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Laya’s mouth/dental surgery – Help this cat!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 12, 2009


My friend, Pam, has such a big heart. She has taken several cast offs from people who no longer want their pets. However, this is put her in some serious debt. One of her furkids, Laya the cat, had lost some weight. She took her to the vet. They drew blood and depending on the results, decide whether to proceed with the dental—removing her remaining six teeth–or not. She’s got to be on antibiotics for a week before the dental. She’s on liquid pain meds and liquid antibiotics. If the blood tests say she has cancer, She’ll be put down, we don’t want her to suffer. She’s looking very rough. She’ only 5, still a teenage cat. She’s scheduled for her dental next wednesday. We are hoping she does well after that though. They will biopsy the lesion in her mouth at that time too. I know dental surgery and biopsies are expensive, I’m just hoping to help a little with this listing.

If you can help please CLICK HERE


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