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I WISH for alot of prayers and a few good heros to help save my dog

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 8, 2009


my dog has a oral miligant melanoma and needs surgery right away. The cancer is very aggressive. she is in pain right now and barely eating. you can see this in the pics I posted. The second one is the tumour how big it is. As you can see it is already going into her throat. Time is really running out, I need to get the surgery asap or I will soon have to put her down or she will choked to death.I can’t afford 3500 dollars.this can be cured and she could live to a rip old age with your help.I am disable from diabetic compactions and heart disease and I am on a fixed income.I really live for my pet,she really brightens my days and makes the days more enjoyable to live.

The vet that could do the procedure is Alexander Krebs at the Iowa State University veterinary Medical Center. in Ames Iowa 50011, the phone number is 515-294-4900 if you would like to confirm this.

 I hope that someone can help me save my best friend. I can’t bare to put her down.Please help make it so she can live a longer more enjoyable life. Please be our hero. It would mean the world to us. We would be eternally grateful.

If you can help please CLICK HERE TO DONATE


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