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Kimber needs surgery on her leg! Please help us!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 23, 2008

CLICK HERE to pledge your donation to help Kimber

I need $600.00 for Kimbers surgery, but honestly any donations that we
get will help with paying the costs of her surgery. I am lowering the
collection amount to $200.00, but anything I mean any small donation
will help. Again She is going into surgery Jan 29, if you do not donate
at least pray that she will come out and eventually be able to use her
leg. I am also going to be scanning vet records and x-rays in my
computer tonight so you can look for yourself! Thank you for all your

My dog Kimber broke her leg when she was about 9 weeks. She had a
cast on for about 5 weeks but it never healed properly. She is now
almost 6 months old and still can’t completley use her leg. I went to
the vet and they told me that they need to open up her leg and put pins
in her leg so the bones can join together properly…she also has bones
chips in her leg close to her growth plate which is painful and is
causing her leg not to grow, they need to take the bone chips out
around the growth plate. The estimate that they gave me was for
$1200.00 which I can afford half because I have Care Credit (which is
like a credit card for your animals) but my limit is only $600.00. I am
asking for any kind donations to help me fix Kimbers leg. Please, this
would mean the world to myself and Kimber!

Update: I just spoke with my vet and they told me that I have to
get Kimber into surgery by January 29 because that is when the surgeon
is going to be in. I cannot describe how much I appreciate the
donations that Kimber and I have already recieved. I just want her to
play like a normal puppy and she can’t because of her leg. It kills me
in side to see her limp around with that lifeless leg! I will keep
everyone posted. Kimber is going into the vet tomorrow to x-ray more to
see exaclty how many pins they are going to have to put in along with
how bad the growth plate is damaged.

Thank you again!

Lindsay and Kimber

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