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Maxwell Needs Some Medical Tests

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 28, 2010

My 4.5 year old corgi had a severe back issue last December, after all
the tests came back negative, the vet and neurologist decided to wait
and see if the problem comes back again.  In the meantime his two
illnesses were 25% of my unemployment income last year and now he can
not get his vaccinations this year because the vets do not know if his
issue was autoimmune or back related. 

I need help with these tests to
see if his immunity for overdue rabies is high enough to skip this shot
and the others he is coming due for.  The vets are afraid to give these
shots not knowing if his issue was autoimmune related.  If this
condition comes back his expenses will be probably thousand of dollars
and I do not have the money, but love my dog with all my heart and soul
and would give my life for him to be alive and healthy.  Any help u can
give would be appreciated.

Contributions can be made directly to the vet:

Dr. LeVeque
 D’Adamo Veterinary,
 30000 Joy Rd., Livonia, mi  48150,

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