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Maynard’s Fund – Please Help This Sweet Hound Walk Again!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 23, 2008

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Poor Maynard is a young basset hound who has suffered more than his
fair share of pain. Living with a family that didn’t much care about
keeping him safe, Maynard spent his time running loose all around the
neighborhood. This came to an abrupt end, however, when Maynard
was struck by a car and gravely injured. His owners found him lying
beside the road in pain and unable to walk, with an obvious break in
his left hind leg. Sadly, they did not take Maynard to be treated for
his injuries nor did they make the difficult decision to end his
suffering by taking him to the vet to be humanely euthanized. Instead
Maynard’s “family” decided that the most cost-effective step would be
to dump him at the city animal control facility. With full knowledge
that he had next to no chance of being adopted and would almost
certainly be euthanized within a few days, Maynard’s owners left this
terrified little boy behind to die.

Maynard spent the next several days languishing on the cold cement
floor of the shelter with nothing but searing pain and paralyzing
fear/confusion to keep him company. This suffering was scheduled to
end on the morning of February 25th -Maynard’s date to be euthanized in
the overflowing shelter. Just as what would be the final minutes of
his life ticked away, word reached a group of basset hound
rescuers that this precious boy was set to die. A call was made to the
shelter, transportation from Dallas to Houston arranged, and Maynard
was whisked away to a veterinary hospital for evaluation
and treatment. Thanks to the hard work and determination of
the volunteers with Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas, Maynard was finally
given what he truly deserved – a second chance at life.

Now that Maynard is safe and warm in the loving arms of his
rescuers, it is time to help restore the strength of his body to match
that of his undying spirit. His broken bones require surgical repair,
which is an incredibly costly undertaking for a non-profit group to
finance. I write you today in the hopes that you might donate even a
few dollars to help us get Maynard the care he needs. No matter how
small the amount, every bit will help bring this loving hound a few
steps closer to a happy, active life. If you prefer to consider your
donation an investment, I can promise that as Maynard is restored to
good health, he will have kisses and loves to offer each of you
in return for your help.

Many thanks from all of us at Basset
Buddies for your support — and please don’t forget to forward this to
anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Visit Basset Buddies Rescue online at: http://www.basset-buddies-rescue.org

Hopkisville, KY 3 legged dog Oreo needs home!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 18, 2008

OREO is a 3 year old female Husky mix. She weighs 53 lbs. She is an
owner turn in to our facility,. The reason given for relinquish is that
OREO will not stay chained up….what dog would want to? OREO is a
special girl in that she only has 3 legs. We do not know why one of her
back legs had to be amputated. OREO is spayed, so her adoption fee is
reduced. She is hoping to find forever home that has a fenced in yard
but would be really happy to come in and lay on the couch as well. She
tells us she would be willing to work real hard at house training if
given the chance to stay inside. Please stop in to meet this sweet girl

Christian County Animal Shelter



Shelter is always at capacity as it is a regional shelter serving 4
Kentucky counties. All animals have limited time. Don’t delay, contact
us if you see an animal you wish to adopt. Time is of the essence !
Shelter is open Tuesdays thru Fridays from 10:30 to 4:30 and Saturdays
from 10:30 to 1:00. Closed Sundays and Mondays. Shelter is very rescue
friendly; transportation help is limited. 270-887-4175. Thanks for
helping our animals!

VA, Richmond – Frannie Deaf tabby need special home

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Sweet Frannie, a laid back tabby/maine coon mix who sports four adorable white feet and a wonderful triple coat. She is affectionate, purrs loudly, makes biscuits and loves to be scratched under her chin. Frannie is 5-6 years old, spayed, and vaccinated. She has a couple of issues that make her special needs. First Frannie appears to be deaf. A couple of her kidney values are also slightly elevated which indicates she may have some early stage kidney disease. So our Frannie will need a permanent or long term foster home with a family or special someone who will love her and give her the special care she deserves.

This pet is up to date with routine shots.
This pet is already house trained.
This pet has been altered.

If you would like more information about Franny, please email soscats@comcast.net or call peggy 514-7463.

Murphy NC: Shelter mascot (CAT) for10 yrs, Rocky now faces death from diabetes

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Please e-mail me, leovrhs@gmail.com at gmail.com ASAP
The below plea is from a 17 year old who volunteers at HS. Tiffany does all the posting for the shelter and will graduate this year….she is sooo caring of all the animals. The below plea is written from the bottom of her heart. I know of no cat rescues! Could you please post this special plea out to all your contacts or if YOU have any ideas, could you please help?

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

This is probably going to be the saddest story I have ever written. Because I have known this awesome cat for 6 years, ever since I started Volunteering at the Valley River Humane Society. He has made the new shelter cats feel welcome, loved & safe. He has broken apart fights from bully cats, He has watched over a mom & her newborn babies when we didn’t know she was pregnant and had them on one of the catwalks up top, he protected them from the other cats. He taught the new cats the ropes & where the food was,
when the food came, where the litterbox was…and how to get out to the outside kitty room. Rocky is an amazing cat, and has been there for the VRHS & all the kitty residents, now when rocky needs our help, he has been failed.

When I first Met Rocky, he was a 15 pound, buff, handsome, smart amazing looking cat~ He has a personality all of his own! Loves people, and just an awesome boy! The perfect mascot~! Rocky stays in a cat room with 15 other cats. There he has stayed for the past 10+ years. Watching thousands of cats come & go. He seemed happy, loved all the attention & just really represented the VRHS.
Rocky somehow managed to always avoid sickness. He hardly EVER got upper respiratory, etc.

Then back in January Rocky started to loose weight, his beautiful coat because thin
& weak, His eyes sunk in, and he had a hard time walking. After awhile the shelter determined he has diabetes.

The other day i found out just how bad rocky is~ He has shriveled down to 6 pounds, bones, and a sad sight. He has NOT been treated for diabetes. The shelter has told me its too expensvie. I have conflicting opinions & emotions on this, but being angry will not save sweet Rockys life. He needs a URGENT RESCUE!~~ 3 mths ago~ IF he does not get a place soon~~~ He will die~ Or will have to be euthanized. The shelter has no other options.

Please~~~ ROCKY needs our help~ He is at the Valley River Humane Society in Murphy, NC~ I wish i had a picture of him before he was so sick…because he is a beautiful cat~
HE has served his shelter, and cared for thousands of homeless, terrified cats… please…its our turn to take care of

Please e-mail me,
leovrhs@gmail.com at gmail.com ASAP

Summerville, GA Cisco, blind in one eye – needs home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 18, 2008

Cisco is blind in one eye but doesn’t seem to let it bother him any. He just came in and is still very frightened. But he loves to be petted…….UPDATE!!! ………Cisco has a sponsor and is going to get combo tested and neutered right away!!!!!!!!!…………Animals at this facility are subject to euthanasia after a 3 day holding period. Owner turn-ins have no required holding period. PLEASE call the shelter at 706-857-0679 ASAP if you are interested in adoption or rescue.

If you are interested in Cisco please visit


Chattooga County Animal Control



Cocker Spaniel needs surgery & help with Vet Bills

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beautiful & loving 9 year old COCKER SPANIEL is asking for your
help. She has huge bleeding warts all over her body that have continued
growing over the past year. I rescued her from a neglectful home when
she was 10 months and she has been the best dog anyone could ask for. I
named her Kahlua and we have been inseperable ever since. She had the
cutest face, which is now ruined by a bleeding wart under her left eye
that she continually swats at and breaks it open to bleed even more.
She has a huge one on her left leg above her paw and one with a hole in
it on her left shoulder. I have the estimate from the vet if anyone
requires proof. Recently, the groomer noticed that the skin under the
the one on her leg is starting to decay. Along with the one that bleeds
on her face she requires surgery to remove all of them. I pray and hope
that some one can help us. I lost my job 3 months ago, but just started
a new job, but am playing catch up, and I can’t afford this needed
surgery. I have tried every avenue when someone told me about this web
site, so I thought I’d try it, also. Please help! I will even pay
people back. I just need to get her problem taken care. I feel she is
in pain or at least irriated and would love to help her be the
wonderful dog she one once was. I don’t know how to upload stuff on
computers yet, but I can send you pictures of her if you would like.
THANK YOU! Email me for more info @ emaillorene@yahoo.com.

Rescued Dog Casey needs a surgery

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Hi all, I am 16 years old and fell in love my newly adopted dog who was negletted by her former owner. She is a AKC Collie and only weighs 37 pounds. I took her to the vets and was just praying she had worms or something. But the vet found a tumor on her belly and her breathe smells horrible and they say she may have something else. But for now she needs blood work & a surgry to remove the tumor.I had no idea she was so sick and now it is breaking my heart to see her this way. She is only 1 years old. My parents can’t afford the vet bills and told me i need to raise the money. SO here i am and i go out and play my flute on the street (my dad goes with me)to get the money. I am desperate for any help!!! She doesn’t have much life left in her, she is a GREAT dog! I sit on the floor and she will walk over and sit in my lap and let me hold her like a baby. It tears me up to see her just lay the looking at me like to say thank you for loving me for one more day:( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help her!

Bait dog Gypsy, needs her teeth pulled

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is a 3 yr old, red nose pit bull that has been my foster for a few
months now. She has to have both top K-9 teeth pulled because one is
split and one needs a root canel. This was due to her past owner filing
her teeth down.
Gypsy was supposed to be a bait dog after she gave birth to her puppies.

The cost will be around 300.00 at a local vet in NH, where Gypsy
is being fostered. That’s with out any complications. She needs this
done as soon as posible. Gypsy is with Pits and Rotts For Life Rescue
Inc. a Non-Profit Incorporation. Thanks in advance for any help you can
give, no amount is to small.

Kathi & Gypsy


Megan’s Vet Bill

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Megan is a senior (8 years +) female German Shorthaired Pointer who was
rescued from the Banning Shelter in Riverside County last month by GSP
Rescue of Southern California. It was apparent immediately upon her
arrival at the rescue that she needed prompt medical attention for an
abscessed growth on her abdomen, and she was taken to Dr. Kang for
surgery to remove the growth. Megan is a mellow older girl who is past
the age of needing to run for hours at a time to burn off typical young
GSP energy. She wants little more than to lie around and get some
affection. Once she has fully recovered, GSP Rescue is looking to place
her in a forever home.

A previous fundable action successfully raised the funds for surgery to
repair the broken leg of Flash, the young male GSP rescued on Christmas
Eve. Now that the broken bone has fully healed, Flash must undergo
follow-up surgery to remove the pin in his leg. This operation will
cost substantially less than his first surgery, but together with the
costs of Megan’s surgery, it’s more than GSP Rescue can
afford without adversely affecting the normal operation of the rescue.

GSP Rescue of Southern California, dedicated to finding homes for all
adoptable German Shorthaired Pointers, and the GSP Club of the De Luz
Mountain Empire, a proud sponsor of the rescue, are now asking for your
assistance in helping to pay for Megan’s operation ($490) and the
operation to remove the pin in Flash’s leg ($235). We’re
looking for just thirty-seven individuals to pledge $20 each so that we
can meet our goal and write a check out to College Pet Clinic.

Click album below to view more photos of Megan during her recovery.

GSP Rescue – Megan

Thank you for helping support GSP Rescue!

Oscar the Cat Needs you for Genital Reconstructive

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Hi all,

This is my last resort. My 4 year old cat, Oscar, was just released from the hospital after fighting for his life. He had chronic Urinary Tract Infections which turned into a blockage, which turned into kidney failure and brain seizures from the uric acid being released into his brain.

He has been released and is home safely now. The Vet has informed me that his recovery won’t last long without another surgery and the next UTI could be fatal for him unless he gets a genital reconstruction surgery. Essentially, it is what will save him. Unfortunately, the surgery is $2,000 !! Its unbelievable! Not only does my boy cat, need to become a girl…but its going to cost an extra $2,000.

His hospital stay and surgeries have already cost me over $3,000. And now the new surgery will be an extra $2,000. I can barely even support myself and my own healthcare. I’ve taken up a second job to earn money to pay for all of this but I cannot keep it for long as I work fulltime and go to school. I do not want to put Oscar down because he has already fought so hard and is a great cat.

This is not Spam and not a joke. I know it is an odd subject matter but its 100 % true.

If anyone could help with the $3,000 i’ve already paid so I can afford his new surgery, I would be eternally grateful!

Farrah’s surgery can you help?

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As of March 18 $1520 has been raised!

Farrah was dumped at the shelter -the reason they gave for dropping her
at the high kill shelter? “She cowers around company” The worst part is
that after we rescued her it was discovered that she had been hit by a
car and these people never bothered to take her to the vet afterwards.
It makes me sick to think of her suffering with her injuries – with no
one there that gave a damn about her. Farrah has seen an orthopedic
surgeon, Dr. Olds and her surgery will cost about $2841. We have
already raised the money for her xrays, which have been done and the
Rimadyl. Please help this wonderful dog finally have a normal, happy life.

Terrified in the shelter BEFORE we rescued her…


Farrah after being rescued, waits for her surgery…


Poppy Pit Pup’s femur replacement surgery

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As of 03/18/08

$1300 goal
$770 secured

Hi, I’m Poppy. I’m just a spunky, young lady of barely a year old. Back when I was a little girl I injured my leg and it didn’t heal properly. It’s a pain in my neck…or leg as the case may be…and it really bothers me, so I don’t use it all the time. While I was limping my way around Pasadena a couple of weeks ago, along came a man with a bunch of my furry friends in his truck. I jumped in to say HI and he took me to the Pasadena Humane Society. The doctor there checked out my bad leg and told me that I needed a femur head operation…it sounds like it hurts, so I’m not too excited about it! I guess they don’t do that surgery at Pasadena so they said something about putting me to sleep. I’m not exactly sure what they were talking about because I sleep on my own every night?!! Anyway, Stacy at UHA came along and said they’ll make sure I get my surgery, which between you & me…I am NOT looking forward to!! But, I am excited that they will find me a forever home!! I guess you win some & you lose some!! UHA doesn’t have $1500 lying around, so I am hoping that you’ll help them by donating toward my surgery fund. Thanks for your support…I promise to let you know how my new femur works!! And if you’re looking for a new critter…I’d be happy to be your forever pooch!
Love, Poppy
P.S. You can see a video of me here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwDzzu5M05c

I WISH financial assistance for vet bills for my dog, Jack

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I am the “mom” to a 7 year old White Shepherd named Jack. Jack has always been considered and treated as my furry son. In the past 7 months, we have spent well over $4000 on his medical care. He has been diagnosed with Perianal fistulas which is a nasty disease that is life long and very painful (when flared-up) It is caused by problems with his anal sacs. The only real “solution” at this point is to remove his anal sacs- which are agin having issues. A Surgeon has told us that it would be about $3,000. We just cannot afford this on top of all of his past medical bills as well as the ongoing meds that run about $450/month. Jack is in a lot of pain right now and the meds just aren’t enough- the sacs need to come out! Insurance will not cover the surgery because it is considered “elective” although in his case it is “life saving”- even if they don’t see it that way. We also have 4 children- two boys of our own- ages 5 and 8 and 2 foster children- ages 5 and 11. The 5 year old has Autism and has really developed a great bond with Jack. All of our children will be devastated if we lost Jack- as would I, but at this point, if he does not have the surgery, we will have to put him down…I just can’t stand by and watch him suffer any more.

Urgent vet bill needs to be paid to release a pet to owners or he will be PTS

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I took my husbands cat to the vet lastweekend because it got attacked by a fox and I tried to make a payment plan but because I live in a low income trailer park in a rich neighborhood it was all or non, I have a few days before they kill him. My husband is heartbroken and we have been fighting because his cat which clams him down after a bad day at work is now gone. I am worried he will get put to sleep. If someone can help I would really apperciate it. thank you and glod bless

You can read more, leave comments or donate here:


admin5 verified member

This wish has been verified and authenticated by the WUAH staff.

We contacted the vet’s office and the cat, is there, recovering from an emergency surgery. He is not being released until the bill of about $730+ has been satisfied and unfortunately they are not willing to extend any sort of a payment plan.

I WISH for help with emergency vet bills

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We have been caring for our neighbors outdoor cat Sunshine. She does not allow him into her home, or provide him with food or water. We have been taking care of him, and had set an appointment with the vet for next month. We had worked out with our animal control officer to assume ownership.
This morning sunshine came in with a badly injured foot. I fear that it is broken. We need to get him to the vet, and there are no emergency assistance programs. Sunshine will need X-rays, an exam, medication,bandaging, and an emergency visit fee. We need to raise $300. Any help at all will be so deeply appreciated, I am so worried about him.

You can read more and, leave comments, or donate here:


I WISH I could take my kitty to the vet.

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Over the course of the past week she’s starting violently attacking her tail and pulling tufts of her fur out from her chest. She now has a little bald spot started on her chest and she just seems terribly uncomfortable all the time. I’ve given her baths with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, which seemed to help, and I’ve been keeping her groomed. She doesn’t have fleas and her skin doesn’t appear to be irritated (no sores or inflammation) but I hate seeing her so miserable!

She has gone through similiar things a couple times. The first time was when she was still a kitty back then she has a rash, and I don’t see a rash at this point. Then about a year ago she was fighting with her tail and the vet put her no antidepressants. I tried those again this time but it doesn’t seem to help.

I’ve ordered some special herbal shampoo and skin ‘calming’ spray but it hasn’t arrived yet. It’s killing me to see her this way. She’s one of three kitties (my children) and she is the ‘middle child’ so who knows what craziness lurks…

I just want my baby girl to feel better. If someone could help make this happen, I’d be eternally grateful. Usually getting her to the vet wouldn’t be a problem, but my husband and I are both out of work and having a really hard time finding jobs, so money is beyond tight. We’ve been having to borrow money from family just to pay rent, bills and get kitty food for the babies.

George needs eye surgery can you help?

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 16, 2008

I’m George. I am in need of an eye removal surgery. My new mom loves me very much and wants to see me out of pain. My eye is very swollen and it hurts really badly. That doesn’t stop me though. I just love everyone. If you can help me finally end this pain and suffering of my life…Even just a dollar, I would really appreciate it. And so would my new mom! Shes always telling me what a great save I was…..Whatever that means So here I am….If you would like to donate to me…The info is below

We are trying to raise funds to help George get his eye surgery. Please donate even a dollar, it would help us greatly!

You can donate VIA Chip in

http://www.chipin. com/mywidgets/ id/f2f464d979a6a f77

Via Paypal TsWayPastFocused@ aol.com. Please note George

Via check to the Vets office…

The Vet for George is New Hyde Park Animal Hospital at 615 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park , NY 11040 . Dr. Mara DiGrazio will be doing the surgery and he is under my Rescue Folder, so they will find him under George Maffettone.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM IT IS FOR GEORGE. Make Checks payable to New Hyde Park Animal Hospital .

Thank you for any and ALL considerations in this matter !! George and his shared family

Peggy Sue the Bulldog only has 3 legs and needs a special cart

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 11, 2008

CLICK HERE to donate towards Peggy’s cart

Sue was returned to Lone Star Bulldog Rescue because her family just
could not give enough time to her. She only has 3 legs, but that
doesn’t stop her from trying to keep up with her bully foster family.
She tries to hop and play in the yard, but since she has to put all of
her weight on her only good shoulder, it is at risk of going out under
her weight. She is such a sweet girl and very loving that we would hate
to have to put her down sometime in the future, just because we could
not afford to buy her a cart.We have found a cart that we can strap her
in so she can have some relief from the constant pressure of trying to
get around. With the constant influx of rescue dogs we are not even
able to keep our heads above water with all of our vet bills so this is
not even feasible right now. Please help Peggy Sue, she deserves to run
and play!!

As always, we are a non profit organization 501c and all donations are tax deductable.

newborn pup with Cleft pallate and lip!

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Click here to help these little ones

dog Ariat had some puppies with my dog Rascal (whom is now fixed) Some
of the babies are in dire need of surgery to correct their problems,
one will require major surgery. Little Miss Zoey is the worst. I was
medicine dropper feeding her and she still wants gaining as much weight
as I would or the vet would like. So now I am tube feeding her. Which
means I am running a tube from her mouth directly into her belly! So
she is in need of constant care. She also has a brother whom just has
minor cleft pallete and a cleft lip. I never knew this happened with
dogs, but now I know better. After my female recoups and is able she
will be fixed as well, just as we already did the daddy! But in order
for Zoey and her brother to live a normal life they will need
corrective surgery. They will begin the procedure at about 8 weeks. so
we have alittle time to collect. I am doign everything in my power to
make sure they have a normal life, so I am starting the raising of the
money. The lip is minor stitches but the palette is major surgery. My
vets name is Dr Hammond or Dr Wilbur at the Forney animal clinic in
Forney Texas 972-564-1015, You can paypal the donation or you can Mail
it to the vet office. Please help these 2 little ones. The pallette
surgery will be real detailed so it is expensive. Thank you so much
what ever you can do will be greatly appreciated..

Sally’s Chemotherapy and Treatments for Osteosarcoma

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 11, 2008

CLICK HERE to help Sally

Sally, is a Border Collie/Samoyed mix. She is vivacious and playful. She loves all people and all animals especially her wonderful brothers and sisters: 2 other dogs and four cats and a bird. All rescues She loves her mommy most of all.

Sally started to limp about four weeks ago. I took her to the veterinarian when the limp was getting worse not better and got the terrible news that she had osteosarcoma (bone cancer) on the upper part of her left front leg. The vet says her lungs and other organs are clear riight now but that this is a highly aggressive kind of cancer and her leg and shoulder had to be amputated immediately. She had her surgery on January 17, 2007 and started her first session of chemotherapy on February 3.

I borrowed all I could out of my 401K for care of my Sally which covered her surgery and the first chemo treatment. February 7th I lost my job of 21 years and am desperate to get the funds together for what she needs to live. Pleaase help me to help my girl to have her chance to die of old age instead of cancer.

Now after all this I found out yesterday that my bird Tidbit has cancer also….Please make a donation to save both their lives..

I am getting many requests to send checks instead so if you prefer you can send a check directly to the veterinary office where Sally is having the chemo done

NYC Veterinary Specialists
c/o David Gersholowitz, Hospital Administrator
410 West 55th Street
New York, New York 10019

A SallysPage is here on MydogSpace. There you will be able find updates on her progress, new pictures and she will also have a blog where you will able to ask questions or just send your love. Please know this is a work in progress. Please click on the link below. Or copy and paste the following link http://www.mydogspace.com/me/Softestpaws Bookmark this link and keep coming back to know more about Sally.
Thank you so much everyone, Margret, Sally and Tidbit
The target amount was able to be lowered thank you to those who sent checks directly to the veterinary office.
Many of you are asking for my email address it is: SoftestPaws@aol.com

Farrah needs surgery can you help?

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 11, 2008

Farrah was dumped at the shelter -the reason they gave for dropping her
at the high kill shelter? “She cowers around company” The worst part is
that after we rescued her it was discovered that she had been hit by a
car and these people never bothered to take her to the vet afterwards.
It makes me sick to think of her suffering with her injuries – with no
one there that gave a damn about her. Farrah has seen an orthopedic
surgeon, Dr. Olds and her surgery will cost about $2841. We have
already raised the money for her xrays, which have been done and the
Rimadyl. Please help this wonderful dog finally have a normal, happy life.

CLICK HERE to help Farrah

Terrified in the shelter BEFORE we rescued her…


Farrah after being rescued, waits for her surgery…


Presley’s “Leg Up on Life” Medical Fund

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 11, 2008

is an adorable two year old terrier mix who was brought to animal
control as a stray with a badly broken leg. In fact, according to the
veterinarian, the leg wasn’t just broken – he had also suffered massive
ligament damage. Presley’s leg would never be functional again. The
options offered to us were euthanasia or amputation of the leg.
Obviously, we couldn’t let Presley’s life end! His surgery and neuter
will cost approximately $400. We have a foster home lined up for him,
but need to fund this surgery as soon as possible. Won’t you help us to
help him?

Click Here to donate to Presley’s medical fund

$400 Needed : $20 raised so far

Lexie has a shattered hip and needs your help

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 1, 2008
Shannon Sweeney submitted the following Information:
Email scottshannon@centurytel.net
Location Austin, Arkansas

Hello to all my family and friends. I am sending you this email in hopes of tugging at your heart little bit.

This is Lexie, she is a border collie, pit mix. She is in need of your help. I guess I should say WE are in need of your help. Financially.

I was driving to my mom and dad's over a month ago and there is a slew about halfway there. When I noticed this black dog would run to the road everytime I would go by.(Probably looking for her owners that dumped her). It broke my heart but I drove past her several times for about 2 weeks. One day, it was freezing out, I had Scott with me and I had asked him to stop because she was so pitiful by the road. Well, of course he said "No... we have our own zoo at home." So I shut-up. So on the way home from my mom and dad's we noticed her again and she had popped out of an old broken washing machine thrown out in this slew of a field. I didn't say anything but that night Scott went back there and stopped to see if she was ok. Well she was the sweetest thing and her teeth were knocked out and she was limping on her back leg. He brought her home. FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT KNOW MY HUSBAND...HE NEVER DOES THIS!!!
She was so skinny and pitiful but so happy and nice. She is far sweeter than my own dogs. So what do you do....... Yes.... I am a bleeding heart for animals. Come to my house if you don't believe me!
After tugging back in forth between, putting her down with a shot, or putting her down with a bullet, she grew on us. You guys have no idea how loving this dog is. So here is my dilemma.
Here is what the Vet Said:
She is about a year old. She has a shattered hip! (Could be from a car or maybe from a cow that kicked her in the field she was living in )The ball and socket that is at the hip, the socket part is broken and because it was trying to heal on it's own it is causing "spurs" to form which are jagged and causing her lots of pain (she moans all the time). She is in heat, oh yea we are having fun at my house, and she is heartworm positive. She needs her shots and spaying. He has been great in helping me care for her.
I have contacted via internet many organizations for homeless animals and I have had luck in getting assistance. The PBRC is going to donate $75 towards the spaying. FRIENDS OF HOMELESS ANIMALS is paying for her heartworm treatment and helping with the hip surgery. I have agreed to pay for the shots and the remainder of her spaying, and pain meds that she needs for a month before surgery. I have started the Heartworm treatment today and have to take her back tomorrow for her second shot. I have to keep her locked up and calm for a month in my garage to cure the heartworms. Plus keep all the boy dogs in the neighborhood away!!! In 30 days she has her spay and hip surgery. I then have to continue to keep her calm and locked up so she can heal properly. I have also agreed to be her FOSTER MOM until I find her a home. She cannot be put on any websites for adoption until she is fully vetted, shots, spayed, and heartworm free.

HIP SURGERY including x-rays $350.-$400

DONATIONS, yes I am asking you all for some help. Not a lot just whatever you can send. Believe me I really don't like to ask any of you for this but I can't do it all myself. If you cannot send anything, I am asking for your thoughts and prayers to help me get through this. Although I am receiving some assistance, for every dollar I can help out with is another dollar that can go towards another dog or cat in crisis. I promise I won't pick up another stray! This baby is just the sweetest most loving thing. She gets along great with kids and other animals, except my bulldog, he's just a jerk to EVERYTHING!!

If you can help Please send your donations to your choice:
Shannon Sweeney
525 Stone Ridge Road
Austin, AR 72007 I promise I won't pocket the money

High Hopes Vet Clinic
102 Rainbow Drive
Cabot, AR 72023

if you have PAYPAL www.paypal.com

Lexi and I THANK YOU so much for your time in reading this, your donation, and/or your thoughts and prayers.

Love to ALL!!