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10 mo. old Border Collie Hit by Truck

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 24, 2008


Ali finally got to come home today! She spent the past 8 days at The
Pet Hospital in Bessemer City. She was anemic from her injury so had to
have a blood transfusion from a sweet donor dog to enable her to have
her surgery. However, once the vet started the surgery, he found that
her femur was too shattered to repair so he had to remove her leg. It
was sad news for Christopher and his family but at least Ali will be
able to recover and hopefully, live a long happy life. Christopher
learned at tough lesson and knows now that he must be very careful and
always take Ali out on a leash unless she is in a fenced yard. The
Bostwicks want to thank the staff and Dr. Nuemzic for taking such good
care of Ali. The comments from the team were all about how sweet Ali is
and what a good dog she is. She will have some healing time but the
prognosis is that she will be back to her playful self in a couple
weeks or so and the Dr. bet Christopher that she’d be outrunning him
within a year!
Thank you for reading about Ali and every dollar donated is very
much appreciated. The bill ended up being a little over $900 so we’ve
updated the amount needed. It is a very busy and expensive time of year
but if you can help even just a little, Ali and her family will be so
grateful. Happy Holidays and Ali sends a big sloppy kiss and a Woof!!

Ali, a 10 month old Border Collie, belongs to Christopher.
Christopher recently lost his job and then couldn’t afford his
apartment so moved in with his Granddad, but Granddad was allergic to
Ali. Christopher has been searching for a job but hasn’t had a lot of
luck but has been finding odd jobs refinishing wood floors, his
previous profession. So, he and Ali went back home to stay for a while.
The whole family loves animals and Christopher, who was diagnosed with
diabetes as a young teen, was saved by the family’s dog when he started
going into a diabetic coma.
Christopher took Ali out to potty before going to bed as he had
done where he previously lived with her – off leash -but something
caught her eye and she walked out into the road and a speeding truck
came out of nowhere, hit her, and drove off without even slowing down.

Ali was taken to the emergency animal hospital and fortunately,
only her leg was broken. But, her femur is broken in 5 places so the
options are to either have surgery to have a plate put in which will
allow her to heal and eventually, return to the happy, playful puppys
she is. The second option is to amputate. Both are costly but the
surgery has been quoted at $1300 and this cost has been verified by
another vet as being a fair cost.
So, we are trying to raise money to help Ali keep her leg and
mend her as well as Christopher’s broken heart. His Mom is due to have
a baby any day now but she wants to help save Ali’s leg, too, and is
paying for Ali’s stay at the vet hospital this weekend to make sure she
is stable enough to have the surgery on Monday 12/15.
Thank you for at least reading about Ali and Christopher and if
you can help with a small donation, Ali, Christopher, the whole family
and all of us who care about them will be very grateful.

If you can help, please visit http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2008-12-13.9076678152

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