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My Name is Katsumi I need your help

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 26, 2009


Can you help me? My name is Katsumi. Several of us in different rescues who rescue this breed began to work together to help this girl who is 7-8 and needs a lot of work – from her eyes – to her immune system and to the fact we just found out she is high positive for heartworm. Yes I know she is an old dog – BUT she is a dog that has never been able in her whole life to feel freedom – to feel the touch of loving hands other than the vets and rescues working with her now. SHE DESERVES THAT NOW.

Many who have worked with the breed also believe that she may have VKH and we are planning on having her tested for that. We know that it is a lot for just one old dog – but our hearts bleed for this girl who still loves to do nothign but kiss and get attention – she deserves to know that food is a daily thing – that her owners, who are now in jail for animal cruelty, were wrong – she DOES NOT deserve to die not knowing what life is after enduring so many years chained and abused. Her eyes need a surgery that will literally remove the eyes and sew the lids shut. RIght now they are just oepn vessels for infection as they were never treated when she was younger. SO many of us workign together show the need for rescues uniting – we are doing that to save her – now we need your help – a dollar – or two or three. We are anxious to get her to the Sanctuary and begin some training and rehab for her and to show her what love is – we have a special place for her to be treated as the queen she should have always been.

if you would like to send a check to the vet please do
Ratcliffe Animal Hospital, 3152 Bert Kouns, Shreveport, LA 71118

CAN YOU HELP HER – Please read the email below – this fundable is the main donations center for several rescues working for her – Rebecca also has a collection goign for her primary care.

This is the first email we received about Katsumi (then called SHeba)
This was Rebecca’s earlier message about Sheba:
Sheba’s life up until now has been, I’m imagining, a living hell. She is 7-8 years old and has lived her entire life in an abusive home. Someone discovered her and took her away from there – her previous owner is in jail for aggravated cruelty, charges which Caddo Parish Animal Services in Shreveport, LA, have brought against him. They literally saved her life. They have said she can now go to a rescue. I have never seen an animal that has endured what she must have be as sweet as she is. She has no eyes and the vet says they were probably gouged out. Her fur is matted in spots – she is probably going to need to be shaved down. She licks all over your hand, begging for attention. She sits in her run at the shelter and howls the most mournful howl I’ve ever heard.

I don’t know how many more years she has left, but doesn’t she deserve the chance to know what happiness and kindness is? She is kennel trained and shows no food aggression at all. Please, can anyone help her? I’ve attached pictures of her that I got today. I will try and get better ones tomorrow.

If you can help please click HERE


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