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Please help with Majors Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 24, 2008

my great pyreneese came to me last year in June, he was ten months old
and in very bad shape, to skinny and his hair was in big mats. Most of
the first months of his life he spend chained up in a way to little
back yard.
With lots of TLC he turned out to be the most wonderfull dog you
would ever wish for. A gentle Giant that lives in the house and enjoys
every minute of it.
And now he tore his Ligaments(ACL) in his knee, not even 2years
old.( We went for a walk on the 5th of July and somebody set of some
fireworks, Major went crazy, he is terrified of loud noise like that.)
The vet told me that we will have to send him to Dallas for surgery.
Nobody in our area can do this surgery on a big dog like my Major.
Right know i have to keep him confined to a very little space so he
cant move around to much. And he just got a little brother that want to
play with him sooooo bad.

We highly appreciate every bit help we can get, and may good bless you all

B. Anderson & Major

If you can help please visit:


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