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Otter, my Rabbit, needs extensive surgery. Please Help!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 10, 2009


Otter is my little 3 year old dwarf house bunny. Ever since I adopted her, she has had chronic health issues, from needing regular tooth-trimmings to combating a bad strain of bordetella. She has been on and off of medications for the past year and nothing has helped cure her. She hacks and coughs all the time, snores heavily at night, and breathes very heavily. My vet, Dr. Sweet, at Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital, recommended that I take her to Tufts University to get a full skull scan (MRI), surgically remove any pus that might be built up in her sinuses(what we suspect is causing some of her issues), and get a bacterial culture from the deep tissue in her nasal passages to get a better idea of what’s ailing her so we can cure it. This is an extremely expensive procedure – 400.00 is about half the cost of what needs to be done. I need help raising money to get these tests and surgery done so that I can have a good shot at finally finding a cure for her. Please help!

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Help Raise $ for Barbie’s Asthma Attack and ER Visit

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Hi Everyone,

Some of you already know that my friends and I have been trapping a feral cat colony behind CSAS School next to the fraternity house on Siskin Drive. These cats have been there for years and we are finally doing a trap-neuter-release on them. As of now, we have caught a total of 12 cats from this area and have at least 2 more to go.

Most of them have been fixed through McKamey’s feral cat project at $25 per cat, but some have required other medical treatments and vet care.

First, Buster had a ruptured eyeball (suspected to have been caused by a BB gun) so he needed his eyeball removed during his neuter. This alone cost me about $250. Then, Brandy has needed daily cleaning and medicine applied to her head wound. Because we didn’t want to keep catching the same cat twice, I kept them all in my bathroom till we got most of them. I was able to release 4 of them rather quickly, but the rest had come down with massive upper respiratory infections and needed antibiotics twice and day and some even needed subcutaneous fluids and anti-inflammatory medicine for a few days. Because Buster is a true “feral”, i had to take him back to the vet and sedate him just to give him fluids and antibiotics; so they had become a rather time-consuming and expensive feral colony at this point, but i was in it for the long haul.

Now,Saturday night at about 3:30 AM, Barbie wakes me up with her wheezing and rapid breathing…so i rush her to the River Emergency Clinic and found out she was having an asthma attack. They did Xrays, gave her steroids, and kept her in the oxygen chamber while I worked on Saturday. Her ER visit and medical treatment came to almost $500…so i need help!!! This is a feral/free-roaming colony and I just happen to be the one housing and caring for all the cats before they get returned. I was not planning on them being so costly.

Buster is doing great after his eye removal and all but Brandy and Barbie have been released now. I want to hold onto Brandy until she is all healed and want to make sure Barbie has no more asthma attacks.

I greatly appreciate any assistance you all can give…THANK YOU!!!

Barbie had another asthma attack monday night (3/16). I gave her the bronchodilater injection and got up every couple hours to check on her. Gave her another shot Tuesday morning for St Patrick’s Day because she had another attack and then ran her up to my vet because she was still wheezing and breathing fast. She is now on steroid pills for the next 3 weeks, so hopefully this will work.

As of 3/21/09, she seems to be doing better and eating well. Brandy is still requiring fluids, but is starting to eat a little better and seems to be healing well.

4/4/09 Well, I’ve been by the house several times and have seen all the cats I have released (including Buster with his one eye and he is doing great).

Brandy is eating well and no longer needing fluids, but is ready to be returned to the outdoors.

Barbie is in the last week of her steroids and is doing well with the wean, so far. If all goes well, i will be able to release them both next week some time…hopefully:)

Thanks!!! Ali

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My adopted cat needs to get another eye surgery

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My foster kitten Coconut came from a County Animal Shelter with her mom and three sibling. All of them were very sick and only two kitten survived. Coconut was the sickest of the remaining two, her eyes swelling shut for four weeks. Doing everything that we were instructed to do plus more, she finally opened her eyes but her inner eyelids never retracted. She had one surgery when she was young and the vet wanted to wait until she had grown up to do the final surgery. After her final surgery and everything we had been through, we decided to adopt Coconut. But her eye are now getting worse again and we do not want her inner eyelid to grow farther and snuff out any chance she has to see for the rest of her life. She has beautiful blue eye, when you can see them. As she grows bigger, her eyes weep blood, which we clean several times a day, because the tissue around her eyes stretches and tears.

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Cole’s Broken Leg Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 10, 2009

After many years of rescuing and assisting many others in rescue, I am reaching out to everyone to help me with my own cat, Cole, whom I love very much.Time is of the essence because he needs the surgery quickly.
Update as well. I am going to a less expensive vet (just as qualified) to try and get this done.
Coleis a 9 year old cat that is as black as coal….his brother is Will (Irescued them off the street corner of Willamin and Colegate,hence thenames). I have had both of them since they were 6 weeksold……
Colewas attacked on Saturday by two of my dogs (because I did not crate themwhile I was on my porch talking to someone and because dogs can be thatway…..and I was stupid). Now Cole suffers from a”transverse fractureof his right tib/fibula” and needs surgery to pinhis leg back together.I spent four hours at the Animal EmergencyCenter on Saturday…his legis splinted, he is on a narcotic painreliever, antibiotics and needsthe surgery rather quickly.

I am working on fundraising with Actors and Others, The Pet Fund (Iwas notified has no funds to help),UAN (for a lifeline grant if possible), fveap.org (also currently no funds to assist) and of course,this fundable site. If just 100 people gave 15.00, his surgery is paid.The $500.00 emergency visit has been covered by a generous donation.This is a time to ask friends and all for a little help.
Trust me I know how difficult things are right now…..I would never ask if I didn’t really need the help to help my cat.
Grateful to say the least.
Thank you!

PSThe three pictured cats are Cole (the black cat), Will (theTabby) andmy Victoria who passed away at the age of 16 in Sept. 07.Cole loved heras you can see.

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There is also a fundable siteHERE

Please help my cat Sweety! I am very worried about him.

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Some generous people have give some donations directly to my veterinarian.

My cat Sweety is in a trouble and he needs vet attention.

He must have 2 teeth extracted plus a surgery all together including blood test, etc. I can send more details of the billing and description of the care he needs if necessary. He has a black mass in his mammary gland and this has to be remove ASAP (CANCER). Thank you.

Sweety is a lovely kitty, he is 11 years old and needs immediate veterinary attention. I am unemployed and do not have any income anymore. I am totally broke. I am desperately looking for a job. I am by myself I do not have any family left. I am struggling with my life.

My cat Sweety needs teeth extractions because he has an infection and needs teeth extractions to prevent a mouth cancer. I lost one of my cats 2 months ago from mouth cancer so I do not want loose this one too. I am so devastated. My kitty is all I have.

Also my veterinarian wants to perform a biopsy and maybe remove a mass he may have in one of his breasts. It can be cancer.

I am so worried about my kitty, so I really need help. Thank you for your big heart.

If you want to donate and send a check to my vet directly, please let me know and I will provide all the information you need. Thank you again.

This is my cat Sweety’s story. It is a story of the big and loving friendship I have with him.

Sweety was at the Simi Valley Target under a storage shed with 6 younger kittens (5-1/2 month) & 2 wild adults. A lady named Rosie fed them & enlisted April’s help to trap them. Rosie paid to have all 7 fixed, gave shots & de-wormer, & had them all tested. She placed 4 kittens & April asked Kitten Rescue to foster the last 3, including Sweety (7-1/2 months).

At first, they didn’t know to separate them, or that the best way with semi-ferals is in separate cages in the house. Sweety spent 10 days in foster area in Monica & Peter’s garage with Cinnamon & Lucy (younger
“sisters”) before they moved them to the bathroom. Then Sweety became more wild indoors. Worse, the girls were following his lead.

April, Rachel’s friend who rescues feral cats including these, came to our house twice to help us with him. She thought he was a good cat, full of fear. She & Rachel said to separate him from the females (divide & conquer) until he got so lonely he would learn to tolerate us. Monica was affraid of him then.

With Sammy’s help in the foster cage at times, Sweety got better. Peter started picking him up before meantime after a month. They enlisted to come visit all three kittens & help socialize them. There was something compelling about Sweety, like they then were able to keep Cinnamon alone also. That helped a lot.

Sweety is a beautiful 4 years old tabby kitty. He is the only male in the family and believe me he is very proud. He takes a very good care of the girls.

Sweety started to like Peter & tolerate Monica, so they tried bringing him in with Sammy. He hid under furniture & growled, reverting again. They tried a few times, but he would only behave when in his “house” in the garage.
He NEVER wanted out of it.

Monica again talked to April & Rachel. One suggestion was, give him a cage in the “house” in the middle of the house so he could see the other cats in the house, while feeling safe. It was only then that Monica was able to hold & cuddle him without wild looks. A week later, back to his garage house & the improvement held. Monica could still handle him.

A week later, they brought him & Sammy in a day (dog emergency) together with all the other cats. Sweety finally began to play with toys & showed interest in other cats. He did not hide for the first time. After a day, he started to run from them so they put him back in the garage house.

The following weekend, they brought him in for my visit. We know the rest. I and he fell in love and lived happily ever after! Monica was so surprised when he let me hold him, as he had never been at all friendly with new people. He growled at them but not at me.

If you want to donate and send a check to my vet directly, please let me know and I will provide all the information you need. Thank you again.

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Indy needs some help for surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 10, 2009

I am writing because I found your website linked from the United Animals Nation resources website. My little beagle, Indy has a ruptured disc in his neck and will be having back surgery in mid-April. We have been fundraising but are still a far way away from the $5,000 needed for his treatment. We have a blog of his experiences with donation button already set up. I am attaching the link to this for you in hopes that you can help us. I would be glad to give you picture and story for your website as well.


Indys Donation page

Dawn C. Lorenz
Doctoral Candidate
The Pennsylvania State University