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Remi the Sphynx Cat needs your help with vet bills

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 10, 2008

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recently purchased a Sphynx cat. (Rembauldi) When I received him he had
what the owners believe was a scratch on his eye. I picked him up on
the way to visit my sister, and his eye looked so painful that I
stopped at a vet clinic while I was visiting her for the night because
I was so concerned. Unfortunately it turned out he had conjunctivitis
and one of his eyes was infected and had a corneal ulcer. I was given
some drops and ointment to put in his eye and told to get him to my
personal vet asap the following day.

I got Rembauldi to the vet and he explained how the ulcer could
burst and cause all sorts of problems with his eye. So we scheduled
surgery for the next day. He sowed his 3rd eyelid over this eye to help
the eye heal and I was to administer antibiotic drops, and amoxicillin
several times a day. His eye will remain shut for 2 weeks and then we
will see what we have.

Once the stitches are removed his eye will either be better, or the
iris could be stuck to the front or the cornea or to the back soft part
of the eye. He could lose his eye due to glaucoma and need to have it

In short I have been more then willing to spend the money to get my
cat well. But after the first $500 in vet bills my cash flow is now
dwindling and I still need to payoff the some of the vet bills as well
as the future few visits.

Any help you might be able to provide would be very appreciated.
I’ve asked for $200 but am hoping to make around $500 to help
with the follow up appointments. If his eye isn’t better I have
the option of seeing an feline ophthalmologist for an operation that
could cost $1400 and if that’s the case I might need to sell my

This is little guy is such a sweet little cat, and has been a real
trooper. I just feel like I need to give him every chance I can to get

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