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Half Blind Cat desperatly needs someone who cares. (Marietta)

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 10, 2009

Reply to: comm-1026644870@craigslist.org

Date: 2009-02-08, 8:14PM EST

So here’s the deal.. Rescued this cute white female kitten with one blue eye and one green eye. So the green eye turned brown, and the cat started become a little “wild”. She was a sweet kitten but soon turned skittish. After looking closely at her eyes, the blue eye’s pupil is not as defined as the other eye. We KNOW the cat is blind in the blue eye. We are looking to adopt her out to a home that is either looking for a cat that requires no attention, just food and occasional love *on her terms*. Sometimes when laying down she will approach you and give you love, but if you expect her to hang out with you, you’re wrong. We are trying to find this cat a home, otherwise she will go to the pound and be euthanized. Please help this cat.

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