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TPLO surgery needed for our dog Missy, to cure a CCL injury in her leg

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 17, 2009
MTPLO surgery needed for our dog Missy, to cure a CCL injury in her leg

About 18 months ago we adopted our dog Missy. She was a rescue dog and was having trouble finding a home because of her separation anxiety (not surprising since she had been abandoned!). Our family adopted her and she has become the most loveable, easy-going companion we can imagine. She is part Lab and Greyhound, so she loves to run and jump. Her daily walks are the highlight of her day, especially when she sees the rabbits on our neighborhood trails! We recently discovered that her previous owners had not given her appropriate care and her hind legs had suffered ligament tears. They had healed, but caused her to get a limp when she ran too much. Recently she developed another limp that was not going away, and the vet said that she will need surgery to fix this problem. Right now she can’t talk walks, run or move around, and this would continue if she doesn’t have surgery. She is only 4 years old and is very active. She is the fastest dog at the dog park and loves to jump in the air to catch a ball in her mouth. We need to get the surgery done as quickly as possible, and the cost is $3,000 per leg. (We hope to do just one leg, but the vet has suggested that over time she will need both legs done.) We are in the process of raising money now garage sales, eBay, second job), and would like to get the surgery scheduled immediately. In addition, I was out of work for 10 months last year and have just recently gone back to work, so this surgery is taking a huge bite out of our finances. We so appreciate any assistance to get our dog back to being the dog she was meant to be!

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The mighty Faust needs leg surgery to continue his mighty reign!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 8, 2009


Just look at Faust. Stare into his amber eyes. Succumb to his mesmerizing gaze, and slather him in healing cash.

Okay, seriously. My wife and I have found ourselves in a very difficult situation with a dog we love very much, and we are asking for your help. Name: Faust. Job description: The most rockingly awesome dog in the dog-verse.

We adopted our pure-bred German shepherd, Faust, from the pound in March 2008. He was eight months old. He has proven to be everything we hoped for: loving, playful, loyal and well-behaved. (Plus, he does an awesome Chewbacca impersonation when he gets excited.) A few preventative trips to the veterinarian assured us that he thankfully didn’t have any of the congenital conditions, such as hip dysplasia, that are common to his breed.

That was until last month, when he developed a severe limp in his left front leg. Extensive X-rays revealed that his current condition is, in fact, grave. He has an unfused piece of bone in his elbow that is causing him considerable pain, and the operation to remove this will cost about $2,000. This is his most urgent need.

Unfortunately, that was just the start of the bad news. X-rays of his hips revealed that he had also in the past few months developed advanced hip dysplasia. While Faust shows few outward signs of discomfort, the X-rays depict secondary arthritis already setting in. There are three surgery options to address this condition, and all three, also, cost about $2,000 each.

The price of these surgeries is beyond our limited means. Thus, we find ourselves faced with some heart-wrenching choices concerning Faust’s future. The most realistic option for us at this juncture is an aggressive program of pain management; however, the popular medications for canine joint pain have their own expenses and side effects. Beyond that, we shudder at the grim prospect of putting Faust to sleep.

Thus I’m turning to fellow animal-lovers for any help they can give. I’m also happy to supply further details about both my income situation and the cost estimates for these operations.

Finally, I’ll gladly offer my professional services in trade to any donors. I’m a longtime journalist who excels at ghostwriting, copy-editing and editorial consulting.

Thanks for you consideration.


My Best Friend Punkin needs surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 8, 2009


My dog Punkin is a 3.5 lb 11 year old yorkie, he was injured last Friday when a mastiff stepped on him.
This dislocated his leg from his hip.
I took him to an emergency vet to the tune of over $1200 which I gladly gave my last dollar with the hope he would be taken care of. However they were unable to set his leg back into the hip joint. I took him to my regular vet today and he will need surgery to repair his leg.
I have only had Punkin for a year, I rescued him from a breeder who thought he was to old to continue breeding for her. Even though I have been his family only a small part of his life I love him with all my heart, and want to make his golden years the very best.
Both vets said he is in great health other than his leg and some very bad teeth which I would love to have taken care of at the same time.
I have listed my fundraiser for only 1/3 of the cost of surgery, I am doing everything I can to raise the other money, I am hoping to sell things around the house I can, and work saving my own money as well. I just do not think I will be able to raise everything Punkin will need in time and he deserves the very best I can give him. I am employed and work hard every day, just being a single Mom it doesn’t allow for me to have a big savings for emergencies, and thank the Lord they do not come up often.
I promise every dollar kind folks find to pledge now for Punkins much needed surgery I will save and repay by making a donaton to our local animal shelter to hopefully help the next little guy in need.

thanks and God bless


Please help Griffin get his surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 8, 2009


South Portland, Maine family needs your help for dog’s surgery:

We have a beloved 4 year old shepard mutt, needing cruciate tear knee surgery costing $1,300-2,700. (He is scheduled for consult and xrays on the 17th and outcomes of that will determine actual cost.) Any donation you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Griffin is our son’s best buddy and was injured as a pup by aggressive dogs at the beach. His knee rallied for quite some time but has now worsened. Our vet assures us that with the surgery Griffin will have a long and lively life. In the current economy, some may question this huge expense for a pet. Our son who is 5 years old has special needs and has already lost a close animal friend he depended on. (His therapy horse at a riding facility.) We’re hoping that with your help we can avoid adding any further losses/challenges to his already full plate. Griffin is gentle, patient and absolutely suited to life at our home. It would be more than we could undertake to try “replace” him with someone new.

We have always been committed to being lifetime owners of any pets we’ve had, and this is the first time we’ve had to ask for assistance to care for them. Our current economic situation is compromised due to serious health problems and the economy downturn, otherwise we’d fund this entirely ourselves. Thanks to kind donations collected at local pet stores over the holidays, we have enough to fund the consult & x rays. Since Fundable accounts are for 25 days and only pay out if the goal is reached, we are setting a hopefully reachable goal of $500; but ultimately we hope to raise close to the full amount.

Griffin is the most amazing dog–absolutely phenomenal with kids. We want to give him every chance. We hope you agree. We got Grif at Christmastime in 2004, and having this surgery would be our family’s present for many years to come.

Thank you very much for any help, from all of us.
Griffin’s people


I WISH for alot of prayers and a few good heros to help save my dog

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my dog has a oral miligant melanoma and needs surgery right away. The cancer is very aggressive. she is in pain right now and barely eating. you can see this in the pics I posted. The second one is the tumour how big it is. As you can see it is already going into her throat. Time is really running out, I need to get the surgery asap or I will soon have to put her down or she will choked to death.I can’t afford 3500 dollars.this can be cured and she could live to a rip old age with your help.I am disable from diabetic compactions and heart disease and I am on a fixed income.I really live for my pet,she really brightens my days and makes the days more enjoyable to live.

The vet that could do the procedure is Alexander Krebs at the Iowa State University veterinary Medical Center. in Ames Iowa 50011, the phone number is 515-294-4900 if you would like to confirm this.

 I hope that someone can help me save my best friend. I can’t bare to put her down.Please help make it so she can live a longer more enjoyable life. Please be our hero. It would mean the world to us. We would be eternally grateful.

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