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Dog held by vet till payment is made. At risk of euthanasia!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on May 18, 2009
Help my Sis and Kids to Save their dog Oreo…….

Can you help us save our dog?

I’m a mother of 5 children who just lost their dad tragically two years ago.
I got the kids a dog to try and help them emotionally with the loss of their dad.
Our dog means everything to us.
A few months ago our dog got run over by a car and broker her pelvis. The vet saved her and accepted a post dated check from me. They waited too long to put the check through and when they did, the check was bad. I paid the check and the vet off.
The other night my dog was having her pups and one of the pups got stuck. I ran her to the vet and he got the pup out of her and she is doing well.
But they would not accept another post dated check and am refusing to accept anything but cash.
I won’t have the money to pay until the first, and they won’t wait.
They are holding the dog until payment is made, and are charging us $10 extra for each day they hold our dog.
They told us if payment is not made in full soon, they will be putting our beloved pet to sleep.
My kids and I love our dog.
Can you please help us.
If you can help us save this dog, it would mean everything to our family.
The vet information is below, if you would like to call and verify what I’m putting in
my wish is true.
Any help you can give us to keep our dog from dying would be so appreciated.
Love & God Bless, the Williams Family

Nicholas Animal Hospital
325 Fairview Heights Road
Summersville, WV 26651


Total $333.84

Every night she has to stay is $16 plus tax.

They take checks, credit cards etc…cash….

Love, Louise Williams and Kids

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