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Lambchop’s Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 24, 2008

everyone…..Lambchop had her second and hopefully final surgery!! For
those of you who don’t know Lambchop…..she’s a 1 1/2 year old 2 1/2
lb chihuahua who was rescued from a puppymill after being attacked by a
large dog and left for 6 weeks with untreated facial injuries. Her
upper jaw had been crushed and she had a severe infection. They closed
the hole that went from the roof of her mouth up into her sinus cavity,
and took out an inch long piece of her upper jaw bone that had broken
off and had been shoved up into her sinus cavity from the bites she
sustained. Then they flushed out her sinuses and sutured her all up.
She has a mouth full of stitches but is healing well and has never once
lost her zest for life 🙂 She still adores EVERYONE!!!! The bill was
$1700. So I’m begging everyone to PLEASE donate whatever you can to
help…..Lammie will appreciate it!! (and so will I) Thanks!

If you can help please visit:


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