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Kimba needs Surgery because of being Abused and Abandoned. Please Help!!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 19, 2008


meet my very special cat…Kimba (the white lion). He was Abandoned
last winter, when he was approx 3-4 months old . I rescued him and He
is now 1 year old. He has been my best friend and brought me nothing
but joy. He has been such a positive and happy part of my life,
especially since I’ve been battling a long rough road with some
personal hardships.

I recently rushed Kimba to the vet because he couldn’t get up.
After an extensive examination and xrays (which I’ve already paid for),
the vet has determined he has 2 broken/crushed joints near the hip area
and said they’ve been broken for a very long time because the bones
(joints) have literally deteriorated and there are some fragments
floating around his hip area that are causing him terrible pain. (this
is enough proof for me that the idiots that abandoned him also abused
him!!) He is now on pain meds, because the pain is the ONLY thing
stopping him. During examination, the vet found that his tissues and
muscles have taken over the movement of his legs, replacing the joint
usage and thats why all this time (even throughout all his regular
check-ups) he’s never shown anything was wrong and has been acting
normally. However, the bones have become so bad, the pain is now too
much for him to bare.

Unfortunately he can’t stay on the pain meds for more then 30 days,
because they can give him a bleeding ulcer and he can die, as well as
he can die from the pain because he won’t be able to eat or function
from it. The vet said the humane thing to do would be surgery to remove
whats left of the broken joints and fragments that are causing the
pain. She guaranteed if we get the surgery done, he’ll be able to
continue to live and function normally….running, jumping, playing and
just being his lovable sweet self. If we don’t do the surgery then he
will die from the meds/pain or I will have to euthanize him and I DON’T
want to do that!! He deserves to continue to live a happy life…where
he is loved and appreciated more then anyone can imagine!!

Please find it in your heart to help me give him back the happiness
he has given me. I’m still trying to get back on my feet, so I can’t
afford to pay for the entire surgery. The total cost for both legs to
be done is $2600. I need to come up with at least half ($1300 ) and the
vet will let me make monthy payments after that……..So PLEASE help
me!!! I don’t want to let him down like those idiots did when they
threw him out…..and that was after who knows what kind of abuse they
did to him!!! So….please find it in your heart to give just one more
gift during this holiday season and contribute to help save Kimba. His
name so suits him….he is as strong as any “lion” I’ve ever seen to
endure what he’s gone through!!

Wishing you a happy, safe and loving holiday season!! Thank you and bless you all!!

If you can help, please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2008-12-07.3025711775


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