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Rosie’s Rescue/meds for rescued dog with diabetes and cushings syndrome

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 8, 2009


Rosie is an 11 year old shepherd, collie, golden retriever mix.
Several months ago she was diagnosed with diabetes and I have been
giving her insulin shots, RD Science diet to help her lose weight (she
has lost 20 lbs.)and periodic blood work.

Today I took her to our vet because she had diarrhea and he gave
her diphox to stop diarrhea, metronidazole, and thyrosyn because she is
hypo thyroid. He says that dogs, etc. with diabetes often get sick.

In two days she will spend 8 hours at the vet’s getting testing
for Cushings Syndrome, although he is 90% sure she has it. Then, if it
is confirmed, she will begin Lysodren 500 mg, 3-6 a day for 7-10 days
and 3-6 pills every 2-3 days lifelong. According to our local Sam’s
club a bottle of 30 pills is $139. And she would continue on thyrosyn,
etodolac for pain, insulin and frequent blood work.

Dr. Cramer said treating Cushings at the same time as treating
diabetes is a little tricky due to the need for monitoring blood sugar
level variables.

Rosie has had a rough life with many physical and emotional
challenges. When we rescued her she had been hit by a car. A year later
she got out of our mini ranch yard with her dog friends and got hit on
Hwy 15. Her friend Tazia was killed. Rosie was picked up by animal
control and they kept her there with a broken leg and no medications
for three days while she waited. They said no dogs with her descritpion
had been picked up. Three or four years later she got tumor in the same
foot and had two toes removed. Last summer she was diagnosed with
diabetes. She misses living on our mini ranch and the ranch my
ex-husband moved to after our divorce. She could ot stay there because
he got a dog that tried to kill other female dogs.
I keep seeing her in my mind’s eye running and playing like she
did 8 years ago. I want to give her every opportunity for that to

Her mate, Gravy, died last March. I have another dog, Winnie,
about 10 years old, two cats, a pond full of ducks——and a teenage
We have been fighting our lender (with the help of a consumer
advocate and a law firm) to stay in the house. But like so many people,
we are trying hard to stay afloat.

I have informally started a Rosie’s Rescue in Murrieta, CA. I feel
passionately about eliminating pet overpopulation, placing homeless
dogs and cats, etc., preventing cruelty and saving dogs from euthansia
because their owners can’t afford the bills. I have witnessed this too
many times. At this point, however, I am not a non-profit and have no
funds of my own.

I have started selling my mandala art in the form of greeting
cards, postcards and coloring card kits (great for kids of all ages) to
see if I can raise anything that way.

It is clear that she needs to get started with her Cushings
medicine now. Our vet says the cushings medication will help with
diabetes and certain other organ failure.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-02-04.0618188152


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