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Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 14, 2008

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Heard County Animal Control Center




Hello again, everybody –

Sorry to bother you all, but
there is another sweet
blind dog at Heard County Animal Control in
GA. This poor boy was picked up as a stray. He is a
Chocolate Lab. Skin and bones, with a bit of
hair-loss/mange on his face.
Sadly, this dear boy has
very little chance of getting adopted by
visiting the shelter, as he has three strikes against
him (he’s
blind, he’s older, and he’s not “perfect”),
and the shelter is so crowded.
Kaylene at Heard
beautifully recounts this boy’s sad plea:

“I am an
old gentle blind soul. I have no clue what
has happened to me. I thought I
had a family that
really loved me, but I can’t find them and they have

not come looking for me. All I remember is walking and
walking and I
was cold, scared and hungry. I don’t
know when I ate last. I know you can
see my ribs
because when I lay down I can feel my bones on the
ground and it hurts. I remember coming to some
man’s house and then the
next thing I remember is a
lady has me and I hear flashes. So I think they
taking my pictures… for what I have no idea but I
hope they are
going to show it around so my owners can
find me. Then they walked me back
very carefully and
put me in this metal cage. I know it was metal
I heard it bang shut. All of a sudden I feel this big
soft warm
blanket under my feet and I was smelling
food and water. How did I come
into this heaven? Well,
talking to the other dogs here. Its not Heaven it
the animal control and they also say it is a high-kill
shelter. Now
I am scared once again because I am old,
blind, skinny and have hair loss
on my face. I just
pray that someone sees me, or that my owners come
save me. If you hear this plea from an old senior
blind dog that
still has love to give, please come
save me.”

Here is this sweet
boy’s Petfinder page with his

you can help this poor old fella by adopting him or
by rescuing him… or
if you are in the GA area and
can foster him until a permanent home
be found, *** please contact Kaylene at the
shelter (Phone: 706-675-3570)

Although this is a high-kill shelter, they are very
friendly, and Kaylene really does work hard to
find rescue for as many dogs
as she possibly can (but
there are so many!). She’s desperate to find a
home for this dear, deserving boy. Please don’t wait
too long,
though, as this poor soul may not have much
time left.

-Emma in Western NY
(“mom” to blind Monty, and his seeing-eye
Tallulah & Harvey)

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