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NC: Blind puppy needs foster or home!!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 12, 2008

 Hi All!!

 This is Reesie, a 4 week old chocolate lab/? puppy who is blind. His mother was abandoned
 at a trailer park in Randolph County, North Carolilna. The people had left her tied outside
 and the neighbors started to feed her. It was then they discovered her 11 puppies!
 Unfortunately, mom was hit by a car and killed and the puppies were taken to a shelter and
 into foster care. All the puppies except Reesie have homes waiting for them. His blindness
 is congenital and his foster mom was going to have him euthanized. She is worried that he
 would not have a happy life. But he is so healthy, gentle and loving and growing fast she
 has put it off 3 times.

My step sister contacted me and I have been sending her information
 about blind animals and the fact that they can have a very fullfilling life. We are taking
 Reesie into Pets Come First and are looking for a foster home and/or adoptive home. Being
 only 4 weeks, I would like to find him a foster home for several weeks till he is old enough
 for his vaccinations.

If you can help, please contact Deb Warner at 814-345-6637.

Please feel free to crosspost and any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

 deb warner



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