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Please help Paddie get her ACL fixed!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 24, 2008

This is Paddie’s whole story:

My golden retriever, Paddie, is four years old and has had
hypothyroidism for three of them. We got her from a family friend when
she was seven weeks old and have enjoyed her company ever since. Her
highest weight was around 120lbs. At this weight, she started getting
arthritis in her hips and the vet switched her food to Science Diet
Large Breed Light. She stayed with this change for around six weeks
until we took her back to the vet and discovered she had lost no
weight. Our veterinarian rechecked her thyroid levels and discovered
her thyroid was not working at all. With this, he put her on thyroid
medication, and changed her food to Prescription Diet R/D. Paddie has
been battling with her weight for almost two years, but, finally, at
her last check-up she weighed 85lbs! We are so proud of her for losing
this weight.

During her battle with her weight, however, we noticed her
arthritis getting worse. The veterinarian, my mother, and I all thought
the arthritis in her hips was getting worse since she was more active
with the weight off. The vet put her on Rimadyl for the pain in her
hips, hoping that it would make it tolerable. After a few weeks,
Paddie’s limping had not improved, in fact, it had gotten worse. She
stopped playing and running as much as she had been doing,and had to
rest more and more often on our walks. Her limping on her back legs had
gone from only limping once a week and it barely being noticeable to
limping everyday and very distinct. Another thing we began to notice
was that she would limp harder on the right side than the left.

At our next trip to the veterinarian, we told him about her
getting worse. He had just finished checking her hips,telling us that
she may need x-rays to determine if she had hip disphylasia, when he
thought to check her knees to make sure they were ok. It was when he
checked her right knee that he found the problem.

She has a torn ACL.

The vet determined that she had more than likely torn it while
becoming more and more active when losing her weight. He also told us
that he had not caught it before because of her weight. This diagnosis
was given almost three weeks ago. She desperately needs this surgery as
soon as possible, but we do not have the funds on our own to make it

The surgery will cost $1200 minimum, though he said that with
larger dogs the surgery usually runs $1500-$1600. My sister and I are
both college students with part-time jobs, and with rent and our other
pets that need care we can hardly save any money. My mother is disabled
and has had both knees replaced, four total knee replacements on her
left knee, with another knee surgery coming up in the fall. My father
does have a full-time job, but a majority of his funds goes to medical
bills, mortgage payments, loan payments, and pet needs.

Our boxer, Teej, is on Prescription Diet W/D because he has a
condition where the urine in his kidneys crystallizes and forms tiny
stones that makes it very hard for him to use the bathroom. Paddie is
on the Science Diet Large Breed Light, and must continue this diet for
her weight, along with her thyroid medication and Rimadyl.

When we first found out she needed surgery as soon as possible, we
called our humane society to see if they were willing to help or could
point us in theright direction. They suggested United Animal Nations,
and also said that if we could not help her soon, that it would be
better to put her down. We cannot bear to do that. Paddie needs fixing,
not euthanizing, or leg amputation.

Paddie is the best dog I’ve ever had. She thinks she is a lapdog,
still, and loves attention. Her favorite activity is swimming, which
she cannot do right now because it of the pain. She loves the water,
regardless of if the water is in a small kiddie pool from Wal-Mart or
if she is getting to swim laps in a pond or lake! Paddie is one of the
happiest dogs I know and she dances every time she meets someone new!
She loves to run and sniff out critters that roam in the woods behind
our house, and now she cannot do any of this. Her limping has gotten
worse, she cannot run at all anymore, and she is not able to play for
long intervals.

As soon as I have the money to get the surgery done, she will have
it done! I will be posting a copy of the estimate that my vet has given
me for her surgery costs! Also if you want to make a donation with a
check, how to do so is listed at the bottom!

Any contributions you can give would be absolutely amazing! You
have no idea what it means to me, or to Paddie! Please help me help
Paddie with her surgery and get her back to doing all of her favorite

If you can help please visit


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