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Please help Griffin get his surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 8, 2009


South Portland, Maine family needs your help for dog’s surgery:

We have a beloved 4 year old shepard mutt, needing cruciate tear knee surgery costing $1,300-2,700. (He is scheduled for consult and xrays on the 17th and outcomes of that will determine actual cost.) Any donation you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Griffin is our son’s best buddy and was injured as a pup by aggressive dogs at the beach. His knee rallied for quite some time but has now worsened. Our vet assures us that with the surgery Griffin will have a long and lively life. In the current economy, some may question this huge expense for a pet. Our son who is 5 years old has special needs and has already lost a close animal friend he depended on. (His therapy horse at a riding facility.) We’re hoping that with your help we can avoid adding any further losses/challenges to his already full plate. Griffin is gentle, patient and absolutely suited to life at our home. It would be more than we could undertake to try “replace” him with someone new.

We have always been committed to being lifetime owners of any pets we’ve had, and this is the first time we’ve had to ask for assistance to care for them. Our current economic situation is compromised due to serious health problems and the economy downturn, otherwise we’d fund this entirely ourselves. Thanks to kind donations collected at local pet stores over the holidays, we have enough to fund the consult & x rays. Since Fundable accounts are for 25 days and only pay out if the goal is reached, we are setting a hopefully reachable goal of $500; but ultimately we hope to raise close to the full amount.

Griffin is the most amazing dog–absolutely phenomenal with kids. We want to give him every chance. We hope you agree. We got Grif at Christmastime in 2004, and having this surgery would be our family’s present for many years to come.

Thank you very much for any help, from all of us.
Griffin’s people



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