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My Toy Poodle Needs Surgery..Please Help!!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 23, 2009


I have a toy poodle named Monaco. He recently dislocated his hip and
has to have surgery. The estimate is $1700-2000.00 and that was a low
ball. The goal is to raise $1700 by Feb 10th 2009 to continue with the

About Monaco:

Monaco will be 2 years old on January 23, 09. He weighs 4.3 lbs and
is grey and black. I adopted him when he was 6 weeks old. Monaco was
reffered to Northlake Veterinary Surgery by Banfield Pet Hospital
(Petsmart). His initial appointment is on Monday January 19th at 10:00
am. The Specialist will examine the X-rays taken by Banfield. After, we
will schedule the appointment date. Their website is NVSAtlanta.com.
Please donate funding for Monaco! If you have other resources such as:
You know a Vet willing to discount or pro bono please pass along this
link to friends.

He is so cute.

Thank you,

Meyonda Benjamin



If you can help please visit:


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