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Dog with fatal Diabetic Ketoacidosis needs your help

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 9, 2009

My husband and I have been thrilled after adopting 4 month old terrier/ spaniel mix Chewey from a shelter a couple of months ago. He was an adorable and sweet puppy that seemed to be mellow and calm. We patiently tried to housebreak him and tried to feed him all the right foods so that he could be a healthy and happy puppy. After constant peeing accidents at home, constant drinking and slow weight loss we feared that Chewey ( now named Jack) was not well.

We took Jack to the vet, and was alarmed to find that Jack was completely malnourished due to parasites. Afraid that Jack could not handle any antibiotics or vaccinations, the veterinarian decided to delay bloodwork until after treatment of the parasites. A month later, after treating the parasites we took Jack back to the vet for an urinalysis and blood work. Today the CBC and urinalysis came back, and to our dismay we discovered that our beloved 6 month old puppy could at any moment fall into a coma and subsequently die! Jack has an extremely high level of ketones ( Diabetic Ketoacidosis or DKA) most likely from diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic condition in which a deficiency of the hormone insulin impairs the body’s ability to metabolize sugar. DKA is a life-threatening condition caused by diabetes mellitus resulting from insulin deficiency that leads to excess production of ketoacids by the liver. Subsequent changes in the blood result that includes metabolic acidosis, electrolyte abnormalities producing severe signs of systemic illness. Jack has high levels of glucose in his urine, low levels of sodium, dehydration ( despite constant drinking) and lowered red blood cell count. His diabetes mellitus is so far undiagnosed that he is at this very second in danger of dying.

My husband and I are deeply upset and mortified at this situation. We had thought that we had adopted a healthy but calm ( sometimes too calm puppy) but now realize that what we have is a sick and lethargic puppy that needs immediate treatment. Our puppy is so weak that he barely moves to greet us or eat.  We would love to provide this treatment and to make our loving puppy be a healthy puppy. We wished that we were made aware of this illness sooner. We do not blame the shelter or the foster parents of his condition, however, if we were warned of any abnormalities to his health and behavior, we would have still adopted him but would have diagnosed him and treated him for diabetes mellitus immediately. From his disease not being treated in a timely manner, he is so sick that normal insulin will not save him. Now we are left with an already increasing veterinary bill, and an emergency treatment that we cannot afford. At this point, his diabetes has created so many complications that Jack is in immediate need of a 24 hour hospitalization and surveillance in which In-hospital therapy generally includes insulin administration with frequent dose adjustment, intravenous fluids, administration of electrolytes (blood chemicals), treatment of secondary problems, and antibiotics.It is also necessary to perform ultrasounds and/or X-Rays to rule out any cancers affecting the kidneys, livers and/or pancreas.

I am a recent college graduate and my husband is in the military, we want to raise Jack to become a healthy dog with any disease under control, however, we do not have the funds available for this initial 24 hour stabilization, treatment and proper diagnosis. We want Jack to live as long as possible but there is no way that we can undergo the necessary hospitalization without any help. I am upset that his diabetes was untreated and unmanaged, and undetected for so long that it has come to this. If it was noticed and detected earlier, this hospitalization would not have to take place. Now Jack is in imminent danger and we are left with nothing to do but to watch him die unless some help comes along. We have contacted Friendship Animal Hospital ( the only recommended referral for internal veterinarian medicine and 24 hour surveillance medical center in our area) and the cost of Jack to stay over night with proper diagnosis and treatment would be well over $2000.

My husband and I are in desperate need to raise this money for Jack but we cannot do this without  help. We need assistance in obtaining financial assistance and monetary help. Friendship Animal Hospital does not provide any sort of payment plan or discount that could help us. We need your help to raise our puppy to become a happy, energetic and plump dog.

If you could please include my vets number so that people could send
funds directly there.

Veterinary Information : This vet is accepting call in or mail in donations
Friendship animal hospital
4105 brandywine st. NW

Washington D.C 20016


Under Jacob Becker and pets name is Jack

If you do not see a Chip In Widget above please visit: http://savejack.chipin.com/treatment-for-fatal-diabetic-ketoacidosis-for-my-rescue-6-moth-old-puppy


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