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Oakley needs surgery, can you help?

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on August 25, 2008
Email neko15_2000@yahoo.com
Location Florida

Hi My name is Stephanie fell and I have a friend in dyer need! Here is her brief story

Oakley a 6 yr old American Pit bull has been throughh a rough road since March. In March of this year she tore her ACL(anterior cruciate ligament) while playing in her back yard.. After months of rehab she is still havingg problems with it. To make a long story short about a month ago after swimming to help rebuild the muscles in her ACL leg , she twisted wrong in the yard and preceeded to break her hock on her "good" leg. After weeks of splint and lots of money lost,she was sent to a refferal center after an x-ray revield that the bones were not healing at all. After the consultation the doctor told Sonya and Heather some not so good news. The bones were not healing at all and the only real option was surgery to rebuild the bones. Good news it can be fixed bad news is Sonya and Heather just paid alot of money out for BOTH of ther dogs, Oakley to have her ACL fixed and Yuckers ( the english bull who developed a mammary tumor and has a heart defect) had to be spayed. None the less the surgery to fix her hock is going to cost around $3000 and they just do not have it. Right now Oakley is in a cast for the next 4 weeks to see if the bones will heal but the doctors are not optimistic.. So now My very good friends have to make a very hard decision. To try and get up the money to fix her leg surgically or to put their beloved pet to sleep.
I am asking if anyone cares about animals to please donate any spare change so that we can help Oakley out and have a wonderful LONG life ahead of her! Please help if you can !


Thank you

Stephanie Fell