
is argonautkatie@hotmail.com if the paypal link doesnt work, here is
another link:

Paypal addy argonautkatie@hotmail.com

or you can contact the vet:
Cordova Animal Medical Center
2433 E. Langley Ave.
Pensacola, FL 32504
Phone: (850) 479-2222
Veterinarian: Dr. Shelly Ashley
Patient: Sydney
Species: Feline
Owner: Katharine G. Herman

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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I WISH to receive help for Jewels Vet Care

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 9, 2008

I WISH to receive help for Jewels Vet Care

Hello everyone,
have a Cockatiel who is presently hospitalized due to a freeky
accident. Jewels and 2 other birds got caught on the thread of her cage
cover and is suffering from multiple bruising and additional damge to
her blind eye. Jewels stay at the hospital is aproximated up to 3 days
to help her stabalize and eat on her own.
Jewels may need further care to her eye condition as well.
The other two birds unfortunately lost their life. Arroangments are being made for their cremation.
All donations are very much appreciated and very much needed at present.
Please help us to give her the best care she deserves.
Our veterinary bill for Jewels was $400.00
She has been stabalized and came home today but will need to go back for check ups.

Donations can be made directly to:

Companion Animal Hospital
For Account # 5246/Jewels
460 Route 46 West
Parsippany, NJ 07054

If you prefer, please send to:

Under My Wing Avian Refuge
For Jewels
PO BOx 233
Franklin, NJ 07416

www.undermywingavianrefuge.org |

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