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Donations needed to help fix Emmie-the-cat’s teeth!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 5, 2008


adopted cat Emmie has a condition called stomatitis. Her immune system
is eating away at her teeth and it is extremely painful for her. She
has trouble eating and has lost weight as a result. Regrettably, the
only real treatment is to extract all of the teeth from her canines
back. We’ve already tried two or three courses of antibiotics, and none
of them had any effect. Recently I had to pay $850 to a collection
agency for something my roommate did to avoid going to court since my
name was also on the lease. That money would have been used for Emmie’s
treatment. Her sister Sherbie had the same condition, and same
treatment, two years ago. Within a few days Sherbie was back to eating
her usual dry food with no problems and has actually gained weight.
Sherbie’s procedure cost $550.

At this point in time I prepare Emmie’s food separately by running
her dry food through a coffee grinder to pulverize it, then I add a
pouch of Meow Mix wet food, The Missing Link supplement powder,
KittyVite vitamin paste, CatMilk if I have any, and water. She would
prefer to just eat the Meow Mix pouches, but I need to stretch them
this way to make them last. Since my father died from lung cancer I
have been unemployed and getting treatment for depression. I’ve
returned to school to finish my degree, but I am on a very limited
income (about $7000/year) and am receiving Food Stamps. I had been
using my credit cards to make up the differences, but I can’t afford to
make the payments anymore on $15,000 in credit card debt.

I am actually looking for part-time work while I’m in school but so
far have not had any success. I don’t like being in this position, I
don’t like feeling like a charity case, and it is embarrassing to admit
to anyone that I am in this situation. However, Emmie needs help pretty
urgently. I don’t qualify for Care Credit since I don’t have a job, and
I know the operation is going to be expensive. I don’t want to give up
my cats, who are like my babies to me, because sometimes, with my
depression, they are all that keep me going day-to-day.

Please help if you can, even if it’s just a couple of dollars. If
the minimum amount isn’t met in 25 days, the collection is null and
void and you owe nothing. Right now I am collecting pledges, NOT money.
$35 is the fee to the Fundable website if the minimum is reached.

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