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Rosie needs leg Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 16, 2009


Rosie is our 15 week old puppy… As she has developed she has lost use of her hind left leg…She cannot put pressure on it … She looses her balance and falls, poor baby…. We have been to several vets and one wants to amputate the leg which doesn’t make sense… We finally found a Dr in Gainesville . Fl … He works at the small animal hospital for specialized care affiliated with the Univ of Fl…Other veteranarian specialists in our area of NC wanted almost $3000 for this surgery…. The hospital can do the surgery as soon as February 26 or sooner but they need the $2000 up front… We do not have it… We want her to walk and lead a normal life… We would appreciate any help to get her this surgery… We have called everywhere… Unfortunately I have been unemployed for about a yr now and my husband makes just enough to pay our bills… We love this dog and will drive 8 hrs for her to get this surgery but we need your help. I never ask for help …This is my first…Please Help …It is for Rosie… I don’t want her to suffer because we are currently financially challenged….I am praying this works!

If you can help please click HERE


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