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Please Help My Baby, Sybil Before I Have To Put Her To Sleep

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 12, 2008

Click Here to pledge your donation for Sybil

Our dog Sybil has torn her ACL and needs to have surgery. Normally my family
and I wouldn’t ask for help but due to a cut back in hours at my job we simply
just can’t afford the much needed surgery. We think of Sybil as one of the
family and if we can’t find the money for the surgery then my family and I will
be forced to put her to sleep.We would hate to lose a member of the family but
the surgery is over $2,000 and we don’t have enough money to pay for it.
Especially since we just paid out almost $600 for x-rays and medication.

is a mastiff mixed, and she doesn’t understand that she is a dog. We found her
along the interstate one day while we were driving and she was just wandering
with no where to go. We took her in as a rescue dog planning to find her a home
and family but while we were searching we realized that she had a home all along
and that we were her family. Sybil has brought so many joys to our life, and is
a family hero. Sybil did sleep in the bed with my daughter until she was
injured. Now inorder to get up and down the three steps we have to go outside,
my daughter and I have to try and carry her up the steps. Her back legs at
least. We can provide documents for anyone who would like to see them. We love
her so much and we don’t know what we would do without her. As you can see in
the picture my daughter and Sybil are very close, they are inseperable. I would
hate to see what she would go through if we had to put Sybil to sleep. Any
amount that you can donate will be greatly appreciated. We will provide updates
on Sybil if we are able to have the surgery. Please help us.

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