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Handipets Needs a Little Help

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 14, 2010

Hello Friends of Handipets

Most who frequent the Handipets sites know what we do.  We help people raise funds for medical care for this special needs pets or we help them find the special home that can give their pet the care that is needed.

Locally we were taking non-medical disabled pets.  Our kennel is full and we do not accept any new comers but we do need to take care of the ones we have promised.

Our acceptance is narrow, blind/deaf, limb disorders, balance/coordination disorders, food allergy and related issues, food aggression, hostile/fearful toward humans (feral/hard stray rehabs), toothless and just plain gross or ugly ones that families can’t seem to deal with.  We offer them an outdoor area (which most prefer) and we keep it all natural.  They also have access to a portable building which is my office and where I spend all of my days and they have access to my bedroom where of course I spend the rest of my time.  Only a fraction like to come inside though so we need as much outdoor space as we can confine with a full netted canopy.

The winter snow storms that blew in there on Feb 12 (highly unusual for South Carolina) not only caused my partner to go off the road and into a ditch…but the snow laid heavily upon the nylon netting that is the feline containment canopy that covers the entire kennel, it weighed it down so badly the netting dropped 6 feet and touched the ground!!!  It snowed through the night and the weight of the net pulling down damaged the timber side walls of the kennel pulling them inward and breaking several cross boards that hold the chicken wire netted walls as well as the nylon canopy netting.  The netting tore from the office building and mobile home.

Now we have a badly damaged kennel and this makes feline escapes an extremely high risk.  We have been needing to rebuild the kennel for quite some time now, I have have a chip in donation widget in the left column but now It’s URGENT.  Sidney was shot by a neighbor and it was after his shooting we worked hard to come up with funds to build a kennel and feline containment system.  We get some help from Dixie Thunder of Aiken County with annual benefits to keep up on the kennel and of course the other needs of the animals inside the kennel but now it’s in such rough shape we simply need to build a new one with all new lumber and order new canopy netting.

I will have labor help to build a new kennel but I must have lumber and supplies.

PLEASE promote this fund raiser as you do those who need medical help.  We will do what we can to patch the damage once all the snow melts but as anyone who must contain cats knows, you can’t make mistakes…they will find the weak points.

We need stockade fencing to cover roughly 1/3 acre of property.  We have a Home Depot nearby and are willing to accept purchases of fence panels to be picked up at our local stores also willing to accept gift cards for Home Depot.  The netting we use is ordered from Florida Nets and we buy the 50 foot by 30 foot 1/2 in netting.

The chip in widget is in the left column, the paypal email address is handipets@comcast.net

Please give us a hand to keep our special critters safe and healthy

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