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Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 30, 2007
My Contact Info
Stark County Dog Warden Department
Canton, OHIO

Phone: 330-451-2343

Email: starkdoginfo@yahoo.com (@yahoo.com)



Breed: Shepherd, Chow Chow [Mix]
Sex: Male
Age: Senior
Size: Medium 

From: Stark County Dog Warden Department

All About 05
Picked up on 7-19-07, he weighs 38 lbs,he is also blind , For questions about the dog’s temperament please email starkdoginfo@yahoo.com (@yahoo.com). (We are unable to test with cats or kids). (THIS IS NOT THE HOLD EMAIL ; email eigibson@co.stark.oh.us to place a hold on the dog.). Adoption fee of $62 includes license, Duramune shot (donated shots; as supplies are available) and refundable $35 spay/neuter deposit. We take CASH ONLY, no checks, or credit cards. Because most of our dogs in the kennel are strays, we do not have any knowledge about each individual dog’s background, so we cannot make any health claims or behavior assurances concerning our dogs. We have two certified SAFER testers who can grade the dogs on an A-F scale. (SAFER is a temperament test developed by Emily Weiss, PhD specifically to assess the behavior of shelter dogs; along with other methods we can get a better idea of the dog’s temperaments). We offer a hold system, but please be advised that more than one person can put a “hold” on the same dog. (The person with the first hold may adopt the dog on the day it can go…72 hrs after its been at the pound; if the first hold doesn’t show, the second hold gets the dog, etc) Please call the pound at 330-451-2343 to check on the dog’s availability before driving a long distance. Rescue groups with 501(c)3 status can pull a dog for a reduced fee, but must show documentation of non-profit status All pets are eligible for one month Sheltercare Pet Insurance for a 1.00. starkdoginfo@yahoo.com (@yahoo.com)
My Contact Info
Stark County Dog Warden Department

Phone: 330-451-2343
Email: starkdoginfo@yahoo.com (@yahoo.com)


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