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Destiny injured 8wk kitten found on tollway

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on December 18, 2008


is an 8 week old kitten tortiseshell that most likely was warming
herself on someones car engine when they took off for work last
Wednesday. We found her stumbling around on the on Marengo on ramp for
I-90 with a bloody nose and mouth and injury to her rear end and tail.

She was taken immediately to one of our local vets and after
careful exam and xrays was treated for a degloved tail and shock. After
a week of hoping we could save the tail it 1/2 of it had to be
amputated this Saturday 12-13. Today 12-16 we had to take a little more
tail off. You can the picture of Destiny sporting her new look as of
today and as you can see she has the run of the clinic. Trying to get a
picture of her is impossible.

Animal Services and Assistance Programs Inc. is a not-for-profit
organization that provides free food, supplies, services and programs
to the animal welfare community. In the past 2 months we have shipped 6
truckloads of dog and cat food across the US and Puerto Rico with 2
more trucks to be delivered before Christmas. Our mission is to help
rescues and shelters help the animals in their communities. We provide
medical services to animals that are in need of placement to rescues
and shelters but otherwise would not be placeable due to the
prohibitive costs of medical care needed to make them healthy enough to

When Destiny is well she will be placed with a local area rescue for adoption until then she will be with a foster home.

If you can help please visit


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