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URGENT! Need home SINGELE PET home for F/Spayed springer spaniel in Columbia SC

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 20, 2009

This is an emotionally/behavior disorder dog.  She is an original Handipets Rescue that now needs more help.  Please read the following with an open mind.  Annie is not a brute.  She just needs to be in a home with no other animals, and in an an area where she can run in a back yard with no other animals nearby.  She would NOT be a good city pet.  Annie really needs to be in a rural setting and that is something nobody in our family can provide for her.

Annie has quite a story to tell.  Her life began as an abandoned pup.  Eyes just barely open.  Found in a clay pit, cold, hungry and unpottied.  We took her in and hand nursed and raised her into a healthy dog.  We were unable to keep little Annie though.  Our county has a restriction on dogs and we could only have 4 dogs.  Annie needed a home.  My sister kindly took Annie in and things were wonderful for quite some time. 

Later, my sister adopted another dog who had been mistreated and was in need of a good home.  Molly a beautiful young boxer came to live with my sister and all was well for a few months….

But Annie Changed.


Annie became highly aggressive toward Molly.  My sister worked with the dogs but fights became death matches.  Unwilling to give up on either of these beautiful creatures my sister saved up money and called in a professional to work with Annie.  This did not work out.  My sisters yard is much too small for Annie to run freely, she is hostile to the neighbors dogs through the fence, unsafe to walk with other dogs around so Annie cannot be properly exercised outside, and she is dangerous to other animals inside.

After over a year of trying to work through this situation a horrible fight broke out between Annie and Molly last night causing injury to both dogs and to my mother and sister who tried to break them up.  Aside from Molly the boxer there are two senior dachshunds in the home who are also at risk.

Sadly my sister now knows that Annie cannot live with other animals, cannot use her back yard and cannot be walked.  This is no life for Annie and the other animals in the home should not be abused by Annie.

Annie needs a home as as SINGLE PETShe has never harmed a human.  When I had Annie she never harmed a cat but because she has grown aggressive with other dogs I would not recommend her as a pet in a cat family and would be concerned about her around small children. She has no history of harming children but her fierce fights against other dogs would make me concerned.

Annie needs a good place to run.   We have never chained our dogs, they have always had space to run, but when neighbors complain that your dog barks viciously over a fence at their dogs….that is a problem.  If you have a privacy fence, or no nearby neighbors Annie would do great in your back yard. She loves to run and play.

My sister worked and was gone about 12 hours a day.  Annie had been left home while she was at work and there was never a problem.  When I had her we could leave her home as well.  Annie would work out well for working families.

This is an <b><i>URGENT</i></b> plea for a home for Annie.  If one is not found within a week this sweet dog will need to be put to sleep.  All other things have been tried.  She has been spayed, has been on benedryl to help calm her, herbals have been tried, she has been examined by a vet and is healthy.  A professional trainer has come to the home to help, the house has been divided and more humans moved in to help  keep things safe.  Sadly all attempts have failed.  Annie is a danger to other dogs and simply needs a rural home where she is the only pet.

Annie has never been abused from the day she was rescued.  We are unsure of what drives this emotional disorder, could it be because she was hand nursed?  Most do not agree, but that seems to be the only thing different about her life.  She had no young pups to play with and the older dogs did try to put her in the rear of the pack…could that be it?  If we had the answers I’m sure we could solve this problem, but sadly we know only this.  Annie is not safe around other dogs, but she is a wonderful and loyal companion to humans.  She deserves to live her natural days on earth in a home where she is the only canine companion to her human.

If you have room in your heart and home for a dog who is known to be dangerous around other dogs…but is the sweetest loving creature to humans, is house broken, spayed, healthy and does not destroy your home…please contact me here or at handipets@comcast.net

You can also reach my mother and sister by phone.  If you are interested contact me for their number.


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