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Please help Barney have the surgery to prolong his life

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on May 21, 2010

My Barney

I was looking for a second dog for me and my yorkie when I first met Barney in a shelter. Someone handed him to me and unlike any other dog I have ever met or held he held onto me with all four legs – as if he was pleading to be taken from this place and given a home, pleading to have his life saved.

I went home that day but could not forget him – I nicknamed him “Velcro boy” because he held on for life –his life. The following weekend I went back to get him and take him home – but that was short lived because as soon as I took him home – he defecated blood. It took me an entire year of vet appointments to get him healthy.

Over the years my Barney has aided the elderly downstairs and walking (this was done on pure instinct) – was gentle and protective around children and newborn babies and sat on the ground, sidewalk and sometimes street when I fractured my vertebrae in two places and would fall as I was losing my ability to stand and walk – always being there to help teach a new puppy to walk up and down stairs, or help train them – he was always there to offer help to those who needed him.

Now it is his turn. My Barney is dying of a very aggressive cancer – he has a mass on his anal gland, a mass on his bladder and an enlarged lymph node on his stomach and other areas. Only surgery can prolong his life – without it he has a very short time left – a few weeks or months, if lucky.

I have been unemployed for over one year, require a second spine surgery, have had 6 laser surgeries on my eyes and am in severe financial hardship. I am selling my couch and TV but that is not enough – I need help. Please, please, help me to be able to get Barney surgery to prolong his life.

Contributions can be made directly to his vet:

Leyenda Harley

Animal Medical Center

510 East 62nd Street

New York, NY  10065

Direct line: 

Phone:  212-838-8100

Fax:     212-752-2592
or 212-832-5417

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