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$100 Needed for a family to provide vet care for an eye infection

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 17, 2008

Bubba needs a little help from friends

If the above widget is not showing please visit Bubba’s donation page here:

Click Here to email Bubba’s Family

fund raiser is for Bubba whose family is trying hard to battle an
ongoing eye infection on limited funds. Here is what Bubba’s friend has
to say:

We have 5 cats and love them so very much. My oldest cat who we call
“bubba” or bubs” got some kind of aneye
infection. I took him to the “low cost” animal clinic (where they charge
based on your household income, I paid $40) and they gave him some
medicine but it actually made it worse!

So I called a regular vet but they won’t see him without payment being made at the time of the visit. I was saving money the last couple weeks to take him to the regular vet but when our car broke down last week and I had no choice but to spend the money to fix it since we must be able to get to work to pay
the rent so we don’t end up homeless, we are paycheck to paycheck people
like many others.

I really love and care for my cats so much, they are members of our family and I hate to see my “baby” in any kind of discomfort or pain.He is my oldest and has been with me for years. he has given me many moments of happiness and friendship and I just want to help him now,when he needs it the most.

$100 would cover the vet bill, any medicines prescribed, and hopefully
a few dollars for the gas to go over there.

I would really appreciate your votes and any encouragement from fellow
pet owners/lovers

Vet Info

Cross Keys Animal Hospital
2071 N Black Horse Pike
Williamstown, NJ 08094

(856) 740-3700

They have 4 vets there so we usually see whomever has an open
appointment when we need to go.

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