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Can you help Isabella an abandoned Pitt with a shattered hip?

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 25, 2009

Isabellawhenwefoundher.jpg picture by Handipets

Olga Caine wrote:
My name is Olga Caine
Me and my friend found Pit Bull in the woods on 06/25/2009, with the broken(shattered) hip, open wounds, emeciated.Multiple compound open infected fractures and osteomylitis of the left femur after untreated (3-4 weeks) mva trauma.

Her leg was amputated on 07/03/2009,osteo debrided, but the infection rapidly worsened and she had to be taken back for emergency surgical cleansing for generalized sepsis on 07/23/2009.

Isabellawhenwefoundher3.jpg picture by Handipets

We named dog Isabella, she is the sweetest dog in the world, I will provide her a loving home and I am seeking for the help with vet bills.

The vet bills now is around $6,000.00. We raised already $1,400.00. Is there any way you would help us financially? or tell me please who can help us.

There is a Chip In Page online if you can’t see the Widget Below.  If you can help out please CLICK HERE

The name of the Hospital Isabella in right now is ” Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center “. There are a lot of great Doctors who is taking care of Isabella right now:
Nicole Salas, DVM, Surgery Resident
 Robert J. Orsher, VMD, DACVS
Melissa Hobday, VMD, Surgery Resident
 ( I believe everybody knows her there)
The address : 1900 W. Old Lincoln Hwy, Langhorne, PA 19047
The phone #  (215) 750-7884
My PayPal account is my email : olga_caine@verizon.net
Thank you very much again.
Have a nice day
Olga Caine

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