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Help save my kitty’s life

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on January 5, 2009


am desperately seeking ANY financial help that is offered to me in the
hopes of saving my 3 1/2 year old tabby cat Fatboy Baby. He used to
live up to his name, but it’s been over 5 weeks now that he has been
withering away with an unknown sickness. He has gotten 2 x-rays, some
blood work and medicine treatments at the clinic. I have also taken
home 4 different medicines to give him twice daily and an IV bag to
give him fluids once daily. Without a feeding tube, he will starve
himself to death. Fatboy still needs an ultrasound and more blood work
for a definitive diagnosis. I have spent Decembers rent money and did
not have one gift to wrap for Christmas. I love him so much that it
kills me watching him slowly die because I simply have nothing left to
spend for his medical care. I have applied for loans and financial help
with charitable pet websites but I am not having any luck. I really do
appreciate your time and any help you can provide. Thank you.

If you can help please visit: http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2008-12-26.7436389349


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