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Update: Blind persian in Houston, has been rescued by her owners

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 4, 2008

I requested an update on this cat because someone was interested in her.  Here is the update I received:

The owner came midday yesterday and claimed her cat--better late than
never. I didn't get to talk with her, so I don't know how the cat came
to be in the middle of a street intersection. Thank you so much for caring.

Nela Brown


This is the original post:

TX: Blind persian needs rescue in Houston

Category: Pets and Animals

Please reply ONLY to ntbrown@houston.rr.com or contact the shelter if you can help.

I am a volunteer at the City of Houston’s animal shelter, and we have a
stray Persian or Himalayan that needs a rescue group. This cat was
brought in by a citizen who found it sitting in the middle of a
busy        intersection and seemingly unable to move. The cat has very
limited vision (if any).  Unfortunately, I cannot find a Persian breed
rescue group in Houston.  Do you know of any such group and how I might
contact them? As you can appreciate, I need to work very quickly or
this cat will be euthanized as unadoptable because of its vision. 
Thanks for any help you can give the kitty and me.
         Nela Brown
         BARC volunteer

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