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MO/SPECIAL NEEDS 27 lb Mix girl seeking foster care or rehoming

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 14, 2008


Hailey is a special dog, she has a medical issue and needs help! She is
loosing the only home that ever was willing to work on her tummy
trouble with her.

Owner is in crisis: Must part with special dog: “Hailey is still
continuing to battle the chronic diarrhea issues and is being treated
by a Vet in Columbia. This is her third vet in under 2 years. To date,
no one can tell me what is wrong with Hailey. She has been on numerous
antibiotics, dog foods and prescription Hills Science diet. She has
been on wet and dry in the i/d, z/d, and w/d. They would start with the
wet for weight gain and move to dry. None of the dog foods helped.

She is normally healthy and playful, we just can’t seem to get her
tummy situation under control for her to have a solid stool. It breaks
my heart to find her a new home but I know that she is not thriving in
this environment and cannot live life in a crate.

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