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Helping Levi with damaged his meniscus or a ligament

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 28, 2009


is the oldest of my two beagles. I have had him since he was 9 weeks
old and is going to be 4 this April. Levi has been in perfect health up
to this point. He is a very loving, affectionate, stubborn little guy
and is always happy. Recently he started to limp and eventually not
walk at all on his back left knee. After a 300.00 doctor visit and
xrays the vet tells me that Levi has most likely damaged his meniscus
or a ligament. Levi is slowly getting worse and keeping him still and
inside is a harder task than it sounds. Anyone who has owned a hunting
dog can relate. He no longer steps on the leg and cannot get up on even
small things like the step from one room to the other. He is
uncomfortable sitting and laying and he has to lay down to eat. This is
tough for him seeing as he is normally hyper and active and always in
the yard with his younger brother. While there are a few options that I
was given by various vets and specialist to fix Levi’s leg, the
cheapest, most effective one will cost me anywhere from $1800 – 3600.
Not to mention follow up visits and post-op meds/care. I can normally
take care of all my animal expenses but this is a a huge one that I
cannot do in a timely manner. I have tried all the animal aid places
out there and because it is not life threatening they cannot help me. I
was denied Credit Care, and cannot find a single vet in the NorthWest
that will allow me to make payments. I never imagined I would have to
ask for help to make my beloved friend at least comfortable again. Any
and all donations are greatly and deeply appreciated. Many thanks.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-01-23.5618406536


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