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Please help my cat Sweety! I am very worried about him.

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 10, 2009



Some generous people have give some donations directly to my veterinarian.

My cat Sweety is in a trouble and he needs vet attention.

He must have 2 teeth extracted plus a surgery all together including blood test, etc. I can send more details of the billing and description of the care he needs if necessary. He has a black mass in his mammary gland and this has to be remove ASAP (CANCER). Thank you.

Sweety is a lovely kitty, he is 11 years old and needs immediate veterinary attention. I am unemployed and do not have any income anymore. I am totally broke. I am desperately looking for a job. I am by myself I do not have any family left. I am struggling with my life.

My cat Sweety needs teeth extractions because he has an infection and needs teeth extractions to prevent a mouth cancer. I lost one of my cats 2 months ago from mouth cancer so I do not want loose this one too. I am so devastated. My kitty is all I have.

Also my veterinarian wants to perform a biopsy and maybe remove a mass he may have in one of his breasts. It can be cancer.

I am so worried about my kitty, so I really need help. Thank you for your big heart.

If you want to donate and send a check to my vet directly, please let me know and I will provide all the information you need. Thank you again.

This is my cat Sweety’s story. It is a story of the big and loving friendship I have with him.

Sweety was at the Simi Valley Target under a storage shed with 6 younger kittens (5-1/2 month) & 2 wild adults. A lady named Rosie fed them & enlisted April’s help to trap them. Rosie paid to have all 7 fixed, gave shots & de-wormer, & had them all tested. She placed 4 kittens & April asked Kitten Rescue to foster the last 3, including Sweety (7-1/2 months).

At first, they didn’t know to separate them, or that the best way with semi-ferals is in separate cages in the house. Sweety spent 10 days in foster area in Monica & Peter’s garage with Cinnamon & Lucy (younger
“sisters”) before they moved them to the bathroom. Then Sweety became more wild indoors. Worse, the girls were following his lead.

April, Rachel’s friend who rescues feral cats including these, came to our house twice to help us with him. She thought he was a good cat, full of fear. She & Rachel said to separate him from the females (divide & conquer) until he got so lonely he would learn to tolerate us. Monica was affraid of him then.

With Sammy’s help in the foster cage at times, Sweety got better. Peter started picking him up before meantime after a month. They enlisted to come visit all three kittens & help socialize them. There was something compelling about Sweety, like they then were able to keep Cinnamon alone also. That helped a lot.

Sweety is a beautiful 4 years old tabby kitty. He is the only male in the family and believe me he is very proud. He takes a very good care of the girls.

Sweety started to like Peter & tolerate Monica, so they tried bringing him in with Sammy. He hid under furniture & growled, reverting again. They tried a few times, but he would only behave when in his “house” in the garage.
He NEVER wanted out of it.

Monica again talked to April & Rachel. One suggestion was, give him a cage in the “house” in the middle of the house so he could see the other cats in the house, while feeling safe. It was only then that Monica was able to hold & cuddle him without wild looks. A week later, back to his garage house & the improvement held. Monica could still handle him.

A week later, they brought him & Sammy in a day (dog emergency) together with all the other cats. Sweety finally began to play with toys & showed interest in other cats. He did not hide for the first time. After a day, he started to run from them so they put him back in the garage house.

The following weekend, they brought him in for my visit. We know the rest. I and he fell in love and lived happily ever after! Monica was so surprised when he let me hold him, as he had never been at all friendly with new people. He growled at them but not at me.

If you want to donate and send a check to my vet directly, please let me know and I will provide all the information you need. Thank you again.

If you can help please Click this DONATION LINK

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