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Rescued Pets in Crisis – Clyde’s Fund

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 28, 2009


continue to pledge and enter to win a custom pet portrait. The money
raised will go to the Emergency Center for abused animals that come
into the facility similar to Clyde’s story.

Clyde is a 10 week old puppy. In the early hours of Jan 15th he was
brought in to the Bend Oregon Emergency Vets in CRITICAL condition with
head and internal injuries. The cause…. A horrific beating from a man
after Clyde had an accident on the floor. Clyde was beaten almost to
death in front of a child to even make matters worse..
The Bend Oregon Police department and the dedicated staff at the
Emergency clinic as well as Mt Bachelor Veterinary clinic worked on
Clyde, hovering over his every moment in hopes to save his life.
Clyde is lucky. He is recovering well and will be placed in a new
home soon. Applications for his adoption can be found at 1245 SE 3rd St
Suite C3 Bend, OR at the Emergency clinic.
Clyde is an example of the cruelty that exists in our society. He is not the only one.

I have set up this fundable to directly help cover Clyde’s medical
expenses. With the remainder starting an ongoing fund for the Vet
Emergency clinic to help other pets that come in with similar stories.
Giving them the care and love and hope to find a home they deserve.

Clydes Story:


For every $10.00 donation your email will be entered into a raffle
to win a custom pet portrait. The painting is valued at $425.00 and
will be an original oil painting of your cherished pet. Knowing as well
that 100% of your donation will go to help other pets less fortunate
that need help to find a loving home. You can view examples of my work


If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-17.6987311443


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